What is Future of DevOps in 2024

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Apr 15, 2024

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Many new technologies have come to the surface in recent decades. One needs to build and use the technologies of the future in the organization. The transformational systems and technologies have created a niche for itself in the fast phased environment. Disruption due to future technologies will happen only due to the technologies that will survive the current trends and challenges. 

In the traditional world, the developing worked in silos from the operating team. This had many challenges such as the platforms which the developers used and the testing was being done on different platforms and thus production was done on different platforms. There were challenges with the operations in the sense it was disconnected from the developing members and sysadmin manually had to configure, and it was an impossible task when managing hundred different systems. These challenges faced by both the developing and the operations team had one common thing that there was a blame game between the two, and no one to solve these issues.

challenges in devops

Do you know the new culture in the software world that unites and combines both the operations and development practices?

With the advent of the new culture that automates the tasks of Dev to QA to Prod, Ops, and Monitoring to solve the traditional issues. The culture is called DevOps. 

The DevOps life cycle management automates the tasks like plan, code, build, test, release, deploy, operate, and monitor. The DevOps culture and framework make the platforms and infrastructure-independent. 

DevOps culture & framework

What is the future of DevOps – Supported with statistics 

  • As per the recent study, the DevOps tools market achieved $5.2 billion in 2018 is expected to reach around $15 billion in 2023. 
  • Another similar study predicts that the Global DevOps market is $3.36 billion in 2017 is expected to reach $9.40 billion by 2023, registering a CAGR of 18.7% from 2017 to 2023. 
  • In 2019-2020 the DevOps has evolved a big-time when we thought a few years ago as a just buzz word. 
  • Many organizations are adopting DevOps and there is an increase of up to 17% in 2018 than it was 10% in the year 2017 as per the Statista. 

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Top 6 trends that shape the DevOps future in the IT industry

1. AI and ML - These 2 technologies are gaining strength and trends show that these will enhance and foster DevOps growth in the future. The issues and problems due to a lot of infrastructures and other processing of a vast amount of information can help DevOps solve the issues and problems in automation.

2. Microservices Architecture - The DevOps and Microservices architecture go hand in hand. Microservices architecture helps the organizations make deployments and add new features easily, they are independent entities and do not interfere with other features. 

3. DevOps Assembly lines - DevOps is enabling businesses with faster and automated software delivery. Pipelines are to see the complete visualization of your app from source code to production. It is not only continuous integration and continuous deployment but about continuous delivery. In 2023 and beyond it is about the DevOps assembly lines.

4. Automation is the key - It is to achieve if possible the zero-touch automation in the DevOps life cycle management. It does not mean that we need to automate everything but if possible to achieve that.  To know more about the automation in the future register for the DevOps certification training online with StarAgile institute.                                                        

5. Testing professionals to learn the code - Testing is either done manually or tools are used. If you want to do it manually then you need to know scripting and coding. Yes testers must learn coding to improve and enhance the continuous testing experience

devops culture and framework

6. DevSecOps - It is making security into the application development and other areas of the application delivery and operations. Thus it lessens the vulnerabilities when the application is completed and delivered. It also brings security close to IT and business. With DevOps and Security going hand in hand the software developers must use the same environments, software packages, and dependencies.

The benefits of DevOps are as follows,

The DevOps life cycle management has greatly reduced the number of iteration for the applications from development to operate and to monitor.

  • The bug fixes and updates are one-time activity
  • Creates synergy between the operations and the developing team
  • Monitoring becomes easy with continuous monitoring pipeline
  • Make the work of system admin easier by automating the process
  • Greater managing and control of the DevOps infrastructures
  • Faster software delivery
  • Enhanced service resilience 
  • DevOps engineer has responsibility and dependability to deliver sooner and professionally
  • Automation of the key tasks such as operations and monitoring 
  • Automation of the CI/CD pipeline
  • Automation has contributed to fewer errors in the entire life cycle due to less human intervention
  • Address issues and problems early in each phase of the life cycle management

DevOps engineer future scope

As you have seen the DevOps future trends above many organizations that make software and applications will make use of DevOps professional. Such professionals will be in high demand across the industry in 2023 and beyond. Some of the lucrative positions in the industry in the year 2023 are as follows

  • Software tester
  • Software engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • Integration specialist
  • DevOps Engineer
  • DevOps Architect
  • Automation Engineer

Know the role and responsibilities of DevOps to get placed and sustain in these jobs. 

To make use of the high growth, high demands, and future DevOps trends one must be skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable and trained in DevOps. Going for the DevOps certification after your graduation is the key and the first step to achieving a DevOps role in the immediate future. 

DevOps scope and future of DevOps engineer

The learning curve and career path for the DevOps professionals and the top 7 areas of DevOps future scope are as follows.

  • Learning the tools of DevOps at least a couple of tools in each phase of DevOps life cycle management
  • Learning the complete pipelines of DevOps
  • Learning terminal and command prompt 
  • Learning security and network fundamentals
  • Learning programming languages such as Python, Java, Javascript, Ruby, and Perl
  • Learning Operating systems such as Linux, Unix, and Windows
  • Learning Infrastructure as a Code.

The average DevOps engineer annual salary of $111,683 just behind the CXO's and VP categories.

DevOps ranks 7th among the hardest to staff positions in the tech industry due to the high gap in the demand and the unavailability of the skilled and trained people in DevOps.

Statistics show that DevOps professionals’ salary will grow by on average at 18% annually

119654 is the number of positions worldwide job search for DevOps professionals on LinkedIn which is twice as many as the previous year.

StarAgile a reputed institute offers DevOps an online certification course to make you skilled and trained in DevOps areas.

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Conclusion - What is in store - DevOps future 2024

As we have seen that DevOps culture offers a paradigm shift from the traditional SDLC to the DevOps Life Cycle Management, and there are great benefits DevOps future have to offer for the Organizations. By 2024 many organizations have already adopted DevOps and its future is great. 

DevOps pipeline is the key to disruption and the cultural shift in the new decade. Every engineer is in charge of the life cycle management and employs many DevOps tools for each of the phases. To get into this field register for the DevOps course online at StarAgile institute.

There are many positions open for the skilled and trained DevOps professional. Trends in 2024 show that there will be linear growth and DevOps will be the niche area of growth and most wanted among the professionals. Enroll with StarAgile for the DevOps training and Certification


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