Top 10 Project Manager Characteristics That Every Project Manager Posses

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May 04, 2021

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Top 10 Project Manager Characteristics

Project Manager Characteristics consist of the characters that the PM should possess to make the projects successful. The PM’s duty is very competitive and complex and the PM is under constant pressure to perform in every project that he undertakes. Many industries prefer a PM who is having a certification.

Managing projects is a tough and complex task and to make the project successful the PM must possess a lot of important characteristics. The PM is in charge of the projects and he does a lot of things such as managing team, cost, time, scope, quality, production, scheduling, controlling, and planning, and many other things.

In this article, we will discuss the important project management characteristics that the PM must possess to successfully manage the projects. Many of the project manager traits are not inbuilt at the time of birth for everyone but obtained and nurtured because of the training and experience that one gets during his life. Nobody is born with managerial characteristics; one becomes a good manager by obtaining the qualities of a good project manager with his hard work and dedication. Know the difference between leadership and management before you continue further. 

Let us see what qualities are required to become a good manager.


Has a shared Vision – Before you even start the project you must understand what these projects will accomplish for the stakeholders, business owners, team members, and customers. You need to share the vision of the customers, partners, team members, management, all the other stakeholders and have a common vision for your project in hand. A Common shared vision is important in attaining the benefits of the project completion such as profit, return on investments, reputation, market capture, brand image building, customer retention, customer satisfaction, and many more.

Empathy – You need to feel what others say and being sensitive to the given situation is nothing but empathy. You must know to empathize with your team members to successfully understand what each team member needs in terms of feelings, thoughts, actions, and desires. This is one characteristic that a good manager should possess to run the project successfully and to understand the team members to avoid any conflicts.

Good team management – One of the most preferred skills for a good manager is team management. You need to manage the team with transparency, integrity, and honesty. One should remember that these skills are unbiased and brings everyone under one team and builds confidence among the team members.

Good decision-maker – One of the qualities of the manager is that with facts and figures and possessing the skills to make out what is data all about and make effective and efficient decisions. The decisions are always taken when only partial data is available and one must be a good decision-maker in complex situations. Not everyone is a good decision maker; one must possess the inherent qualities of good decision-makers or obtain through training and experience.

Competence – The PM must be competent enough to handle complex and large projects on his own with little support and guidance. To get this one should attend a PMP certification training course at a reputed institute to become competent. Competency is one of the desired skills for a good PM.

Strong Leadership Skills – A good manager need not always be a good leader, however, leadership is acquired during training and experience and only a few have leadership skills from birth.  The top leadership skills that one must possess are transforming the team from a substandard one to a great follower of yourself, strong desire to excel in the chosen field, takes the team along with you to the path of success, etc. To be a good leader you must walk the talk and vice versa.

Good Communication skills – The next one in the line is that as a PM you need to possess good communication skills both written and verbal so that you explain to the team what is needed of each one of the team members and communicate effectively the requirements of the project with the team members.

To perform under pressure – A good PM performs under the pressure and remains cool throughout the project till the end. Project management is a high-pressure task and to remain cool is not everyone can do, one must know what to do when and possess all the PM characteristics even under the high-pressure situation of the projects. Do not worry if you do not have this skill, we will train you and what you need to do is register for the PMP certification training with us.

Technical Expertise – PMs are desired across industries in almost all fields, to be a successful PM you need to possess the technical expertise of your chosen field. If you are not technically strong then you cannot handle complex and large projects. For example, if you are a software PM then you must know what it takes to build a good product software or applications from scratch.

Good negotiation skills – As a PM, you must know and learn negotiations with the partners, with the Business Owners, with the customers, with the team members, and with the vendors. Negotiations bring in many aspects of project management to fruitful closures. You need to start negotiations with many people on the aspects of time, cost, quality, scope, delivery, and requirements.  You can learn negotiating skills by taking up the PMP training course online.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you understood the essential characteristics of the PM in general you can obtain these skills by undergoing the PMP course with StarAgile Institute. It is important to know that all the characteristics are not coming from birth, so you can obtain them by training yourself and getting the required experience. You can attend the live online class for the PMP.  Happy Learning!!!


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