Top 9 Devops Trends To Look Out In 2024

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Jan 05, 2024

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Top 9 DevOps Trends in 2024

DevOps trends keeps changing based on the market needs and changes. Top 9 trends to rock 2024 DevOps business is listed in this blog. DevOps adoption is increasing every year and more and more companies are embracing DevOps culture. DevOps culture has lots of advantages when compared to traditional SDLC. The DevOps management consists of phases such as plan, code, build, and test, deploy, release, operate and monitor. 

The CI/CD pipeline must be managed and implemented so that it produces efficiency in the phases of DevOps. The DevOps pipeline consists of continuous development, configuration management, continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous deployment, continuous operations, and continuous monitoring. Enroll in the DevOps certification course at StarAgile and make a great career in DevOps.

Register for DevOps online certification at StarAgile to get the most of DevOps trends in the future. In this article, we will discuss some of the trends in DevOps. 

Why Should You Know About DevOps Market Trends?

The automation is the key to DevOps and many DevOps tools are used to make the automation an integral part of DevOps. DevOps requires a strong background in programming and scripting by which the DevOps pipeline is automated. 

The benefits of DevOps, when compared to traditional software development life cycle, are faster delivery to market, no silos in operations and development, cost reduction, committing of code multiple times reduces cycle time, version control repository for all the phases of DevOps life cycle, communication, collaboration and accountability, no blame game, responsibility and empathy towards others and frequent releases. 

As discussed DevOps is being increasingly adopted across the world because of its various benefits. The research and study estimate that DevOps adoption will peak in 2024. And it is found that DevOps in the year 2017 has generated a profit of $2.9 billion and is expected to touch $6.6 billion by the year 2023. In 2017 the DevOps adoption rate was about 10% and it increased to 17% in the year 2018. This is just an early sign as more and more companies are realizing the benefits of DevOps it is likely to peak in the coming years. The DevOps adoption is illustrated in the below diagram.

 Some of the DevOps industry trends that we can see in 2024 are 

• Transform towards Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

• Move towards the adoption of Data Science in a big way

• Move towards digital transformation

• Developing applications in containers

• An emerging field of Artificial Intelligence to grow

• Adopting the automation

Top 9 DevOps Latest Trends

1. Digital Transformations - Organizations are moving their strategy towards the digital way of life in every aspect. Whether it is the cloud, or IoT, or Big Data or AI the digital footprints are changing the way we live and look at the way we work. Due to this big change in the life of all, not only human beings but also complete nature is going to have digital transformations. All these technologies are made to work with by adopting DevOps during their development and maintenance stages. 

2. Shifting left from CI pipelines to assemble lines of DevOps - The automation along with collaboration and transparent communication is the key to DevOps culture. In the year 2023, our attention in DevOps will shift from mere CI/CD pipelines to assemble lines. There are distinct advantages in these practice of assembling lines, they are as follows,

• Team-based work of Business Intelligence and Analytics.

• Native Integration

• Powerful nature of nested visibility

• Scalable nature of codes

• Faster onboard

• Interoperability of Continuous Delivery pipeline

3. AI and Data Science looking for DevOps culture - We have seen that today's world of digital transformation is incomplete without AI and Data Science. Both are changing the lives of the people around them. Both are embracing DevOps as the automation is the central key to the culture what DevOps is.

4. Adopting Serverless architecture - Technically we do not mean that there will be no servers. But since the adoption of cloud and configuring the cloud with resources is done by a software by the click of a button, thus the name serverless architecture. There are 2 critical methods in this, those are FaaS which stands for Function-as-a-Service, and BaaS that are Backbone-as-a-Service.

5. Automation - As we have discussed automation is key to the implementation of DevOps culture the focus is shifting in all the fields from manual methods to automation. There are various benefits of automation, they are as follows, 

• Fewer human-caused errors

• Fewer bugs

• Faster delivery to market

• No monotonous in the repetitive tasks

6. Everything as a code - This concept came out from DevOps culture. We know that the code is the backbone of the IT and programming and scripting is one of the key requirements of DevOps to automate by using the various tools. We need code for not only in development but also in testing and operations. So more and more technical people adopt coding and scripting for a software product that is why the concept of everything as a code. Find here the right way to use Python in DevOps.

7. AI and Data Science as Backbone - The ultimate aim in AI is zero-touch in such a way that robots and AI software would surpass humans. Many applications are made of AI and this gives the DevOps team to look for automation. Get the Best DevOps training from StarAgile and get the most wanted certification in the industry.

8. Containers - Software development is moving towards a solution to the problem of operation of the software in various computing environments by moving the software into containers. Containerization makes the software move fast, work efficiently, and operates at an unprecedented scale. Containers are a logical packaging mechanism for the software that is abstracted from the environment in which they run. This allows the containerized applications to run in any target environment easily and consistently whether they are private data centers, or developer's laptops, or public cloud environments. Kubernetes is becoming the top and widely used container for the applications developed across the world.  Find some difference between Docker and Kubernetes.

9. DevSecOps - The security market worldwide is facing their challenges of understaffing, hackers adopting newer and advanced techniques, unable to integrate disparate systems, unable to secure newer systems, and unable to secure legacy systems, etc. These have opened doors for new culture called SecDevOps. That is security as a key concept in between Development and Operations. Security is embedded in the development and operations phases of DevOps culture. Learn how to integrate into DevOps are what are the options by taking up DevOps training online at StarAgile institute.

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Final Thoughts About DevOps Future Trends

You have seen some of the important DevOps trends shaping the DevOps culture in many organizations. To learn and explore DevOps which has got a great future take up the DevOps certification training at StarAgile.

StarAgile conducts the best DevOps training online which covers the DevOps culture such as tools, soft skills, programming and scripting, and automation. A great career starts with good training and benefit from the StarAgile’s DevOps certification training online and shape your great future.



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