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Jun 30, 2021

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Introduction of Test Lead Interview Questions

A Test Lead collaborates with shareholders, formulates the test, ideas, and policies, and arranges test strategies and plans. They are responsible for selecting the tools required for testing and ensure training to the testing team. Before the test's enactment and execution, the test leaders ensure that the test environment is assessed and checked.
As a Test Lead, you need to guarantee that the process of a company is well maintained to meet customer's demands. If you are looking forward to becoming a Test Lead, you will have to prepare yourself for the big day, which is the interview. The following sections discuss some commonly asked Test Lead interview questions along with answers covering several areas.

Overview of Test Lead Interview Questions

Finding a secured job in today's market is quite challenging. However, if you plan to apply as a Test Lead, these Test Lead interview questions will prepare you to become a successful Test Leader of a celebrated software testing team. Going through this article will help you get a good grasp of potential QA Test Lead interview questions and make you confident in your approach. Glance over some generally asked Test Lead interview questions in the following sections.

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Domain-Based Test Lead Questions And Answers

Mention the responsibilities of a test manager.
The primary responsibility of a test manager is to supervise the project from the beginning till the end. They take care of the testware and schedule tests for execution. They also look after the quality of products in any industry. 
They also need to motivate the team members, resolve the tension between them, build a challenging environment, mitigate risks, and update the project's progress.
What is the Requirement Traceability Matrix?
Requirements Traceability Matrix or RTM is a report to assure that the requirements for an operation are correlated at each point during the confirmation procedure. It also confirms that these are perfectly verified in terms of test parameters and protocols.
RTM is an important planning tool for discerning the number of tests required, the kind of tests required, and checking whether they can be done manually or in an automatic or some other pre-existing process.
What is a Test Plan?
Test Lead interview questions like this are interviewers' favorites. A Test Plan is a statement comprising the details – the goals, resources, and processes for a particular test for a software/hardware product. The plan is to provide a thorough knowledge of the eventual workflow.
It depicts the spectrum of software testing, the techniques to be used, resources needed for testing, and scheduling test activities. The Test Plan also comprises a detailed description of who will execute which task.
What is 'Configuration Management?'
Configuration Management is a systems engineering procedure for ascertaining the consistency of a product's trait throughout its existence. The tech world is an IT management system that tracks each configuration of items in the IT system.
The IT system configuration includes server configuration, establishing and maintaining systems, etc. Much like the configuration assessments and drift analysis, it uses both to recognize systems to revise, reconfigure, or patch.
What is the PDCA model?
The Plan-Do-Check-Act model is a four-step cycle for achieving a change. Similar to the cycle, this model has no end. It needs to be revised at regular intervals to improve. The PDCA cycle is deemed to be a tool for project planning.
During the 'Plan' phase, the plan will determine a way to accomplish goals and objectives. Under 'Do,' the team members need to carry out the plan. The 'Check' phase is the evaluation phase, where the results are verified. In the last 'Act' stage, the members need to learn from the outcome.

Skill-Based Test Lead Questions And Answers

How can you select a testing tool for your project?
First, the test leader needs to understand the necessities of the project entirely. For this, they may assume the existing test automation tool as a model. Finally, they need to sit with their team members and discuss the project's costs and other vital aspects.
The quality of the project largely depends on the tools used to it. To select the perfect one, the Test Lead needs concentration and time to evaluate. However, this is an essential exercise that will make the project successful in the long run.
What people skills should a Test Manager have?
A Test Manager should possess positive and practical communication skills. They must maintain a decent relationship with fellow members and have the patience to listen. The Test Manager also needs to motivate the team and resolve conflicts among teammates.
Being a constant leader is essential here. The Test Lead provides support and reports things positively. They should be creative and know how to understand priorities. Remember to answer these Test Lead interview questions with examples as they prove the point better than mere theoretical explanations. 
How will you manage team conflicts?
It is natural that people coming from diverse backgrounds will think differently. However, each member must be prepared to handle this diversity. The Test Lead must lay out the expectations clearly and ensure everyone's cooperation, without which the team cannot achieve its goals.
The leader must also praise and encourage the team on the work they do. Again, the manager's clear communication with the team will help it get away with their anger and frustration quickly by simply speaking up and discussing their issues. 

Scenario-Based Test Lead Questions And Answers 

Mention your strategy if you find that the testers in your organization are performing a test on the deliverable even after a critical defect has been recognized?
The acceptance norms should be strict. Test cases should be revised. The Test Lead must add more test cases for examining ineffective conditions, and the showstopper bar should be improved.
The recognized fault will have to be corrected by any means to not compromise with the company's quality. The Test Lead should take up the above steps to keep the team on the right track.
Explain how the test manager can estimate the project and what to estimate.
The Test Lead needs to evaluate four things – cost, resources, human skills, and time. The test leader can break it into three ways to estimate the project – Work Breakdown Structure, 3-point estimation, and the Functional point method.
First, the total project needs to be broken into smaller portions. Then, 3-point estimation is based on statistical data, and lastly, each function should receive the exact value of importance.

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With this, we wrap up ten of the most important QA Lead interview questions and answers. Being an interviewee, be confident in your approach to the question asked. The QA Lead interview questions might be tricky enough to confuse you, but with this detailed description of QA Lead interview questions and answers, you can ace your interview session.
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