Top Project Management Research Topics of 2024

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Jan 05, 2024

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The process of managing projects is of preparing and coordinating, carrying out, and completing a particular job, occasion, or other specific goal employing a variety of processes and skills, as well as knowledge and expertise. Are you currently required to write a project management thesis? Are you in search of outstanding research topics in project management and suggestions? If yes, this blog is specially for you. Read on and you will discover some great options for your research on project management. Additionally, you can learn how to compose a good project-managing research essay or a thesis.

The management of projects is based on specific information, tools methods, strategies, and abilities to provide something useful to individuals. There are various types of projects that are typically carried out to have an impact on the society.

Most projects are designed to make the world or our society better. They are typically efforts to produce value through the creation of an item or product that was not previously available.

This article outlines the top project research topics that will impact the field of project management in 2023, and significantly.


How to Write a Project Management Research Paper?

Do you want to write an outstanding research paper on project management? If you still have no idea, review these steps. Following these steps in a sequential manner will allow you to come up with a great research paper on project management.

  • First, read and comprehend first. Then, you must understand your research paper's topic and guidelines for writing, and any other requirements, such as the deadline and format, word count and so on.
  • Second, match your needs to find the perfect research topic in project management.
  • The third step is to conduct some preliminary research on your subject and collect your points of discussion by referring to reliable sources like journals, books or sites which are relevant to your subject.
  • Fourthly, write an argument that is sufficient to clearly define the objective and purpose of your paper.
  • Fifthly, with your collected ideas, create an outline to write your dissertation.
  • Then, develop the outline and write an extensive project management research paper that includes proper citations in accordance with the guidelines. The paper should support the thesis assertion with solid arguments or examples.
  • After you have finished writing your research paper ensure that you proofread and revise. The academic essay ready to be submitted must be perfect and free of plagiarism.


Project Management Research Topics - Selection Tips

When you choose a subject for your research paper on project management Keep these suggestions in your head.

  1. Pick a subject you know about.
  2. Pick a subject that will interest each of your viewers.
  3. Select a subject that is open to your study.
  4. Select a subject with lots of information as well as a number of trustworthy sources.
  5. Choose a topic that is neither too specific nor broad.
  6. If the subject is too broad, you can break it down into subtopics that are specific to the topic.
  7. Select the most unique and lesser-known subject first.
  8. You must confirm the topic only if it is in line with the guidelines of your university or supervisor.


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Effect of Change Mobilization on Companies

Key Points

Here are the main points addressed by this paper on "Effects on Mobilizing Change within Companies: What It Takes and Strategies," including the Importance of Change Mobilization, Strategies, Impact on Organizational Performance and Challenges/Barriers to Change Mobilization.

Overcoming Challenges and Accelerating Change Mobilization

"The "Effect from Change Mobilization in Companies" research paper examines the effect of change mobilization on organizational efficiency and employee engagement levels. The investigation explored many methods and strategies employed by organizations to successfully implement and monitor initiatives to make changes, with results showing an effective correlation between mobilization of change and increased productivity, innovation, satisfaction levels, leadership participation as well and employee communication to facilitate organizational transformation."

Impact of Reward System on Boosting Productivity

Key Points

These are the main aspects of this research report "Impact of the reward system on improving productivity".

  • This paper studies the effects that a system of reward improving productivity in various scenarios.
  • Importance of Rewards in Motivation.
  • Factors Affecting the Effectiveness of Reward Systems.
  • Types of Rewards
  • Case Studies and Empirical Evidence.
  • Challenges and Limitations.
  • The paper also states that reward systems with a good design can have a positive effect on productivity, by motivating people and creating a sense of satisfaction and purpose.


The study examines the impact of the implementation of a reward system on the productivity of an organization. The research examines how rewards and incentives can positively impact the motivation of employee engagement, motivation, and overall performance.

The project management research topics reveal the crucial effect of a reward system in increasing the productivity of an organization. It provides HR professionals with important information and suggestions that can be utilized to increase motivation for employees and performance, which will result in greater productivity and success for the organization.


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Examining the Causes of Project Delays and the Ways Global Construction Companies Are Coping With It

Research Goal: The main aim of the study will be focused on identify the main factors and causes of delays in projects and how they impact the life-cycle of a project. The second phase of the research will focus on the way that global construction companies have developed various strategies to address this problem.


