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A DevOps Course in Delhi is a pathway to access in-depth knowledge working with various tools, including Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes, and Timecity. Undergoing the Best DevOps Training in Delhi entails learning about continuous development, integration, and configuration management. Completing the DevOps Certification in Delhi helps understand the entire software development process and gain a practical picture of the working of DevOps Delivery. The DevOps Training in Delhi familiarises a candidate with the process and lifecycle of DevOps at the best DevOps Training institute in Delhi.

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Key Features

  • 40 Hours of Live Virtual Training
  • Hands-On Assignments for Each Module
  • 20+ years Highly Experienced Trainers
  • 6 Months Project Experience Certificate
  • Life time Access to Recorded Sessions
  • 35 PDU's offered
  • 20 Live Demos of Popular DevOps Tools
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • No Cost EMI Available

Reasons to do DevOps Training Course

DevOps Course Certificate

What is DevOps? What will you learn from the DevOps training

It's time to comprehend the most recent developments in the field if you want to work and advance in the IT industry. DevOps, as the name implies, is the certification course to learn testing, development, and operations teams on a single platform.The DevOps course will teach you about version control, code automation, continuous integration (CI), application deployment, application monitoring, and configuration management. Under the DevOps training, you will learn everything there is to know about various DevOps tools, such as Nagios, Puppet, Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, and Git.DevOps certification will cover the training, goal, advantages, ideas, and workflow. In a nutshell, the DevOps course will teach you the following:Collaboration AutomationIntegration Communication

Training For Corporate Team

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Course Reviews

Best Professionalism, Good In Quality And Top In Training Thank You StarAgile For This Opportunity

Best Professionalism, good in quality and top in training thank you StarAgile for this opportunity. Your trainings are the best and the kind of support you give I have never seen like this anywhere.


Ankush Chauhan

DevOps Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

StarAgile DevOps Training Has Been A Great Experience

StarAgile DevOps training has been a great experience. The instructor was engaging all of us effectively and the classes were very interactive.


Sunil Kumar Reddy

Automation Architect

verified-logoVerified Learner

Training Was Very Professional And Taught Us Very Clearly

Training was very professional and taught us very clearly. I would definitely recommend others to attend this DevOps training program from StarAgile.


Rohit Kumar Deo

Security Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

It Was An Amazing Experience, The Trainer Engaging And Very Knowledgeable In DevOps Concepts

It was an amazing experience, the trainer engaging and very knowledgeable in DevOps concepts. He explained each topic in a way that everyone will understand.


Abhishek Baranwal

Release Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Was Impressed By The Approach Of DevOps Training

I was impressed by the approach of DevOps training. Would like to opt for other certifications in the future from Star agile. Both teaching and non-teaching staffs are always approachable n friendly.


Anirudh.S Suresh

DevOps Evangelist

verified-logoVerified Learner

DevOps Certification and Training FAQ's

How does Job Guarantee* Work?

  • Maintain at least 85% attendance in live classes for each phase of the program
  • Successfully clear all the courses and modules of the program
  • Submit all your course-end projects and capstone project within the given timelines.
  • Complete all the mandatory assignments and projects within the given timelines.
  • You need to clear the mock interview once you graduate from the course. Only those candidates who clear the mock interviews and projects will be allowed Career Services by StarAgile. 
Job Guarantee is completely dependent on how the student is attending training and career preparation sessions. From StarAgile, we will provide complete assistance with your resume preparation and we will prepare you to crack interviews in the first 5 attempts. However, StarAgile provides 20+ Guaranteed interviews to have a 100% placement track record overall.

Will the Job Assistance program guarantee me a job?

Job Guarantee is completely dependent on how the student is attending training and career preparation sessions from StarAgile. We will provide complete assistance for your resume preparation and we will prepare you to crack interviews in first 5 attempts. However, StarAgile provides 20+ Guaranteed interviews and has a 100% placement track record overall.

I am a fresher. Can I participate in the Job Assistance Program?

As this training starts with the basics, it is suitable for freshers with zero DevOps knowledge. Yes, you can take part in the Job Assistance Program and get 20+ guaranteed job interviews

How can a fresher get a job as a DevOps Engineer?

After you successfully complete StarAgile's DevOps certification course, you can easily land a lucrative job in the DevOps domain. We provide complete assistance for your resume preparation, mock interviews, assignments, and capstone projects as well as we will also prepare you to crack interviews.

