JIRA Certification Training Course in Bangalore

The Jira Certification in Bangalore course provides an in-depth understanding of creating projects, configuring columns, and locating issues. The Jira Training in Bangalore ensures candidates get hands-on experience with industry experts in detailed Jira installation. The demand for professionals with the Jira Course in Bangalore is rising with a lucrative pay package, and participants benefit from learning and upgrading programming testing and project management skills. Moreover, you will be able to access the course materials after the Jira Certification.

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Key Features

  • 2 Days of Instructor Led Training
  • Certification & Job Assistance
  • 14 hrs of Lab Sessions
  • 16 PDUs Offered
  • 24 x 7 Lifetime Support
  • No Cost EMI Available

JIRA Certificate


What you can learn from JIRA Training?

Jira is a tool that helps in tracking issues, bug fixes, project management, and workflows easily and simply. You can plan your projects, track your projects, and plan your project's capacity and releases. Jira tool training not only helps in project management but also enables one to manage software issues, bug fixing, managing test cycles, Jira benefits, and features. If you are an individual who wants to build a career in software testing and enhance project management and project administration skills then you must go for the Jira certification training.

The Jira certification online training course from StarAgile takes you through the Jira screens, Jira reports, Jira workflows, Jira issues management, and Jira components. After learning Jira you will have hands-on experience in installation, configuration, and managing the Jira components that also enables one for the project workflows management. There are various positions in the job market such as Jira application developer, Jira Admin, Jira configuration engineer, and Jira consultants, etc for the certified Jira professionals. To know the Jira certification cost contact StarAgile institute today. 


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Course Reviews

I Have Done 2 Certifications Through StarAgile And Look Forward For Many In Future

I have done 2 certifications through StarAgile and look forward for many in future. They have excellent trainers and the coordinators are superb. One does not have to worry about anything once enrolled. They follow up with you from time to time and there is no confusion of candidates. Highly recommended.



Program Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Liked The Way Trainer Took Training He Is Very Nice And Teaches Us In Very Interactive Manner

I liked the way trainer took training he is very nice and teaches us in very interactive manner. I still feel few of the things needs to be covered in much detail manner than it covered because much time went in question and answers and few things remained less focused. But over all training and trainer's knowledge. His way of conducting training is really awesome... I highly recommend his training


pooja pol

Process lead

verified-logoVerified Learner

Very Interactive Session!Plus Point Is No PPT Walkthrough, Instead Concepts Explained With Real Time Scenarios & Examples

Very interactive Session!Plus point is no PPT walkthrough, instead concepts explained with real time scenarios & examples.Thank you so much Star Agile team !!


Ajay Pisal

Program Consultant

verified-logoVerified Learner

Training Was Programmed Damn Simple, Easy And With Real Life Examples And Fun

Training was programmed damn simple, easy and with real life examples and fun....lots of activities....participation of all the members present .....totally non traditional methods by eliminating .ppts or presentations.


Kanupriya Tiwari Gupta

Executive Leader

verified-logoVerified Learner

It Was Good Experience Trainer Was Very Punctual

It was good experience trainer was very punctual. Training approach is good with practical examples. Overall training exceeded the expectations however it was not outstanding experience.


Harini P

Project Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

JIRA Certification and Training FAQ's

What is the Average Salary of a JIRA professional in Bangalore?

    In Bangalore, India, the average income for a JIRA professional is INR 7 lakhs per year.

What are the Top Companies Hiring for Certified JIRA Professional in Bangalore?

Career Infosystem, Eppeok Solutions Private Limited, Serving Skill, Augusta Infotech is the Top Companies Hiring for Certified JIRA Professional in Bangalore.

What are the Roles Available for a Certified JIRA Professional in Bangalore?

Workfront, Validation Lead, Jira Administrator, Jira Engineer, Maintenance, Product Owner Confluence are a few of the Roles Available for a Certified JIRA Professional in Bangalore.

Is JIRA Difficult to Learn?

The workflow with the JIRA tool  is simple and easy to understand and use. With a bit of practice, you can attain proficiency in JIRA.

What are the different roles in JIRA?

A role is a set of permissions that JIRA users or groups have to access or alter data in Insight. Administrators, Developers, and Users are the three default roles in JIRA.

What is the Best JIRA Certification?

Star Agile enables learning JIRA online anytime and receiving hands-on experience. This certification is the best because of its customized JIRA application setup per organizational requirements.

Is the course material accessible after completion of the Jira online course?

