PMP Vs CAPM : Differences of PMP and CAPM

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PMP Vs CAPM is a must-to-understand term because many prefer career growth. That too to manage teams. Managing teams provide reputation, respect, recognition, and great remuneration. Technical growth will also provide all the above-said benefits. But learning technical things halfway through the career is difficult but managerial responsibilities can be learned with the right training. 

Thus, everyone aspires for role progression and growth thus many do not want to get more technical. But people aim towards management roles and there comes the PM. The PM’s average salary in a year in India is about 5 million, which is why many people choose to become PM. However, there are few criteria to be met to become a successful manager. Let us explain what it is to you in detail. 

First look at the table with basic differences and then we will deep dive into more details concerning examination, pay benefits, scope, etc. 

PMP Vs CAPM - Differences 

 PMP Vs CAPM in terms of Assessment

The CAPM assessment consists of 150 MCQs and time to complete in 180 minutes.
PMP is a 240 minutes timed assessment consisting of 200 MCQs. The questions are based on the theory and concepts covered in the PMBOK.
The fee is USD 225/members and USD 300 for others respectively. 
The fee for the PMP is USD405 and 555 for the members and others respectively. The total PMP certification cost varies from institute to institute.
The prerequisites are a diploma or degree or equivalent with work hours of 1.5K or 23 hours of education in the form of training.
The prerequisite is you can obtain the certifications with the 3-year diploma along with work hours 7.5K. 4-year degree with work hours 4.5K of project management experience and 35 hours of education in the form of training with practical sessions.
Write an exam every 5 years to retain the certification.
To maintain the certification you need to earn 60 PDU within three years for renewal.
 PMP VS CAPM in terms of Cost and Experience 
CAPM is an associate-level certification.
PMP is a professional certification 
It is the associate level meaning it is an entry-level certification
You need some years of experience in managing projects
Less expensive
Easy to crack 
Exam is tough
No prerequisites 
Set of prerequisite to follow 

PMP VS CAPM in terms of Roles 

After obtaining CAPM certifications you can become 

- Junior Business Analyst

- Project coordinators

- Associate project managers. 

You will not be given large and complex projects to lead. The expectations will be on the project support.

After obtaining PMP certification you may be asked to lead large and complex projects. The PMP professionals can easily be asked to lead a team with the positions such as 

- Project Managers

- Program Manager

- Project controllers, etc. 

The expectations for performance are very high and you will have to apply the PMBOK best practices in real-world scenarios.

The CAPM certification in the Resume will tell you that you have a thorough understanding of the project management principles.
The PMP certification on your Resume may provide the interviewer with the idea of real-time experience in project management and that you can lead complex and large projects on your own.
Starting salary for certified professionals USD 69K
USD 105K
It is apt for beginners
It will add a feather on the cap of a experienced professionals 

Now that you know the differences you may be interested in the specifics of each course to decide whether to take up CAPM or PMP.

You can both do the CAPM first and then gradually advance to PMP certification when you have got experience or do the PMP directly after some years of managing projects.

Thus in this article, we discussed the differences between CAPM and PMP.

These are the most valued 2 PMI certifications that come to our mind are 

1. Project Management Professionals

2. Certified Associate in Project Management

PMP Certification

Which one for you PMP or CAPM?

So now that you have the idea of both and you may be wondering what to decide on for your career goals. This is not an easy answer. If you find a good training institute such as StarAgile then the key is to enquire about the choice with them.

If you think you already have the required experience then go for the PMP course and get certified. 

On the other hand, you do not have the required prerequisite but you want to progress gradually then try CAPM.

Both give you the value you are looking for in managing projects.

Final takeaway

If you are taking any of this course whether it is PMP or CAPM get the required training from the best institute such as StarAgile. We are the training partner for the Project Management Institute (PMI) for conducting the PMP training certification and CAPM training.

We have industry experts and consultants who are certified in the PMP and CAPM exam with at least a decade of experience in the industry.

We have trained over 1 Lac professionals in various topics of learning.

Enroll for any of these training and get certified. Keep Learning!!!

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