JIRA Certification Training Course in Chennai

Jira is the project management tool that helps to track, manage, and control the large and complex project in a very simple and easy way. StarAgile provides the Jira training that will cater to the terminology of Jira, installation, core Jira concepts, tool, and the best practices to customize Jira instance. From StarAgile's Jira Training online you will learn the reporting, configure JQL, dashboards, manage and control workflows, issue tracking, bug tracking, and can start and manage the Jira projects

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Key Features

  • 16 hrs Instructor Led Training
  • 2 Days of Instructor Led Training
  • Certification & Job Assistance
  • 14 hrs of Lab Sessions
  • 16 PDUs Offered
  • 24 x 7 Lifetime Support

Upcoming JIRA Online Training

Instructor-led Online Training

16 Hrs Instructor led training

Lifetime access to high-quality self-paced eLearning content

12 Hrs of Lab Sessions

Trained by Experienced JIRA Experts

24X7 Support



Self-Paced Learning

180 Days access to online self-learning

20 Hrs of Lab Sessions

Content Created by Experienced JIRA Experts

24X7 Support



What you can learn from JIRA Training?


Jira is a tool that helps in tracking issues, bug fixes, project management, and workflows easily and simply. You can plan your projects, track your projects, and plan your project's capacity and releases. Jira tool training not only helps in project management but also enables one to manage software issues, bug fixing, managing test cycles, Jira benefits, and features. If you are an individual who wants to build a career in software testing and enhance project management and project administration skills then you must go for the Jira certification training.

The Jira certification online training course from StarAgile takes you through the Jira screens, Jira reports, Jira workflows, Jira issues management, and Jira components. After learning Jira you will have hands-on experience in installation, configuration, and managing the Jira components that also enables one for the project workflows management. There are various positions in the job market such as Jira application developer, Jira Admin, Jira configuration engineer, and Jira consultants, etc for the certified Jira professionals. To know the Jira certification cost contact StarAgile institute today. 

JIRA Certification Advantages

Benefits of doing Jira certification training

The benefits of learning Jira online certification training are as follows,

  1. Learn the basics of Atlassian Jira
  2. Set up the Jira application for the enterprise use
  3. Configure Jira as per the needs
  4. Set up the custom screens, workflows, and projects in Jira
  5. Create, modify and delete user profiles for using Jira
  6. Set up the security and user permissions as per the need
  7. Demand high salary in the market in any software industry
  8. There is high growth for the Jira certified professionals in the organization and outside it.
  9. Jira certified professionals are preferred in the job market than non-certified professionals.
  10. Attending the StarAgile's Jira certification course is beneficial in learning and enhancing software testing and project management skills

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Course Reviews

It Was An Amazing Experience

It was an amazing experience. Full of fun activities to learn about processes and it was interactive so that everyone is participating. Before, I was hesitant to enrol for this as it was virtual training session due to Lockdown but not regretting it at all now.And the end of two days training session, I am a certified scrum master now with lots of new connections.Thanks Star Agile, for all the support.



Project Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Have Attended PMP Training, The Experience Of The Training Was Brilliant

I have attended PMP training, the experience of the training was brilliant. The content and content delivery were superb. The training was very interactive, and the trainer successfully engage everyone in the team by various activities. The teaching was concept based, and real-world examples are given. I strongly recommend StarAgile for certification courses.



Team Leader

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Attended The PMP Training With StarAgile, I Was Little Confused As It Was Going To Be Online Due To Covid, However The Overall Experience Was Just Amazing

I attended the PMP training with StarAgile, I was little confused as it was going to be online due to covid, however the overall experience was just amazing. Virtual room was as good as round table discussions. I will recommend StarAgile anytime as the teachers and quality is unmatchable. This was my third training with them (CSM, CSPO, PMP)



Software Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Was Reluctant To Go For Any Training Which Goes For 9+ Hours For 4 Days But I Guess I Made The Best Decision To Join StarAgile PMP Workshop

I was reluctant to go for any training which goes for 9+ hours for 4 days but I guess I made the best decision to join StarAgile PMP workshop.This is one of the most engaged training I've ever attended where I was able to grasp almost all what has been taught. No digital devices were used to train, pure concepts were literally taught using markers and sheets attached all-round the walls of the conference room.The activities which were performed after any concept were super fun. And top marks to StarAgile Instructor to explain all the concepts in absolute details.A recommend workshop for anyone who wants to train on PMP course.