Analyzing the Impact of Strategic Roles in Project Management Office on Business Ecosystems

Research Objective: The study will analyze seven project management office tasks that contribute to strategic planning within large public sector companies in the UK. The proposed research will make use of an online survey to gather data from managers of projects in public sector organizations with project management offices (PMO) divisions. The data gathered will be analysed with multiple regression.


Examining Causes and Effects of Poor Communication in the Construction Industry

Research Objective: The research will investigate the causes and consequences that can lead to inadequate communication in the construction industry in the UK. The research will employ mixed methods in order to analyze the current and previous aspects that can lead to poor communication throughout the timeline for a construction project.

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It is essential to conduct an analysis of cost-benefit to determine what the project you'd like to pursue is feasible. In the absence of this, it's not worth it. Here are a few of the top topics can be started with.

  1. Cost and benefits of prescription drugs.
  2. A cost-benefit study of switching to renewable energy for homes.
  3. Cost and benefits of restrictions on fishing.
  4. The costs and benefits of using speed cameras for controlling the flow of traffic in towns.
  5. Cost-benefit analysis for marijuana legalization.
  6. Cost-benefit analysis of the state-level alcohol tax.
  7. Find out the costs and benefits of investing money in space exploration
  8. Cost-benefit analysis of the business regulatory environment.
  9. The main steps of the analysis are cost and benefit.
  10. The most important issues and the solutions to cost-benefit strategies.
  11. Cost-benefit analysis for project management.
  12. The most important cost concern in the management of projects.
  13. E-commerce is a key component of the business.
  14. The software for smart health prediction using data mining.
  15. The importance of budgeting tools while managing tech projects.
  16. Future of Remote Teams.
  17. Modern advancements cause shifts in remote workplaces.


Agile Project Management In IT Industries

These topics aren't too difficult. It's just a matter of staying up-to-date on the latest developments in technology so that you have as much knowledge as you can.

  1. Big Data Analysis Application within the eCommerce industry.
  2. Study the Google algorithm for search engines.
  3. Cloud storage is a popular option within the banking industry.
  4. Does 5G wireless technology represent an exciting future for IT?
  5. The potential risk of cryptocurrency for banks that are based on traditional methods.
  6. How has cloud technology changed the storage of data?
  7. Does virtual reality replace real reality?
  8. What was the way Steve Jobs changed the world?
  9. The most up-to-date IT technology is employed to manage projects.
  10. The software is used for NASA to monitor spacecraft.
  11. The most well-known software utilized in the field of project management.


Checking the Impact of Psychosocial Stressors on Project Manager Performance. 

Research Objective: Using research models that examines the impact of psychological stressors (health and well-being ), work-related interfaces, work environments, etc.).) is evaluated based on the performance of the project manager performing indicators. Project managers must complete an assessment that serves as the basis for evaluating performance. It forms the basis for collecting data empirically. The data will then be analyzed with Smart PLS.


Team Conflict Dynamic Model & Project Success Written by Ruskin Bond

Research Objective: The research will utilize the model of team conflict dynamics to analyze different types of conflict and conflict patterns of teams to come up with resolutions that will enhance or even lead to the success of a project.

Examining the Impact of Cost Salience and Information Asymmetry on Incentive Contract and Project Manager's Profit

Research Objective: This study will examine the impact on subjective assessments of salience to cost and uncertainties within an approach that is derived from uncertainty theory and principal agency theories. In addition, this study will study the impact of these evaluations on the earnings of project managers by employing a case research method in particular by studying cases where contractors are compensated according to incentive contracts that have deadlines to complete two tasks simultaneously.

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The year 2024 promises exciting opportunities for exploration and innovation in project management. Whether you're a seasoned project manager looking to enhance your skills or someone considering a PMP certification, the research topics highlighted in this blog offer a glimpse into the future of project management From the transformative potential of AI and automation to the intricate world of agile project management, these topics offer a wealth of possibilities for research, discussion, and application. The pursuit of a PMP certification, coupled with ongoing education and training, is a powerful tool for making a career in the field.

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