What are the Benefits of DevOps?

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May 18, 2020

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DevOps is the new cutting-edge culture that every enterprise can apply. The benefits of DevOps make a huge difference for the company's software.

Yes, the initial start-up trouble will be there when any new thing is introduced. But upon practicing slowly people realize that nothing is difficult and impossible too. It all depends on how we train our mindset. To tune our mind we need to understand the basics. 

There is no exception to DevOps too. Initially, there was a fear about how would development and operation can join hand. But when success results were demonstrated on the floor and then the company started embracing this technique. People are also happy to accept this change in their organization. 

Having said that let us list DevOps benefits after adopting from a company and an individual perspective. 

What is it? 

Before we move forward let us explain in simples words as to what is DevOps all about. It is a combination of practices, people, cultural understanding and tools which collaborate development and operation under one roof. 

Chiefly, the DevOps movement firmly promotes automation and observation in each stage of development. It focuses on frequent releases but dependable, short development cycle but enhanced deployment rate keeping business objective in mind. 

Advantages of DevOps to the team

Business success lies in the employee’s satisfaction because we know happy people know the magic to make things around them happy. Hence before we look at the advantages offered by adopting DevOps to any company we will see what it offers to the individual.

Acquire multiple skills:

The challenge in implementing DevOps has always been the knowhow of using different DevOps tools. But this becomes a boon to an individual as they get an opportunity to learn many tools and languages. For instance, one must know Linux OX, learn networking concepts, shake hands with cloud services and also willing to get familiarised with the following.

  • Version control system
  • Build tools
  • Continuous integration tools
  • Database management tools 
  • Testing tools
  • Artifact managing tools 
  • Monitoring tools
  • Deployment tools 
  • Orchestration tool

It may look fainting in the beginning but with proper DevOps training, it will become a cakewalk down the line. Therefore by embracing DevOps one can acquire multiple skills that will pave way for a better and brighter future. 

Earn recognition for being an SME:

Even though it feels intimidating to learn many skills still companies look for SME to handle each task with mastery in it. Therefore you can always deep-dive into your passion and become a master in that area. Imagine being an SME and knowing multiple skills will skyrocket your market value. As we are aware, certainly more than money recognition is the key motivating factor for every individual. 

Career growth :

Now you know many skills and mastered one and became an SME. This means the sky is the limit for your growth. You can find more opportunities as well as get continuous promotions in the current company. Here you will feel glad that you no longer will have any job insecurity. Plan to master one tool at a time as a continuous process of your learning. 

Spike in Salary:

The bottom line of all the above-explained advantages will lead to a hike in your salary. You can start your career with a minimum of 4 lacs salary package. In 10 years you can multiple this 10 times. Don’t feel surprised as it is the trending field in the development arena.  This is the only area where you learn multiple skills and earn as well. Hence you have a better future scope.

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Business Perspective DevOps Benefits

Customer Satisfaction:

It is needless to mention that every successful company will consider the customer as one eye and employees as the other eye. This means when they have the right employees who know how to adopt DevOps in each project, then that company performance cannot come down. Agile principles are applied with continuous integration and deployment as development and operations happen hand in hand. The result is faster delivery and accurate results making customers happy. 

Enhances efficiency :

DevOps means automation. Several tools are used to automate the entire process and it will lead to an efficient system. Continuous delivery happens due to automation making the team efficient. The continuous deployment process includes both continuous integration and delivery which confirms every change brought to the development is releasable. These releasable changes are continuously monitored and tested which allows the system to remain efficient all the time.  

Improves teamwork :

When the development team and ops team work together it will empower the development team which was working backend all these years. The transparency will offer trust leading to a collaborative working environment. Teams working together become more innovative and productive. 

Minimizes errors :

It is easy to find the gap when the process of dev and ops happens concurrently leading to identification errors quickly. Without moving forward one can rectify errors to prevent major failures. The development cycle is short promoting periodical code releases. Problems associated with infrastructure, configuration or application code can be brought to light at an earlier stage and fixed immediately. 

Recovery time gets accelerated :

Deployment in DevOps is both remote and specific allowing detection of bugs quickly. Only the recent code needs to be checked for any bug detection which will accelerate the recovery time. This means recovery from mistakes and failures is rapid with negligible loss to the system. 

ROI increases :

When the team works together they feel empowered and voice out mistakes instantly. Correcting them becomes easy which eliminates failures. Recovery time is fast and moving to the next step is quick. Not many conflicts among the team allow continuous integration, development, deployment, testing, etc. A scalable infrastructure will speed up the entire process and increases the reach to the hardware resources. Usage of tools reduces the development cycle and makes product delivery quick. 

Work gets over well ahead of time and these are the simple yet powerful factors to stabilize and increase the return on investment.

Closing Thoughts


Adopting DevOps offers an edge over other methods that are practically realized in recent years.  However, every company and individual must accept the fact that the transformation cannot happen overnight. It requires realization by each individual. 

For instance, when a team appreciates the benefits offered by DevOps, they will stay determined to enhance their skills. Understand how to use different tools and that is the first step. 

Likewise, the business must provide a scope for the team to pilot run DevOps culture in in-house projects to visualize the benefits it offers.  

Take the first step today to reap plenty of benefits in the future. 

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