Project Management Planning : How to Create a Project Management Plan

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Nov 19, 2021

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Your Complete Guide to Project Communication Planning!

The project manager understands the significance and need of project communication planning. It is critical for the project's proper operation. Today, with the help of a project communication plan example, you will learn all you need to know about this and will be able to use it for the effective delivery of your project. 

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What is Project Communication Planning?

Starting with one of the most important questions, it is a plan that helps in communicating the crucial information among the stakeholders as well as the team members. This plan includes all the factors like who is going to receive what kinds of updates and when and who is going to be responsible for updating others and using which channel. Moreover, it also covers how often the updates are needed to be provided. It could be called the groundwork that is needed to be done in order to complete the project in an effective manner.

Project management has a pivotal role to play in the success of any project and in PMP online training you learn how effective management can be achieved for the project. Using this communication, the project manager will be able to run things smoothly.

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Why Does the Project Need Project Communication Planning?

If you are looking for ways to keep the project on track, then going for a plan can work for you. Using this plan, you will be able to have the following advantages:


It is a vital thing when you are working in project communication management. When you are sharing the communication plan among your team members, you are having a great deal of transparency in the project. Rather than getting lost in the information, you have a definite plan and where you can find that information is perfectly clear and transparent. This will help in keeping things up to date and everyone will be on board. This will reduce the chances of risks and errors.

Increased productivity

This is definitely going to have an increment in productivity in the team. When information is readily available, everyone will be focused on their tasks and they are going to be responsible for their work. This will help in increasing productivity. The meetings can be more streamlined and all the information can be distributed in an even way. This helps in building the client’s relationship and within the team as well.

Aligned goal

When everything is on the table, all the stakeholders, as well as the team members, will be aligned to the project goals. Using this communication, regular feedback can be obtained which can provide insight into the project working and help in achieving goals in a better way. With the pmp course, you can learn all about this and how an aligned goal can help in project success.

Guide to Write or Create Effective Project Communication Planning?

At first, you might feel that it can be a daunting task to complete for the project, but using the below steps, you can very easily write the project plan for your team and implement it as well:

Know your parameters

There are many templates available for you but when you are creating the project plan for your team, choose the project communication plan template which shows the parameters that you and your team could relate to. Knowing the team communication style can be very helpful and using this, you can have your own parameters which you can use in this plan. This could be project size, the information about the client, the timeline under which the project delivery is needed, and blockers if any.

Set your goals and targets

When you are going to start with the project planning, you need to view the project as a whole and keep yourself aware of the goals and targets that you wish to achieve with this plan. You should know about the key steps and the information needed when you walk this road. Find the best communication strategy with the stakeholders as well as the team members. You should be very clear on what information goes to whom and who will be responsible for communicating the updates within the project.

Set the regular meetings

After giving a glance at the project communication plan example and choosing the best fit for your team, you should schedule regular meetings where the updates are given to everyone and should see who will be invited to those meetings. Having a clear picture of this will help the project in the long run. Use this method for effective communication and achieve the end goal of the project.

Tips for a Productive Communication Plan

After you know how to write an effective project communication plan, let’s move on to the best practices that you can indulge into work on it in a better way:

1. If you wish to attain better results then, do not just focus on the details of the project, try to focus on the communication more. Clear communication is the root of a successful project communication plan.

2. Timely updates should be a priority and you should not make any compromise on the same. Also, make sure to be concise with the updates that are provided regularly.

3. For a better and effective plan, have a clear idea of what template to use, what are the rules of the meeting and try to follow the agenda of the meeting.

4. Do not forget to align your plan to the lifecycle of the project and make changes whenever needed during the course of the project. This will keep everyone updated if anything changes.


An effective plan is a road to success for the project. Using the templates available, you can use various tools to enhance the communication within the team and keep updates ready. You can set and check the expectations of your project and manage it from time to time using this plan. Using this business objective can be achieved.

Indeed the role of the project manager in the successful implementation of this plan for communication becomes crucial. If you wish to learn all about it and get your PMP certification with a PMP course online with StarAgile. You will have hands-on practice on the real issues which are based on actual scenarios. The PMP training is very important if you wish to have an exponential career in project management as it gives you a way to understand the concepts in a better way and think according to the requirements of the project.


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