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Nov 10, 2020

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Top 5 Roles of Project Manager in Project Management

Projects are complex and large activities that require the Project manager in lead with the project owner and the project team to execute them for the successful completion. Project execution requires skills to take the project to successful completion to meet the expectation of the customer. The project management is everything that you do to complete the project whether it is homework or you are in various other industries such as technology, science, software, engineering, and manufacturing the projects are everywhere. If you are a project manager managing large and complex projects then you need to stick to timelines, manage the budget, manage resources, purchase equipment and execute the project to make products or services to meet the expectation of the customer. 

Project Manager - This is the person who is in charge of the planning and execution of the project. The project manager defines the goals, plans the project, takes help from and makes the external and internal teams, does the forecasting, plan the budget and project timelines, and tracks the key performance indicator for the successful and effective project management. The project manager is the key person on any project and has sometimes extended responsibility for customer engagement and customer communication. Some of the responsibilities of the project manager are Budget forecasting, Team management, defining scope, managing the workflows, forecasting the budget, plan and manage the timelines, resourcing, progress measurement, progress tracking, strategize the project and vendor management, etc. The project manager with the Project Management Certification is preferred than the project manager without certification. Project manager roles are crucial in determining the success of the projects. Project managers always need to be on tip of toes to give in the best efforts for completing the project on time and within budget at the same time assure the best quality to meet the expectations of the customer. The diagram below represents the roles of the project manager in the organization.

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Top 5 Project Management Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Manager

1. Team and timeline management - For the project to be delivered at a faster rate and within the budget the teamwork is important. The project manager is the key person who is responsible for staffing and making a cross-functional team of varying skills and responsibilities. The team comprises of developers, testers, infrastructure support, marketing teams, HR, and finance. The team efforts and individual efforts of the team members is a must for the successful coordination and support to complete the project on time, within the budget, and to the expectations of the customer. Sticking to the timelines that were planned for the project for each individual's task and the overall time of the project is the key to the success of the project.

2. Team Involvement - The project manager is the key person for engaging the team and motivates and inspires the team to perform the best for the successful completion of the project. The team generally has varying skills that must be coordinated rightly. The project manager must set the right expectations for the team and must be responsible and accountable for their performance. Further, the team members are held accountable for every action in the project completion. 

3. Leadership Team - This team is generally the senior management team that oversees the project from the top-level to solve the issues and problems that arrive in the project. The leadership team must take part in every goal-setting meeting, planning meeting, closing meeting, and project progress tracking meeting. They are responsible for motivating the project manager and overseeing his duties. The project manager is the key person who mediates between the leadership team and the technical team. Leadership must ensure they get their share of benefits achieved by completing the project on time and within the budget and its benefits in other ways to the organization. It must be noted that the leadership team along with the project manager and project owner are equally responsible for the success and failure of the project. To learn more and be certified in the project management takes up the Online PMP Certification at StarAgile.

4. Technology Use - In this digital world the technology for managing the workflows, for budgeting, for time tracking sharing files, and email integration are automated and the key to successfully manage the project. The increase in the use of artificial intelligence in the project management software has lessened the human intervention and human errors in projects. The software with various features such as task planning, resource allocation, budgeting, and workflows management are used for the project management to efficiently and effectively track, control, monitor, and manage the projects. Technology integration not only in the project management phase but developing phase, testing phase, and production phase, and project execution phase are increasingly used to make the products or services to release into the market faster, efficient, with high quality and within the budget.

5. Measurement and project tracking – This is one of the Project Management Roles and without measurements and tracking the projects we cannot achieve the desired results. The leadership team along with the project manager must make the decision that is data-driven and is an actual measurement of the progress of the projects. There are key performance indicators planned for the projects as well as for the resources. There are various measurement parameters and various tools are used to measure them. To choose the right kind of tools for your projects you need to take up the PMP Certification Course Online at StarAgile. The various measurements are workflows, WIP, Work Done, To-Do list, average time, time taken for each activity, median, mode, mean and standard deviation, etc.


The 5 roles of project management are discussed above which will enable readers to understand how the projects are executed, and managed by the project manager with other roles and responsibilities. To know more about the project management enroll for the PMP Certification Training at StarAgile. StarAgile is the partner training institute of the Project Management Institute (PMI) for the Online Project Management Certification Training.

PMP is the certification that originated in the USA and is now globally preferred in project management. PMP certified project professionals are high in numbers than any other project management certifications in the world. StarAgile provides training in PMP with excellent consultants who are themselves certified and have vast industrial experience. The training imparted by StarAgile is recognized in all the types of industries and most preferred among the different organizations.

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