Project Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Attended The PMP Training With StarAgile, I Will Recommend StarAgile Anytime As The Teachers And Quality Is Unmatchable

I attended the PMP training with StarAgile, I will recommend StarAgile anytime as the teachers and quality is unmatchable. I was little confused as it was going to be online due to covid, however the overall experience was just amazing. Virtual room was as good as round table discussions. . This was my third training with them (CSM, CSPO, PMP)



Senior Developer

verified-logoVerified Learner

The Trainer Was Thorough In DevOps Tools And The Training Was Very Well Tailored To Deliver Quality Content

The trainer was thorough in DevOps tools and the training was very well tailored to deliver quality content. The exercises helped to clear the doubts with practical assignment. All my DevOps doubts got cleared. Appreciate StarAgile team for maintaining quality. Thanks a lot StarAgile.

Dummy Course Logo

Sumit Agarwal

System Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Have Done My PMP, CSM, DEVOPS And SAFE Certification From StarAgile

I have done my PMP, CSM, DEVOPS and SAFE Certification from StarAgile.they have awesome trainers and very interactive sessions.I will highly recommend everyone working in agile to pursue courses from StarAgile.cheers.



Technical Lead

verified-logoVerified Learner

It Was An Amazing Experience, The Trainer Engaging And Very Knowledgeable In DevOps Concepts

It was an amazing experience, the trainer engaging and very knowledgeable in DevOps concepts. He explained each topic in a way that it will understood to everyone. This training helped me a lot in understanding all DevOps concepts. Look forward to more trainings from StarAgile.



System Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Have Done My CSPO Certification, It Was A Great Training

I have done my CSPO certification, It was a great training. The process and means to launch and research on a new or existing product from user and market perspective. Would highly recommend for professionals looking for a career in Product Management.



Senior Software Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

The SAFe 5

The SAFe 5.0 class conducted by StarAgile was excellent!. Very interactive and insightful. The knowledge gained was vast. Coach was able to connect the dots and deliver the big picture from all the theories and points discussed in class. Once again, I would like to thank StarAgile for managing this training. I highly recommended this class through StarAgile. Have a SAFe journey!



Software Architect

verified-logoVerified Learner

JIRA Certification and Training FAQ's

1. Why should I register with StarAgile?

StarAgile is a training institute that provides training in various professional topics. Jira certification course online training by StarAgile is recognized as one of the best training courses in the industry. StarAgile provides Jira certification training in online modes and has got the best certified and experienced trainers in the industry.

2. What are the Objectives of JIRA Online Training?

You can understand the Jira tools and learn to create the components of the project such as tasks, project backlog, sprint backlogs, creation of user stories and epics, solve issues and bugs in the application, and use Jira for the software testing by building test cases and handle live Agile projects. You will be able to work with various charts, dashboards, reporting, and Jira components.

3. What will you learn in this JIRA training in Chennai?

In Jira training you will learn how to manage the projects, Jira Charts, Jira Dashboards, install configure and manage the Jira application at the enterprise level. Use Jira for capacity planning, releases, prepare, and execute test cases. You will learn how to customize the Jira application for the needs of the projects. You will also learn to manage, control, track, and monitor projects in live Jira environments. Execute projects and learn real-time use cases in Jira.

4. Benefits of Jira training?

Jira training with StarAgile offers multiple benefits,

  1. Be a preferred certified professional in Jira
  2. Learn Jira online with the comforts of home and office
  3. Do live real-time projects in Jira.
  4. Setup the Jira application with customization to suit the enterprise needs
  5. Command high salary pay among your peers in the industry
  6. Have high growth within the organization and outside it.
  7. Understand how to solve issues, fix bugs, and plan and execute test cases.
  8. Understand the components of Jira such as reporting, charts, dashboards, etc
  9. Plan and execute projects in Jira with workflows and agile project management

5. Who should learn JIRA?

The professionals in IT delivery, Tool administration, build and configuration management, application management, developers, network administration, release management, leads, system integration team, designers, and managers can attend this Jira course online training

6. Does Jira support Agile Methods?

Yes, Jira supports agile methods of project management such as managing the sprint backlog, Burndown charts, incremental and iterative projects, and project backlogs items.

7. What are the prerequisites for the JIRA Certification in Chennai?

There are no prerequisites in the Jira Certification training course anyone who wants to build a career in Jira administration can attend this training course.

8. Who will provide the environment to execute the practical’s during the Jira certification training?

The server access with all the utilities will be provided for working on the practicals after the course training has been started.

9. What is the qualification of the trainer who provides the Jira course online?

They are certified and experienced trainers. The trainers' profile will be provided after you register for the course.

10. What if I miss a Jira training class?

If you miss any training class you can catch up with the recorded videos and also clarify your doubts in the next class.

11. Is this live training or pre-recorded video training?

There are 2 modes of Jira learning training they are online live/virtual training that is interactive that you can attend in the comforts of home or office.

