JIRA Interview Questions and Answers(2024)

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Jul 08, 2024

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JIRA interview questions

It is good to have tools and software to use in projects but you must know what are they, how to effectively use them for the right outcome. One such tool that is rocking in the software development field in JIRA. In this blog, we will prepare you for an interview by providing you with JIRA interview questions and answers. The most frequently asked ones in every interview. 
Further to have a real-time experience we would want you to attend training and get JIRA certification and fear not clearing any interview.  

JIRA tool interview questions

Let us begin with some basic questions related to the tool installation, usage, etc. 

1. List the most used JIRA add-ons? 

This seems to be an easy JIRA interview question but you are expected to give a precise answer as given below. 

• Test management too – Zephyr

• Tempo Timesheets 

• Atlassian REST API browser 

• Script Runner 

• Workflow extensions 

2. Explain steps involved in installing JIRA?

• After downloading JIRA suiting the system configuration the installer must be Run 

• Set up method is chosen and connected to the database 

• Application properties to be set 

• License details entered an administrator account set up is finished 

• Email notification to be set and you are all set to start JIRA 

3. Which is the most important JIRA feature? 

• It can plan agile work including backlogs and sprints 

• Estimates time for issues as and when backlogs are prioritized 

• Customizes workflow and has advanced reporting features 

4.Explain the way to perform the bulk operation on issues?

• Using the filters, search for all the issues 

• Then Select Tools - Bulk Change 

• Choose the issues that require bulk operation and click on Next 

• Click on stop watching issues and move to next 

• Review the operations and confirm when you’re done 

5. What is a color indication in JIRA?

It is used to improve the visibility of the issue in agile boards based on the parameters. For example, in a scrum board, Blue indicates -Backlog, Yellow means In Progress, and Green refers to Done 

• Blue – Original estimate

• Yellow – Remaining estimate 

• Green – Time spent

Interview questions on JIRA for testers

1. Why JIRA is the most powerful testing tool?

Even though JIRA was primarily designed as a project management tool customizing test management makes life easy. It is a powerful workflow tool and ensures traceability as well as a known environment for quite some years now. 

2. How to share the issue with others in JIRA?

Use the share option which is found on the issue description page to share with others. You can find the share option of every issue with a link to it which can be shared. It can be shared with Name, email, and a note field to personalize the issue. 

3. How to pass a test case in JIRA?

• Create a custom field to customize your issue type and record the results 

• Make a custom screen for each result and a screen schema as well 

• Then configure the issue type to add test case result 

• Create a test case with a title and reference number 

• Now you can find whether the test case is a pass, fail or skip by assigning the result to them 

4. What is generally not added in the clone issue? 

• Comments 

• History of the issue 

• Tracking time 


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JIRA interview questions for project management

1. Why is JIRA a famous project management tool?

It is optimized for several project management methodology including agile, Kanban, etc. It is a powerful tool that makes tracking very simple. JIRA learning is quick and easy allowing every project manager to go hands-on in their very first project. The platform is independent and hence can run anywhere and customizing workflow based on need is possible 

2. List the entire reports can JIRA generate? 

• Pie chart 

• Average age 

• User workload 

• Created issue 

• Resolved issue 

• Comparison between resolved and created issues 

• Time tracking 

• Workload pie chart 

• Sprint 

• Epic 

• Cumulative flow diagram (Kanban)

From the above, we understand that it can generate any kind of report allowing the detailed study of the project statistics making it an efficient project management tool. 

3. How to list the project details using JIRA?

It is important to list the project details specific to each project with their respective attribute. This can be done by including the 

  • Project Name
  • Key
  • Element 
  • Version 

jira interview questions

From the above image, you can see that the center is is for the activities to be listed with all the details related to each project or issue. On the RHS you can see the key details listed above and the LHS contains links to reports, issues, sprints, etc. Click on each to open a new page to fill in details related to them. 

4. Are JIRA and Trello the same?

Trello is a customizable Kanban board but not observing the entire form of agile development. On the other hand, JIRA is a dedicated project management tool that can now be used for test management too. 

5. What is Move Issue in JIRA? 

It allows making a mention of another issue in JIRA and the attributes like Issue type, status, and custom fields can be modified after comparing with the target project. 


We are glad to provide you with simple answers to the very basic JIRA interview questions. These are the questions frequently asked in an interview and the answers given will provide you an idea that JIRA is easy to learn and use tool. 
Come for our JIRA training to learn in detail about using this tool effectively to manage your project and write test cases as well. Worried about JIRA certification cost? Then enquire StarAgile which offers you training at the best price with assured certification. Go with the flow to stand ahead of completion in the software development arena. 

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