Do you provide a full money-back guarantee?

Yes. If you enroll in our online DevOps training or DevOps course and decide not to continue, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Does the DevOps Master Certification include any practice exams?

The DevOps Masters Certification involves real-time projects and students who finish their projects are granted accreditation.

How can you become a DevOps engineer?

People who complete the DevOps training online program and have received DevOps certification have the chance to work on real-time projects with IT firms. These people collaborate in the development, testing, and operations teams. They supervise the DevOps lifecycle in their projects.

How much does DevOps certification cost?

The cost of DevOps certification is included in the course fees, which is INR 15,999. The professionals can always opt for no-cost EMI if the program seems out of budget.

Who issues the Course Completion DevOps Certification?

IBM issues the Course Completion DevOps Certification. The technical know-how and important concepts are covered in this qualification.

What are the fundamental requirements to become a DevOps engineer?

You must familiarize yourself with Linux's foundational concepts. Understanding a scripting language, such as shell or Python, can come in handy. It would be good to have practical experience with at least one DevOps technology taught in DevOps training, such as Nagios, Jenkins, Git, Chef, or others.

What conditions must be met for a DevOps certification?

There are no prerequisites for enrolling in the DevOps certification program, but the knowledge of Linux and any Scripting Language Knowledge can help grasp concepts better.

How does the No Cost EMI of DevOps training work?

StarAgile provides students with interest-free EMI options for 3, 6, or 9 months for DevOps certification. Students must present their PAN, Aadhaar, and three-month bank statements for eligibility checks.

How do the three Cs of DevOps methodology come together?

The core DevOps technique is based on the three Cs:

Continuous Integration (CI)

Continuous Deployment (CD)

Continuous Monitoring (CM)

To explain this further, DevOps is based on continuous integration and modifications, helping maintain the software application. The steps of the process include planning, coding, application building, and testing, after which the operations team deploys the application and continuously monitors it. This DevOps course in Delhi makes sure to train you in such a way that you get expertise in DevOps.

What technical abilities can be acquired through DevOps training ?

After completing the DevOps certification, you gain practical expertise in the DevOps delivery methodology. After attending the DevOps training in Delhi, you can master the following and prepare to put it into practice:

DevOps concepts and practices

Cloud models, CI tools, and version control systems

A private Kubernetes cluster, AWS, comprehends the importance of the cloud in DevOps.

Use Git by using GitHub and Bitbucket.

Set up private Jenkins, Git, Maven, and TeamCity tools.

Using Junit and Cucumber to configure test-driven and behavior-driven (development) frameworks.

Will this online course for DevOps training or DevOps certification include any projects or case studies?

Some significant assignments in the DevOps course include -

Project 1: Dockerizing Jenkins Pipeline (This project explains the continuous integration and delivery by Dockerizing Jenkins Pipeline.).
Project 2: Use Dry Tool to Manage and Monitor the Docker Containers. (Install Dry, explain how it works with Docker containers and images, and monitor it).
Project 3: Angular application deployment in a Docker container (Docker is used to deploy the Angular application. For the development and deployment, the Angular application should be built on Angular CLI with Docker Compose).
Project 4: Automated WordPress Application Delivery Using Kubernetes.

Use the Kubernetes cluster to deploy the WordPress application, Jenkins to automate the delivery, and GitHub to manage the source code versions.

These are some of the projects covered by DevOps training, and by completing these projects successfully, you will gain skills that are equivalent to six months of rigorous industry experience.

Can a novice learn the principles of DevOps? If yes, then how?

We agree that DevOps is an extensive certification program and that you need to have experience with Linux or Unix. Nevertheless, the DevOps course has been created for those who are just starting so that you can grasp the ideas quickly. We also offer comprehensive support to assist you in learning DevOps principles and procedures. Sign up with us, attend the DevOps training in Delhi, and change your career.

What are the goals of the DevOps training?

You can apply DevOps techniques in your project after the StarAgile DevOps certification, which also qualifies you as a practitioner. The main goal of this DevOps certification program is to train you for the following:

An introduction to the DevOps vocabulary

Learning various DevOps tools, such as Nagios, Chef, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, Git, etc.