Yes, the course materials are accessible after completion of Jira course and it is for lifelong online for your reference.

What if I have queries after completion of the JIRA Training in Bangalore?

You can clarify the doubts about the training anytime with the trainers and mentors. Avail 24/7 support and stay connected with Staragile.

What is the difference between live online and pre-recorded video training?

The live online training is interactive and is taken by the trainers at the specified time. You can clarify the doubts and ask questions, and complete all the course requirements online.

The pre-recorded videos online training there is no interaction with the group or the trainers. You can clarify the doubts later by talking to the mentors.

Is this live training or pre-recorded video training?

There are 2 modes of Jira learning training they are online live/virtual training that is interactive that you can attend in the comforts of home or office.

Next is the self-paced training that can be attended by going through the recorded videos.

What if I miss a Jira training class?

If you miss any training class you can catch up with the recorded videos and also clarify your doubts in the next class.

How Long Will it Take to Learn JIRA?

You can learn the various features of JIRA with a minimum of 10 hours of training. 

What is the qualification of the trainer who provides the Jira online course?

They are certified and experienced trainers. The trainers' profile will be provided after you register for the course.

Who will provide the environment to execute the practical’s during the Jira certification training?

The server access with all the utilities will be provided for working on the practicals after the course training has been started.

What are the prerequisites for the JIRA Certification in Bangalore?

There are no prerequisites in the Jira Certification training course anyone who wants to build a career in Jira administration can attend this jira course.

Does Jira support Agile Methods?

Yes, Jira supports agile methods of project management such as managing the sprint backlog, Burndown charts, incremental and iterative projects, and project backlogs items.

Who should take JIRA Course ?

The professionals in IT delivery, Tool administration, build and configuration management, application management, developers, network administration, release management, leads, system integration team, designers, and managers can attend this Jira course online training

Benefits of Jira training?

Jira training with StarAgile offers multiple benefits,

  1. Be a preferred certified professional in Jira
  2. Learn Jira online with the comforts of home and office
  3. Do live real-time projects in Jira.
  4. Setup the Jira application with customization to suit the enterprise needs
  5. Command high salary pay among your peers in the industry
  6. Have high growth within the organization and outside it.
  7. Understand how to solve issues, fix bugs, and plan and execute test cases.
  8. Understand the components of Jira such as reporting, charts, dashboards, etc
  9. Plan and execute projects in Jira with workflows and agile project management

What will you learn in this JIRA training in Bangalore?

In Jira training you will learn how to manage the projects, Jira Charts, Jira Dashboards, install configure and manage the Jira application at the enterprise level. Use Jira for capacity planning, releases, prepare, and execute test cases. You will learn how to customize the Jira application for the needs of the projects. You will also learn to manage, control, track, and monitor projects in live Jira environments. Execute projects and learn real-time use cases in Jira.

What are the Objectives of JIRA Online Course?

You can understand the Jira tools and learn to create the components of the project such as tasks, project backlog, sprint backlogs, creation of user stories and epics, solve issues and bugs in the application, and use Jira for the software testing by building test cases and handle live Agile projects. You will be able to work with various charts, dashboards, reporting, and Jira components.

Why should I register with StarAgile?

StarAgile is a training institute that provides training in various professional topics. Jira certification course online training by StarAgile is recognized as one of the best training courses in the industry. StarAgile provides Jira certification training in online modes and has got the best certified and experienced trainers in the industry.

JIRA Certification & Exam FAQ's

What certification will I receive after the JIRA course completion?

You will receive course completion certificate from StarAgile after completing the Jira course requirements.

When will I receive the JIRA course completion certificate from StarAgile?

You can download the Jira course completion certificate immediately after completing the course.

Additional FAQs

What is JIRA Training?

JIRA efficiently manages Agile projects. JIRA training equips them with the necessary know-how to plan and track teamwork to report on its performance and effect and manage product releases. 

What do typical Jira course cover?

The course is designed to introduce the Jira tool to help all learners track, manage and control projects irrespective of their complexity. The typical Jira course syllabus will include 

• A basic introduction to the tool

• What is a test management and defect management in Jira

• How to use Jira query language 

• Generating reports with Jira 

• Jira agile basics

How do I become a JIRA Expert?

Join the StarAgile JIRA certification program to become a JIRA expert when you complete the course. Attend user groups to see how other people use JIRA tools. Consider taking the examinations to help you study and grow.

What are the benefits of the Jira online course?

