What is Jira Time Tracking? How and When to use it?

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Dec 15, 2021

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A goal without a timeline is nothing but a fanciful idea. Efficiency and productivity can not be measured until we factor in the time spent on a task. In project management, where multiple teams work on a single project, maintain the milestones and deliveries as per an agreed timeline.

An accurate estimation of the project delivery timeline calls for a precise measurement of time dedicated to each task. Measurement is necessary to bring improvements. Jira Software is a prominent tool used in agile software development where collaboration is the key to the evolution of solutions. Jira software can support any agile team and methodology, whether self-organizing or cross-functional.


Jira Time Tracker

The functionality of Jira Project Management software goes a notch higher with the time tracking feature. Jira Time Tracker tracks time spent on different functions and projects and can generate insightful analytics vis-a-vis timeboxes. It can have multiple filters and can generate reports that reflect on the time taken for a particular work or project by individuals or teams or the project as a whole. You get these reports as part of the Jira Time Tracking Report feature of Jira Time Tracker.   


Jira Time Tracker and Agile Teams

Agile software development is distinguished by delivering solutions incrementally right from the start of the project rather than at the end. Jira Time Tracker brings an accurate measurement and estimation of time required for project delivery. The delivery can be measured in hours, days, weeks, and months. Such an elaborate time tracking feature as part of the project management software makes everyone aware of time's importance in their workflow.

This project management approach in software development ensures the customers get faster solutions with fewer hiccups. With its time tracker, Jira has a special place in agile software development projects as it brings issue tracking solutions to the table. It helps people and teams working in a collaborative setup notice the issues and get down to solving them at the earliest opportunity.


Time Tracking in Jira Projects

Deployment of time tracking for agile Jira projects helps implement multiple approaches to analyze data and get a more credible project status. It allows triangulation in analytical studies where multiple approaches such as research, verification, and observation come into play. Jira time tracker allows fully automated time tracking and manual and hybrid approaches.

Jira time tracker allows the users to perform the following tasks:

  •    Estimate an issue.
  •    Log time on an issue.
  •    Edit a time log entry.
  •    Delete a time log entry. 


Jira at Its Basic

A proprietary product from the house of Australian software company Atlassian, Jira Time Tracker, allows tracking issues, including bugs, stories, and epics. Issue tracking helps agile teams to monitor problems that users experience while using a software product. Problems that are big need to be broken down into smaller tasks and distributed among the team to tackle promptly.

Jira lists and manages issues in a collaborative and distributed work environment. In other words, Jira helps agile teams to track and account for epics, stories, and bugs—problems in order of their size and complexity experienced by software users.  

Jira acts as an interface between different teams working on an agile software development project as a project management tool. Its time tracker feature helps different teams on the cloud to work as a cohesive one unit, with time being a common constant for all of them.


Jira Time Tracker in Action

You can change the tracking metrics by accessing Jira time tracking field and making changes in the fields. You can change the following in Jira time tracking field:  

  •    Working hours per day.
  •    Working days per week.
  •    Time display format.
  •    Default unit.


Timesheet Tracking for Jira

Timesheet for Jira can integrate with General User Interface and Atlassian products. It helps you generate powerful and intuitive timesheet reports. You can customize the features by adding filters and making your timesheet reports more nuanced. 


Jira Time Tracking Report: When Do You Need It?

To analyze time spent on a project, task, and issue. Based on the report, evaluation and distribution can be performed. To create invoices as per the timesheets and align them with the payment procedure so all stakeholders can see them. To keep third-party associates informed about workflows, processes, and delivery timelines.  



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How to Track Time in Jira?

Jira has a time tracking function that is by default turned on. You do not need to do anything to start the counter. However, you can switch on and off or adjust the tracking time features. You can also configure tracking time in Jira for the following functions:

  •  Time tracking permissions.
  •  Enable or disable projects' time tracking.
  •  Replace the time tracking provider.


Room for Customization

Jira Time Tracker has enough room for customization, which can be exercised with five different permissions. Here, they are:

  • Log the works on an issue.
  • Delete all work logs.
  • Delete only personal work logs.
  • Edit all work logs.
  • Edit personally added work logs.


Summing up

The time-task ratio is crucial for efficiency and productivity for most software development companies, and they use appropriate tools to monitor, measure, and streamline workflows and deliveries. Jira Software is a market leader in its niche and has applications to every aspect of product management. It is robust and versatile. As Jira touches every aspect of product management, integrating a time tracker into Jira can produce intelligent data about different agile teams working on a project.


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We offer Jira course for project management and analytics. Created by Jira experts, the program will equip you with best practices in Jira application. These courses also give you practical tips that will help you tap your team's maximum potential. Jira training will boost team productivity and reduce manager dependency. 

Jira certification training programs are available for beginners, intermediates, and power users. These programs also cover agile project management tools such as Scrum and Kanban.


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