Working more efficiently by strengthening the feedback loops

Ensuring effective communication inside the company with a greater grasp of the workflow

Real-world examples

Principles and practices in reference to service management

Increased reliance on the automation of software and faith in it

Instruction on using DevOps in a corporate setting

Advantages of implementing DevOps for businesses

How will I carry out the assignments for DevOps certification?

All activities, case studies, and projects are on the AWS Cloud. Once you register for the DevOps course, we will assist you in creating your AWS Free Tier account. Additionally, we will assist you with installing tools on your laptop so you can practice even when you are not connected!

How long does the DevOps training take?

StarAgile operates on weekends. Since we recognize that working individuals are eager to attend DevOps training in Delhi, you can sign up for a five-weekend instructor-led training course, finish it, and then work on a real-world project.

What is the DevOps SDLC?

The DevOps SDLC is a continuous process that covers the following five functions throughout the development phase. This indicates that development merely refers to ongoing progress and much more. The five functions are:






This is the distinctiveness of the DevOps lifecycle, and it is only feasible with DevOps.

Why choose StarAgile for DevOps certification training in Delhi?

StarAgile has trained over 20,000 professionals. We are is the only one with a 4.9/5 rating on Google, providing coaching and consulting services for IT behemoths like Microsoft, Honeywell, L&T, Intel, Schneider Electric, SunGard, and others. Thus, StarAgile is the best for DevOps certification.

What are the computer requirements for the DevOps course in Delhi?

The computer specifications for the DevOps training are as follows:

A Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with at least 4GB of RAM, 20GB of hard drive space, and a Core i3 or higher processor.

Internet bandwidth of ideally 2 Mbps or more

Speakers, a microphone, and a headset to hear instructions properly and communicate with others.

Why choose online DevOps training or a DevOps certification program?

Online training will allow you to attend the DevOps training or DevOps certification whenever you have free time. Additionally, since you don't need to travel to the training facility, you save money on transportation. There aren't many DevOps training facilities because the field is so specialized.

What is a DevOps engineer's main responsibility?

A DevOps engineer's main responsibility is to improve their communication skills. It is envisaged that a person will act as a liaison between the operating team and the developers. A DevOps engineer communicates with the operation and the development team.

How do I pay for the DevOps course in Delhi or the DevOps certification?

Payment methods for DevOps courses in Delhi or the DevOps certification include credit card, net banking, check/wallet/NEFT, and debit card.

Who will train me, and what qualifications do they have?

Our extremely skilled instructors have at least 20 years of training experience and have worked in the IT, Agile, ITSM, and DevOps domains. They are all DevOps certified. They underwent a thorough selection procedure that included profile screening, technical examination, and a training demo. Additionally, we make sure that only instructors with stellar alum ratings continue to serve on our faculty.

What certification will I receive after taking the DevOps training in Delhi?

After passing the DevOps training in Delhi and the project work, IBM and StarAgile certification will be given (after expert review). It is known as the DevOps certification.

Who signs up for DevOps certification or DevOps training in Delhi's intended audience?

IT Professionals, Software Testers, System Admins, Solution Architects, Security Engineers, Application Developers, and Integration Specialists mostly sign up and get DevOps certification.

Is this live virtual DevOps training or pre-recorded videos?

All of the classes are conducted via live online streaming by using the ZOOM tool. They are interactive sessions that enable you to ask questions and participate in discussions during class time. However, recordings of each session will be provided for your future reference.

What must I do to advance my DevOps career?

You can become an expert in DevOps strategies and tools with the aid of this course. You can practice your abilities to become a DevOps practitioner by studying real-world examples. But you need job experience to become a practitioner. Register with us to become a DevOps Engineer and attend the DevOps training in Delhi. This is the first step toward beginning your successful DevOps career.

DevOps Certification & Exam FAQ's

How much does DevOps training in Delhi cost?

The DevOps course in Delhi costs are outlined below:

S. NoDevOps Training CostCosts
1DevOps Training in Delhi for Instructor-led Training ₹15999 - ₹20999
2DevOps Training in Delhi for Classroom Training (Exam Fees Included)₹17999 - ₹20999


DevOps Additional FAQ's

Does the DevOps certification require coding?

You must be proficient in Java, Python, and Javascript to work in DevOps. You need to automate numerous tasks and use a DevOps culture to generate the software or applications. Therefore, if you want to pursue a career in DevOps, some intermediate coding experience is necessary and advantageous.