The Jira course is preferred over the classroom these days as you get access to the recorded video which can be referred for a lifetime. One can understand the Jira application from comfort by not traveling anywhere. You can get to see the demo online and also can try setting up screens, workflows, and projects. Thus you get a personal touch even in online training and reach out to the trainer anytime when you require to.  

How Do I Learn Jira?

You can start learning JIRA or upskill by registering for the Star Agile online course. This will operate the many components of the tool, and you will learn to plan, install and customize JIRA to suit organizational requirements.

How to learn JIRA and the importance of learning JIRA

The Online Training lessons can assist you in quickly learning JIRA that includes the tool mechanism and how to use it. Acquiring knowledge of JIRA improves visibility, enables prioritization, and boosts productivity. It offers various advantages for teams to create more successful projects.

What is the objective of Jira agile training?

The main purpose of Jira agile training is to equip the agile project team to manage their workflow effectively. It is the best tracking tool that will let the team or individual record, track and manage the entire project work online. Every use case can be managed right from the requirement to the defect and test case management. This training will teach the participants to code, collaborate and work together. 

What System is Required for JIRA online training participants to create a JIRA cloud?

The JIRA cloud course is a student-friendly course, so there will be no system to create a JIRA cloud. But the trainer will take the participants through creating a JIRA cloud.

Who should learn Jira agile?

Everyone who works on agile methodology in their projects should go for Jira training as it the best tool allowing you to efficiently manage the projects. Therefore, every developer, QA engineer, scrum master, or product owner can register for Jira agile training and get benefitted. 

How long will it take to learn Jira?

Most people who use Jira require at least 10 hours of training before they feel comfortable with all the different features available.

What is the best way to take JIRA course?

The best way to learn Jira is to register for an online course with StarAgile. They will help you start learning JIRA from scratch or improve your JIRA skill if you do not know it adequately. Then you'll learn how to operate the tool and its various components. This is a brief course that covers the fundamentals of JIRA, including planning, installing, and customizing JIRA.

Is learning JIRA difficult?

Jira course is easy to understand and use with a little practice. JIRA is a powerful tool to manage projects and tasks more effectively.

What is JIRA used for?

JIRA is a software development tool used for project management and issue tracking to create and manage tasks, bug tracking, track progress, and report issues.

Is Jira a technical skill?

Jira is not a technical skill. Rather, it is a tool that developers and other technical professionals can use to manage their projects and tasks.

Is Jira worth learning?

Jira is an essential tool for software teams following the agile methodology. Agile developers use Jira to manage their workflow and keep their projects organized.

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About JIRA Certification Training

JIRA Certification Training in Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka is ranked 3rd as India's largest city and 27th in the world. It is also known as the Garden City and the Silicon Valley of Karnataka. In 2009, the city was ranked as the 'Beta World City' by the Study and network groups. In order to gain real-time comprehension and experience in the learning manual testing then enrol for JIRA Certification Training in Bangalore due to its high-quality course material and qualified coaches. JIRA Learning in Bangalore guarantees you an understanding of the Jira principle and terminology in both theory and implementation. Many MNC HRA experts have created this Jira Syllabus and course material, which complies with current requirements for industry and allows you to take a lead in the Jira industry in comparison with other training institutions.

What does JIRA Certification in Bangalore entail?

JIRA Training in Bangalore will explain all the principles of Jira such as test management, fault management, and report generation, etc. through real-time examples. Jira is a fast and quick tool to monitor problems, fix bugs, handle tasks, and run. JIRA helps to schedule projects, track projects and plan the capacity and releases of a project. JIRA Course in Bangalore will make your expertise in building and maintaining scrum and custom dashboards in addition to project management. JIRA Training Course in Bangalore is conducted by experienced JIRA experts who are well trained in overcoming with the day to day challenges faced. The 25 hrs of interactive online classes along with case-studies will help in becoming a certified JIRA professional at your own comfort. Get hands-on experience in installing, configuring, and managing the Jira components that are required for the project workflows management. 

Any IT professionals from development and setup management, developers, network management, release management, leaders, designers and managers can undergo the JIRA Certification in Bangalore. JIRA professionals demand is increasing and certified practitioners are preferred the most in any sector rather than a non-certified professional. According to the payscale.com, a JIRA certified professional’s annual salary is INR 7, 25,000. Some of the reputed companies hiring JIRA professionals are Microsoft, IBM, Standard Chartered, Tata Power, KPMG, L &T, Viacom, etc.

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