Difference Between Leadership and Management

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Jun 11, 2024

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Leadership Vs Management

Leadership Vs Management is the topic that is used more in the industry. There are subtle differences between the two words and they are not the same. From the birth of the industrial revolution and even earlier than that the people who work had these qualities and are known for these qualities in the history of mankind. 

The managers are the people who have subordinates and make them work towards a common goal. The leaders are the people who have followers and they teach and preach what they practice. Do people have both qualities? Or Do people become managers or leaders because of their birth or developed traits? There is nothing wrong with being a manager or leader. Because one has to go through the circle of influence or provide the power of influence when they acquire these traits and become either managers or leaders. 

Some are born with either of these qualities to become a manager or leader from birth. As you read history you will find out that because of these individual qualities the people with managerial or leadership skills have made a name for themselves in history. We are not debating who is great or who the best is. Both have their places and tend to produce their influence to accomplish something in the business, or politics or industry, or any other topic of consideration. 

Differences between Leadership and Management are as follow,

Let us understand the difference between them and also have a detailed explanation about each individual in the coming sections. 

Leadership Vs Management

Serial #Managers- ManagementLeaders- Leadership
1Execute a vision of the organizationDevelop a vision for a noble cause
2Direct the subordinatesLead the followers
3Process the request of his organizationInspire the followers
4Show power to the peopleMotivate the people
5Need not be a good communicatorHave good communication skills
6Control their subordinatesShow honesty and integrity
7Follow orders of their seniorsChallenge the status quo

PMP Certification provides a detailed course on how to become successful leaders and successful managers. StarAgile has successfully trained more than 1 Lac professionals in various courses. The Leadership Vs Management is covered in the PMP online certification course that discusses extensively in this training.

Who are managers?

The managers have the job of creating values by planning, organizing, leading, and controlling to produce something that has value. They have subordinates and make them work to get the output. They generally will get the work from the people. The following traits belong to the managers, Control, Get work, Make people work. Not all managers are leaders. Most managers have poor leadership qualities. Managers generally do not work but get work done from the subordinates. The managers are the ones who work to achieve goals such as organizational goals. The managers take control of things by using the techniques of promotion, hire, fire, reward, and control the people. Learn to become successful managers and understand roles and responsibilities of project manager in the project by enrolling in the PMP certification.

Who are leaders?

The leaders are the ones who have followers and lead the people by motivation, inspiration, showing empathy, and compassion to achieve big goals. Generally, leaders are the ones having a great personality, best behavior, good character, and beliefs. They do not control by inspiring others to follow them. Generally, leadership quality is more often born qualities and very rarely as the developed traits. However, it is not that those who are average during birth cannot become a leader. To become a leader learn from the PMP online training from the StarAgile institute.

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Let us describe the traits of the managers and leaders.

Managers – 1) Control 2) Get work was done 3) Make people work 4) Hire 5) Show power 6) Promote 7) Fire people 8) Manage 

Leaders – 1) Inspire 2) Motivate 3) Compassion and 4) Showing Empathy 5) Great Communication. And 6) Lead

Managers do the following – 

Control the people for a certain cause

Get work done from the people 

Make people work for a common cause

Hire the people for the work

Show power to make people work

Promote people who are exceptionally good at work

Fire people based on the performances

Manage the people to get the work done.

Leaders do the following – 

Inspire their followers for a common cause

Motivate their followers for a common cause

Show compassion when required

Show empathy towards all

Have a great communication towards delivering the courses

Lead people even when the cause is difficult and do the work that followers follow.

Let us see how to become managers or leaders.


Show the power of influence over his subordinates to accomplish work.

They usually evaluate the value of the work and measure people’s performance.

They usually get work done by managing the people.


They provide trust and integrity to the people

They have a circle of influence and not the power of influence towards their followers

They lead the people and themselves work for a common cause of the people


We have seen how leadership and management qualities are acquired and the important difference between them. To know more about these subjects, take up the PMP certification training with StarAgile. StarAgile is the training partner to Project Management Institute (PMI) to deliver the PMP certification online course.

Finally do acquire both the qualities so that you can progress in your endeavor and progress in your particular cause or work. Be the one to develop the traits for both leadership skills and management skills. StarAgile has excellent consultant trainers who are not only experienced in the industry but also are PMP certified. Keep Learning!!!


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