Is DevOps study material still available after the training for the DevOps certification has ended?

The recorded study material is available to StarAgile students for life, and they can revisit it whenever they choose.

What are popular DevOps tools in the 2020 DevOps Certification Program?

In 2020, a wide variety of DevOps tools will be available to improve the DevOps pipeline's automation, deployment, integration, and delivery stages. DevOps Certification 2020 will feature tools like Selenium, Jenkins, Nagios, Puppet, Git, Ansible, Splunk, Elk Stack, Docker, Chef, etc.

Can someone who is not from a technical field get DevOps certification?

Non-technical people can get DevOps certification; they will need to be patient and willing to learn. Anyone can learn DevOps with the correct equipment and materials.

What expertise is required for DevOps certification?

DevOps certification requires fundamental knowledge of cloud operations, continuous delivery, data, and security.

What distinguishes Agile from DevOps?

DevOps is a successor to Agile, solving all of its problems with improved methods. Agile focuses on increasing developer efficiency, which enhances the development cycle. DevOps will link the operations and development teams to enable continuous integration and delivery.

Can a novice pick up DevOps?

DevOps can be learned by beginners. It has more of a philosophical approach to software development and operations than a stand-alone technology or tool. Hence, it is essential to have some basic knowledge of software development and IT operations before learning DevOps.

How long does it take to complete a DevOps course and receive DevOps certification?

It generally takes four weeks to receive the DevOps certification.

We offer the course on weekends for four weeks and feature real-world instruction specifically created for working professionals.

Who issues the course completion DevOps Certification?

StarAgile issues the DevOps certification after completion of the course and related projects. Following training, projects are finished, thoroughly examined by professionals, and then they are certified. In addition to this, the students who have completed the training and the projects are offered a 6-months project experience certificate by StarAgile.

What are the characteristics of the top DevOps course or DevOps certification?

Due to the following factors, StarAgile is regarded as the finest provider of DevOps courses or DevOps certification:

40 hours of live virtual training and unlimited access to recorded videos

Assignments at the end of each module

Seasoned professionals as instructors with more than two decades of expertise

A certificate for six months of project work

Is getting a DevOps Certification simple?

It is impossible to declare definitively if DevOps is simple to learn. If you work hard and enrol in DevOps certification training, you can learn how to use DevOps and get DevOps certification easily.

How does DevOps benefit programmers?

DevOps bring all teams together to work toward the same objective. As a result, the development team can swiftly fix any bugs. It has significantly enhanced group communication. The DevOps certification also carries a lot of value.

How should I get ready for the DevOps certification?

Students must acquire any necessary Scripting Language Knowledge and Linux fundamentals to prepare themselves for the DevOps certification.

What distinguishes DevOps from Agile?

Development and operations teams now work hand in hand due to DevOps. Its main points of emphasis are continuous development, testing, deployment, and delivery. Agile, on the other hand, is an iterative strategy that emphasizes a collaborative work style. The Agile process, in general, enables the handling of any complex project in stages.

What is a DevOps Life Cycle?

DevOps LifeCycle features development, integration, and testing are required throughout the project's development cycle. DevOps is considered the most suitable software development software when you need to have the best processes running in the project. In addition, a lot of big tech giants use DevOps to ensure the timely delivery of projects.

What are some of the best DevOps certifications?

Some of the best DevOps certifications are as follows:

Learn the fundamentals of DevOps technologies, CI/CD pipelines, and the DevOps lifecycle through an introductory DevOps Certification course.

To learn AWS architecture, you should enroll in an AWS DevOps training course.

Take a Docker and Kubernetes certification course to know more about containerization and orchestration.

Is DevOps still in demand in 2022?

DevOps is, in fact, a fantastic career in 2022. IDC predicts that by 2022, the market for DevOps software will be worth $6.6 billion. The DevOps certification received at the end of the DevOps course is known to carry a lot of value and significance.

How much does a DevOps Engineer earn?

The DevOps engineer with the DevOps certification and one year of experience can earn up to 7.15 LPA.

How can DevOps benefit business?

Faster deployment, higher customer happiness, better creativity, high team morale, and improved problem-solving skills are just a few of the ways that DevOps culture benefits enterprises. Attend the Delhi StarAgile DevOps Certification Training if you intend to apply DevOps in your company.

