What Are Azure DevOps Boards And What Are The Benefits Of Using Them?

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Oct 16, 2023

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If you are looking for an answer to the question- What is Azure Boards? You have landed on the right page on the internet today. With the advancement and increment in complexity in the software development project, the need for the customizable and interactive tool has become crucial, and that is when the azure DevOps boards come into the picture. If you want to learn all about them, then this is the right place for you as we are here to provide you an overview of what are Azure Boards, how it works, and the main components you get in the azure boards. Also, in the end, we will let you know the best place where you can look for DevOps online training so that you are well trained to work in this environment and become the first choice of various big companies for their big software projects.

What are Azure DevOps Boards?

Let us begin step by step. First, let's understand the basics and then gradually enhance our knowledge. The boards are the tools that can be used in the team to ensure that the things going on in the software project are in front of everyone. It is the combination of various techniques from Scrum, Kanban and provides the user with options of calendar views, dashboards, and running queries as well. This is a complete tool to manage the team in an agile way. Using the tools, the team can manage the tasks and the things that need to be done and make sure that the backlogs are clearly visible within the team. There are so many advantages of using these boards, and some of them are mentioned below:

What are the benefits of using Azure DevOps Boards?

Balanced scaling

Every team is looking for a tool that is easy to set up in the beginning and gives an option to scale smoothly as the project grows. When the team uses the azure boards, they will be able to set this up for their team, and as the project grows, the project in the azure boards can be scaled very easily. You can very easily add the tasks and the teams to the boards and work according to the agile methodology you are following in the team.


One of the best reasons to use these boards is that they are equipped with various interactive tools and give you a holistic picture of the tasks and backlogs in the team. They are visual tools that help see the things that are pending and help make sure that the team is aware of what is in their queue and can have a regular meeting for the progress of the project. You can add the tasks in the user stories, update them, and see what is going on at the given time. Knowledge of DevOps can be very beneficial to learn all about these tools on the boards and help you navigate and use them efficiently.

Analytical approach

When the project is built, monitoring the progress of the project is very much necessary, and one of the best tools to visualize the metrics of the project and its working is by viewing it on the dashboard. The built-in dashboard provides all the analytical information needed to run the project smoothly, and this is very helpful as it gives a whole picture of how things are working in the project. Using these functionalities in the board, tools like Azure DevOps tasks, bugs can be monitored, and relevant information can be drawn.


The benefits of using the azure boards do not stop here. Using these boards, you can query the things you need to know, and with the other office tools, you can download them as well. The azure boards allow you to import the queries that you run in excel and use them later. This office integration is very helpful as you can import the information and data you need from the boards to have proper project management in the team.

Tools for communicating

If you think that the benefits of using azure board are over, then you are wrong. As much as the functionalities it offers you when you are working, it helps you to communicate well with the teams as well. There is a built-in social communication tool in the boards, which helps the team to discuss things in the comments, add files in the tasks, and have a clear way to communicate about the progress of user stories or the task.

Finally, one of the main advantages of using azure DevOps boards is that you can find things very easily. There are various ways, and you can either query or have ad-hoc research for what you are looking for. It is very easy to use, and the team's efficiency is going to be enhanced when you are using this service for your software project.

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Core features of the Azure DevOps Boards

There are certain things that you will have to know when you are working in the azure DevOps, and some of them are given below:

Work item

The work item in the boards refers to any work that is needed to be done. The states are defined for the work items, and as the work progresses, the state comes to the last one, which is closed. Within work items, various tasks can be added, the files can be added, the channel for communication is present, and all the things are tracked efficiently. This way, azure DevOps tasks can be managed.


They are very useful as the team can customize it as per their needs. The Kanban view is where all the work items are present along with the state. Using the board, the tracking can be made easy, and it gives the option to filter and see for the work items that are pending along with the backlogs.


Using Sprint, the team can add increments in their work and keep track of what needs to be done in the given time frame. Each sprint has its own burn-down chart along with the backlog items. It helps the team to work on time and deliver the results within each sprint.

Dashboard and Analytics

Coming to one of the most important features in the azure boards- Dashboard! The tracking and managing of tasks, work items, bugs can be very efficiently done using the dashboard functionality in the board. Using the analytics services, the information can be drawn, which can deliver the project timely and efficiently.


When you are going to use the Azure DevOps, you will deal with three kinds of work items: Epics, issues, and tasks and if you wish to manage them properly, then having knowledge of DevOps is very much necessary. With an online DevOps course, you can manage that. Knowing what is Azure DevOps boards will help the team, and the project managers know how they can effectively track the activities in the project. This is one of the best tools when you are following the agile methodology in your team. This will help the team to know its progress and look for the steps that can increase the overall quality and productivity of the team in the project.

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