What is DevOps Testing

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What is DevOps testing?

The role required for QA is an automation testing engineer who coordinates, collaborates, and communicates with other phases of the DevOps cycle and with other DevOps professionals. Continuous testing in DevOps is a phase where the automation is done very frequently for a different version of code and is assured of quality when it is deployed in production.

The testing consists of a variety of QA tests such as unit, security, acceptance, integration, performance, system testing, etc. Testing involves work such as test design, automation, and test case development in DevOps.

Development is the backbone of every product made. However, testing goes hand in hand to complete the process successfully. Continuous testing is the component of the DevOps pipeline and it is part of the DevOps automation. The QA is the necessary element of the SDLC and DevOps life cycle management.

The QA in DevOps ensures that it is done as soon as the code is committed in the version control repository and is tested for confirming the product quality and to find and remove the bugs, errors, and issues. This ensures when the code is deployed in production there are no downtimes, no issues, no bugs and errors, no threats and vulnerabilities, etc.

There are various tools for continuous testing in DevOps. You need to choose the best and most much-needed tools among the many that are available. Some of the main tools preferred are Perfects, Selenium, Apache JMeter, Cucumber, JUnit, Mocha, Source Labs, SoapUI, etc.

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What are continuous testing in DevOps and its pros and cons?

Continuous testing must be the strategy for DevOps. Continuous testing is also called shift-left QA wherein the testing is performed earlier in the DevOps phases with the help of reducing the errors, increasing quality, and shortening the longer testing cycles.

Continuous testing is one of the phases in the DevOps pipelines. Continuous testing serves the purpose of reviewing the code very frequently and as soon as the code is developed. This is nothing but test-driven development where the development team prepares the test cases for the unit testing even before the code is developed. They check the inputs, outputs, and error conditions.

The test automation is performed when the code is built and checked in the central code base and before the release of the software in a non-production environment. Continuous testing is also performed before the code is released to production ensuring that frequent release and deployment of code is possible. The code is checked for errors in integration, environment-based checks, errors, and bugs in the application. This is also called shift-right testing and the feedback is sent to the developers for any issues, bugs, or errors. Explore more automated testing at StarAgile institute by taking up the Online DevOps course


·       Frequent review cycles and testing so that applications are deployed at multiple points in a day.

·       Shift-left QA can detect errors, issues, and bugs early.

·       Shift-right QA increases the feedback mechanism and improves applications availability

·       Improves the software quality with multiple testing strategies


·       Reviews and development and deployment may be performed with a single person thus ensuring biased review.

·       Sometimes bugs and issues are found in the early stage of the development


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DevOps Testing Strategy

DevOps QA strategy needs to accommodate the agility and speed of frequent software deployment. It is best to automate the software testing process and configure them to run automatically when it is checked in the QA environment. DevOps tools are used to achieve this integration. Also, there is a definite reason to build an automated testing framework through which one can quickly code new test cases. Enrol for the DevOps training at StarAgile institute and reap the benefits of world-renowned certification.

The testing strategy must accommodate the following list,

  • The test cases that need to review the applications from a particular build must be identified.
  • There must be lean review execution in the automated QA strategy.
  • The QA and the development teams must sit together for testing a code for a particular build and execute those related test cases and also ensure sanity check pass.
  • We need to employ specialized code analysis and coverage tools to ensure that there is 100% code coverage with testing.
  • There is no use of regression review cases and tests as these concepts have become obsolete and replaced with continuous testing.
  • The strategy to test the new features in the code must be developed and passed on to the QA environment for the automated review by creating the test scripts and running these automation tests on the interim builds so that the code is safe and stable in production.
  • All the testing environments must be standardized and deployments in and out of all the environments must be automated.
  • The techniques and QA environments must develop test cases that are automated and testing is carried across platforms for all the applications and including cross-browser environments for web-based applications.
  • To make DevOps successful and help in reduction in time-to-market the parallel execution of tests.
  • For exit criteria, the No-go/Go decision to production must be taken so that the results of the tests are fed back to the same chain.
  • Before the code is deployed in the production environment, the feedback decision to the blocker or critical bugs must be described, set, and accepted on to the same chain of events



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