Are DevOps Engineers and Developers the same?

The DevOps engineers collaborate with the developers to do operational tasks. A skilled DevOps engineer can transition into development and aid in streamlining deployment and code.

How is DevOps assisted in different IT fields?

DevOps has made swift and safe changes to software services and applications across all IT domains. To put it simply, DevOps has made every IT infrastructure visible, active, on-demand, and testable.

Is DevOps certification in demand in 2022?

Many businesses have embraced the DevOps methodology in 2022. There is a growing demand for engineers with DevOps certification in the future also.

What does a DevOps Engineer do?

A DevOps engineer is accountable for DevOps lifecycle management stages and the DevOps pipeline. Attend our DevOps online program if you want to learn more about the duties and responsibilities of a DevOps engineer.

How does DevOps benefit a company or organization ?

DevOps speeds up deployment, increasing the business' return on investment by enabling employees to collaborate. Additionally, DevOps aids businesses in preventing network outages, which lowers the cost of software releases.

Is working in DevOps well-paid?

Yes, working in DevOps after getting the DevOps certification pays well. There are countless roles in DevOps, and the pay for these roles is very high.

How to choose the best DevOps training in Delhi or DevOps certification facilities in Delhi?

When selecting the best DevOps training or DevOps certification facility, there are a few factors you should take into account. Follow the checklist to select the best centers for DevOps training in Delhi:

36 hours of training, minimum (in-person or live virtual)

A certificate of project experience

Access to training videos

PDUs offered

DevOps tool live demonstrations

Practical tasks for every module

Certificate of completion of the course or the prestigious DevOps certification

DevOps vs Agile?

The focus on agile is to make developers efficient thus improving the development cycle. DevOps will integrate the operations team with the development team to enable continuous integration and delivery. DevOps is a successor to Agile overcoming all agile challenges with its optimized practices.

Is DevOps hard to learn?

Yes, It is difficult to complete DevOps certification. However, it is possible to master DevOps with the correct tools and instructions. One can choose a DevOps course in Delhi or a DevOps course online.

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About DevOps Certification

DevOps Training in Delhi

Attending a DevOps course in Delhi or pursuing a DevOps certification will teach you how to build, integrate, test, and deploy software. The course also demonstrates various DevOps technologies for monitoring, configuration management, integration, testing, and other uses. Jenkin, Git, Selenium, Ansible, Chef, and Puppet are a few examples of such tools. These tools are essential for DevOps certification.

Best DevOps Training in Delhi Curriculum

The following subjects are covered in the DevOps training in the Delhi module:

  • Linux operating system and scripting language
  • Using AWS DevOps services for cloud computing
  • Version control system 
  • Tools for managing configurations: Ansible, Chef, Salt, and Puppet
  • Tools for continuous observation - Nagios
  • Jenkins, a continuous integration tool
  • Selenium, Automation testing tools
  • Orchestration tool, Docker, and Kubernetes
  • Build tools like Maven

DevOps is a combination of IT operations and development that delivers continuous software delivery and assures software quality. To start a DevOps career, one must learn to use several tools. To become familiar with these technologies, you must find the best DevOps training in Delhi or the best DevOps course in Delhi and apply for DevOps certification.

What do I need in order to start DevOps Training in Delhi?

The prerequisites for DevOps training in Delhi are -

  • Any scripting language and a working knowledge of Linux
  • A college degree and prior experience in understanding the software development life cycle
  • A PC or laptop with an internet connection for online classes

These are some of the essential aspects needed to start the DevOps course in Delhi.

Features of Online DevOps Certification

Some of the Features of DevOps certification from StarAgile are as below:

  • All of the concepts mentioned above and several technologies are covered at StarAgile DevOps training with the demonstration of tools.
  • 36 hours of live online DevOps training spread over eight weekends.
  • Modules are explained using real-world situations, and the final exam serves as an evaluation.
  • A recorded video of the complete course.
  • A one-on-one conversation with the trainer. 

DevOps Training or DevOps certification Fees

The cost of the DevOps training, which includes instruction, materials, a certificate, and documentation of six months of project experience, is just INR 15,999. There are no additional fees for DevOps certification. The cost remains the same for the DevOps course in Delhi.

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