Best Agile and Scrum Practices

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Apr 18, 2024

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Scrum is a project management technique that allows you to get the optimum performance from your team. It can also be described as a framework that enables the team to work together to get better results and higher visibility. After you successfully complete the CSM certification, you can efficiently use the agile scrum principles to enhance the productivity and quality of your team’s output. Scrum master certification will also boost your resume and give you a step up the management ladder. As a certifiedscrum master, you can effectively manage operational teams and streamline business processes.

You will learn about the best practices of agile scrum during the certification program. The trainer will probably use jargons to describe the various principles and practices of agile scrum. If we put it down in simple terms, we can describe the best scrum agile in the following manner:

1. Work in shorter cycles

It is the responsibility of the certified scrum to create shorter work cycles. The smaller cycle not only motivates the team members, but also allows the manager to identify problem areas and quickly resolve them. Shorter work cycles with focused workflows and deadlines will also reduce lethargy and encourage better team participation.2. 

2. Don’t interrupt the team in the middle of a work cycle

If you throw a hammer in the middle of the work cycle, the team will get demotivated and confused. Plus, it will leave things in a limbo, which will reduce the overall productivity of the team. So, wait until one work cycle is completed. Look at the results and then suggest ideas for change or improvement. The team will also be in a mindset to accept the feedback.

3. Let the team decide the project deadline

One of the biggest problems in most corporate companies is deadline setting. The management fixes a deadline for a project based on client specifications or payment schedule. However, when you force a deadline on the team, they are more likely to give you sloppy or unfinished work. So, preferably let them decide the timeline based on the efforts required, resources available, and other factors. Moreover, when the team decides on the project deadline, they will be motivated to work towards the goal.

These are just a few of the best practices outlined in the CSM Certification program. Follow your intuition and read the team to decide on the practices that best suit them and the project needs.

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