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Oct 28, 2021

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Before we dive straight into Kanban Project Management, let’s have a few stops at basic questions like what is Kanban, what is Kanban board, and why there is a need for Kanban on the project level. Later in the article, we will discuss what Kanban Project Management is and what the benefits of kanban for project management are. This article is your one-stop guide for all the things you need to know about Kanban. So let’s first start with the most basic question here:

What is Kanban?

It is seen that normally projects are not completed on time, they have exceeded their budget limit and have issues with resource allocation. This is the case for more than 48% of the project around the world. Clearly, there is a need for a more efficient way of project management. Therefore an approach for better visualization of tasks and transparency, Kanban is introduced.  This methodology helps you to organize and manage the activities in the workflow on the board called Kanban Board which comes with a huge set of advantages for project management.

With the kanban course online, a clear picture of how Kanban works and how the Kanban board can be best used is achieved.

Core Principles of Kanban

The core principles of Kanban are:

1. Kanban is used to visualize h workflow in an efficient way so that all the tasks and responsibilities are presented in a transparent way. This helps to resolve issues immediately.

2. In Kanban, enhancements are done regularly by monitoring the load, work items completed, and tracking performance metrics. This helps in better performance throughout the cycle.

3. Kanban approach focuses on reducing the Work In Progress limits (WIP limits) that helps in increasing the speed and the productivity for each phase and workflow.

4. Always look for incremental and evolutionary changes in the process keeping respect for current roles, responsibilities, and processes in mind.

If you wish to learn more about the principles and Kanban practices, you can enroll for kanban training online and work with real-life problems in project management, and learn how to resolve them using Kanban.

What is Kanban Project Management?

By now you must be familiar with all the advantages of using Kanban on the project level. Using kanban for project management can be very useful for the team as it will help them to manage and organize a variety of tasks in the workflow and give a clear visualization of all the tasks. A better understanding of workflow can be achieved here to yield better results at the end of the workflow. It can be used at different levels within the team and depends on the need of the organization.

Benefits of Using Kanban for Project Management

When you will be learning all about Kanban in kanban training online, you will be able to know how amazing using Kanban for project management is. Some of the benefits are mentioned below in the article:

Work is managed efficiently

When Kanban is used for project management, work can be divided into various smaller units that are easy to achieve. This helps in better management of the workload. When the tasks are more manageable, the workflow can work in a smooth way, and end results can be achieved. This allows for more focussed working on the tasks and delivers efficient work. Kanban helps in the improvement and continuous delivery along with better resource allocation. This helps in waste reduction and increased productivity.

Easy planning

If you are looking for some lightweight planning for your project, Kanban is your go-to tool. Planning plays a crucial role in project management and with Kanban for projects, various types of planning on different levels can be achieved in a simpler way. You can go team level planning which will be able to provide a better view of the workflow to the team and help them understand the flow to deliver better. Also, with strategic level planning, organizational planning can be done for portfolio management.


Making sure that work is completed on time, becomes very essential to prioritize it and make sure the right team member is working on it. Using Kanban functionality, it can be achieved. There are various tools that can be used to prioritize the tasks so that the important tasks are not missed and are completed prior to others. The project management in the project has to make sure that each of the items in the workflow is prioritized to attain maximum productivity. In the Kanban board, you can put tasks in those tabs and it can be easily visualized by the teammates so that they can be completed based on that. This visibility and transparency are some of the major advantages of using the Kanban board.


There are various tools in Kanban for project management that let you keep track of the work items at any given point in time. Using those tools and functionalities, tracking and forecasting data can be made easy. At any time, you can see the amount of work that is in progress and you can make sure that the team is not overburdened and this can be managed easily. Moreover, you can have estimates for future tasks that could be drawn from the data collected to date.


 If we conclude this in the short-haul, Kanban is a great tool for project management and various milestones can be achieved with kanban certification for team members. Focus on completing the tasks and the Kanban project management will help in succeeding with the timely delivery. The team will be able to have better insights into the possibilities of potential issues and can work on them efficiently.

If you wish to work with the Kanban board on the top-level project, you can start with kanban certification online and open your doors of opportunities. With StarAgile, you will get the best of courses for Kanban that could be very helpful for your certification. Explore the world of possibilities with StarAgile and give yourself better chances of succeeding in your career.

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