Next is the self-paced training that can be attended by going through the recorded videos.

12. What is the difference between live online and pre-recorded video training?

The live online training is interactive and is taken by the trainers at the specified time. You can clarify the doubts and ask questions, and complete all the course requirements online.

The pre-recorded videos online training there is no interaction with the group or the trainers. You can clarify the doubts later by talking to the mentors.

13. What if I have queries after completion of the JIRA Training in Chennai?

You can clarify the doubts about the training anytime with the trainers and mentors. Avail 24/7 support and stay connected with Staragile.

14. Is the course material accessible after completion of the Jira course online?

Yes, the course materials are accessible for lifelong online for your reference.

JIRA Certification & Exam FAQ's

1. What certification will I receive after the JIRA course completion?

You will receive course completion certificate from StarAgile after completing the course requirements.

2. When will I receive the JIRA course completion certificate from StarAgile?

You can download the Jira course completion certificate immediately after completing the course.

Additional FAQs

What do typical Jira classes cover?

The course is designed to introduce the Jira tool to help all learners track, manage and control projects irrespective of their complexity. The typical course syllabus will include 

• A basic introduction to the tool

• What is a test management and defect management in Jira

• How to use Jira query language 

• Generating reports with Jira 

• Jira agile basics

What are the benefits of the Jira online course?

The online course is preferred over the classroom these days as you get access to the recorded video which can be referred for a lifetime. One can understand the Jira application from comfort by not traveling anywhere. You can get to see the demo online and also can try setting up screens, workflows, and projects. Thus you get a personal touch even in online training and reach out to the trainer anytime when you require to.  

What is the objective of Jira agile training?

The main purpose of Jira agile training is to equip the agile project team to manage their workflow effectively. It is the best tracking tool that will let the team or individual record, track and manage the entire project work online. Every use case can be managed right from the requirement to the defect and test case management. This training will teach the participants to code, collaborate and work together. 

Who should learn Jira agile?

Everyone who works on agile methodology in their projects should go for Jira training as it the best tool allowing you to efficiently manage the projects. Therefore, every developer, QA engineer, scrum master, or product owner can register for Jira agile training and get benefitted. 

How to learn JIRA and the importance of learning JIRA

The Online Training lessons can assist you in quickly learning JIRA that includes the tool mechanism and how to use it. Acquiring knowledge of JIRA improves visibility, enables prioritization, and boosts productivity. It offers various advantages for teams to create more successful projects.

What is the best way to learn JIRA?

The best way to learn Jira is to register for an online course with StarAgile. They will help you start learning JIRA from scratch or improve your JIRA skill if you do not know it adequately. Then you'll learn how to operate the tool and its various components. This is a brief course that covers the fundamentals of JIRA, including planning, installing, and customizing JIRA.

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About JIRA Certification Training

JIRA Certification Training in Chennai

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu in India and is the city of information technology exporter. Aspiring professionals are upgrading their technical skillset to sustain in today’s competitive age. One such course in the market is the JIRA certification in Chennai. This course is recommended for professionals who are looking to make a career as a certified JIRA professional and there is more demand in market for certified professionals. 

During the course of JIRA training in Chennai, the basics and terminologies of JIRA are explained in-depth. JIRA is a project management tool that helps to install JIRA, adding users in JIRA, managing JIRA dashboards, control, manage and track large and complex projects. 

What does the JIRA Course in Chennai entail?                 

The JIRA course in Chennai is a 30 hours training session conducted via classroom or virtual online sessions. Experienced and certified faculties conduct the training. The courseware provides a comprehensive understanding of JIRA core principles, terminologies, JIRA concepts, installation, and best practices to manage workflow. The JIRA certification training in Chennai focuses on how to configure JQL, report issues, bug tracking, issue tracking, controlling, and managing workflows. 

The JIRA learning in Chennai provides 20 hours of lab sessions and practical knowledge is imparted via case studies and interactive role-plays. Hands-on experience is gained on JIRA configuration, installation, and managing workflow during the course. On completion of the course, a valid certificate is given to candidates with lifetime support and job assistance. The examination cost is covered in the course fee.

The JIRA training course in Chennai teaches how to set up JIRA applications for organizational use, strategize workflow and set up custom screens. The course also imparts knowledge on managing and creating KANBAN Boards, creating and managing Scrum Boards and introduction to JIRA Agile Boards. Learning the JIRA course also teaches you how to use Zephyr for JIRA management. Knowledge of how to integrate testing into the project lifecycle is also taught.

Make a mark for yourself among niche technical professionals with the JIRA certification in Chennai and get employed in the world’s leading IT companies with a steep rise in the pay package. 

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