When and Whey Conflict Arises – What are Conflict Resolution Techniques to solve

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Mar 10, 2021

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Conflict Resolution Techniques in Project Management 

When there is a group work, disagreements cannot be ruled out. It is required as well for producing better results as long as it is taken constructively. But the moment it is taken personally then there is destruction. Therefore every PM must learn the art of conflict resolution techniques to handle any situation and still produce the outcome aligning with the organization's goal and the customer need. 

PMP certification course primarily aims at dealing with such things in detail with practical examples. It is because dealing with the human brain is a difficult thing as it involves complexity. 

In this blog let us take a look at how to deal with quarrels and achieve the best results in the project. 

Conflict Resolution Techniques PMP

• You may wonder why should a PM deal with conflicts after all he is not a psychologist to understand people's emotions. But remember that he must wear different hats for a successful delivery. 

• This person is the mediator among all team members and hence he must know how to resolve conflicts before it affects the project. 

• Also, both the team and the business respect a PM, and hence if he devises proper conflict resolution techniques then it is profitable for the company and the resources. 

Now that we are clear as to why a PM in managing differences, let us register for a PMP online training to become an expert in managing clashes among team/individuals.

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When and why Conflict Arises - Conflict Resolution Strategies 

If we need to make a plan to handle inconsistency then it is important to be aware of the root cause. Here let us throw some light on common reasons when conflict arises. 

Scenario #1 When there is a disagreement between teams. In a project management scenario, the development team and the testing team greatly have differences due to their job responsibility. 

Strategy – Make the teamwork together as it happens in Agile project developement which will provide ownership to both team and no more blame game. Let them all be part of interactive meetings to resolve issues across the table. 

Scenario #2 Individual clashes within teams like developers do not agree among themselves due to lack of understanding, or overconfidence. This is purely a kind of clash that arises because of Ego. PMP certification course provides these kinds of the situation among the participants and shows to how to resolve such variances in real-time. 

Strategy – Such conflicts can be handled by following different in techniques explained the coming section. 

Scenario #3 - Conflict between the customer and the team. This is very important to be addressed and arrested as it will affect the business as a whole. 

Strategy  - Involve the customer in certain important meetings only and not in all as that will create chaos. Also, make sure they understand the pain points of the team and appreciate their efforts. Providing recognition to the team will resolve this conflict. At the same time explain to the team about the cost involved and customer expectation to prevent any difference in opinion. 

Finally, make sure that everyone values each other time, money, and efforts. This is the universal conflict resolution strategies PMP professionals are suggested to follow. 

conflict management

3F Conflict Resolution Techniques

Let us now discuss the 3F techniques taught in the PMP certification online course to deal with conflicts in projects. 

1. Fight – If it is healthy to fight a disagreement which will allow the team to brainstorm and think alternate solutions, then adopt the FIGHT conflict resolution technique. Here there will healthy discussion among the team/people who raises concerns and causes clashes. But make sure that the fight is not prolonged with no result. This method aims to equip all people to voice their opinion and resolve an issue constructively. We call this problem-solving or confronting technique. This is considered a win-win when both parties communicate effectively and come out with a solution.

2. Flight – When the conflict is created by business or customer to the team we would suggest the team opt for FLIGHT mode. Here we are sure that the decision-makers are causing the difference of opinion and hence the PM should counsel the team not to argue but move away and try to accommodate changes. This is called as avoid conflict resolution technique. This might not always be a win-win as sometimes the team might feel demotivated to just follow instructions. However, if the clash will create a major loss in time and cost, then going with this method is wise for a PM.

3. Freeze - Here in this method both the parties can hear out each other concerns with empathy. They can discuss coming to a mutual optimum solution and FREEZE it. Here there is a win-win. Both parties should get to the floor to compromise and devise a solution midway to keep the ball rolling. It is also a way where the entire team is accommodative. 

Are You Ready to Implement Conflict Resolution Techniques? 

If you are already a PM or yearning to become one, then you must attend the PMP certification course to use the right conflict resolution strategy in your team. Managing people is an art and especially during conflicts, it is important to deal with their emotions too. Do not think twice about the PMP certification cost as it is worth shaping your career as a proper project management professional. 

Register for a course and handle conflicts in real-time with a help of the trainer along with other participants to learn more practically. 


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