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StarAgile's SAFe Agilist Training in Pune is an online training program that aims to educate and equip professionals in the best ways to handle large-scale agile projects. With SAFe Agilist Certification in Pune, you will learn how to develop sustainable and repeatable agile methodologies. As a globally accepted SAFe Certification Pune, the Leading SAFe Agilist Certification in Pune allows for methods and techniques of implementing large-scale businesses that can be applied to other industries on a global scale - every day!

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Key Features

  • 2 Days Online / Classroom Training
  • Training by experienced SPCs
  • SAFe® Agilist exam fee included
  • Membership with Scaled Agile
  • Case studies & Simulations
  • Soft copy of the course material
  • Role plays, Games, & Simulations
  • Join 20+ Agile WhatsApp Groups
  • No Cost EMI Available

Reasons to do SAFe Agilist Certification Training

Leading SAFe Agile Certification

What You Will Learn in SAFe Agile Certification Training?

The primary objective of the SAFe training is to get you ready with the required information to lead a Lean-Agile transformation at enterprise scale. You will be able to get a high-level overview of SAFe framework with exercises to test your ability.The following nine Lean-Agile principles will be taughtEmbrace agility and lean thinkingThe right way to plan, execute and implement the Agile Release Train (ART)Build a large system using the Lean-Agile techniqueConstruct and control Agile PortfolioBuild SAFe to the enterprise contextCreate and test new ideas efficiently making use of the Lean Startup Cycle, and Lean UX.Scalable DevOps deliveryContinuous delivery pipelinesLeadership skills to drive the knowledge workersEvery SAFe Agilist can make the following activities in the organization for its growthThey can lead to change.Implement Lean-Agile transformation for quick delivery of results to the customerDevelop people mindset and get the future leaders readyReduce the constraintsCreating a new decision-making framework.Motivate skilled employees to come up with innovative ideas.

SAFe Agile Certification Advantages

SAFe® Advantages

From SAFe Agile training candidates will have below the benefits

One of the key milestones of SAFe is it combines varied Agile thought processes in one place such as Agile, Lean, Devops, TDD & BDD etc.

In case of large organizations with multiple team spread across geographical locations, it helps team discuss various challenges and dependencies, how to visualize and plan to overcome during Scrum of Scrums.

SAFe Implementation begins with training the management/Leadership first before moving down up to each team member. Everyone gets trained before SAFe implementation starts thereby reducing the risk of poor adoption or implementation. SAFe's Program Incremental Planning process encourages the teams to engage the customers, stakeholders and even supplier in the Planning process. Providing advantage by ensuring the Right product is developed which reduces risk

The beauty of SAFe is that, Sprint is started and ended on the same day by all the team players within a group (called as ART-Agile Release Train). It creates a sense of harmony and efficiency across the group. The Joint Planning also works wonders as it helps in collaboration and bettering communication between team players thereby resulting in higher consistency in delivery.

SAFe ceremonies such as Scrum of Scrums, PI Planning, Product Sync works wonder as it brings together the development team, stakeholders and architecture team under one roof. This helps in increasing the degree of alignment through efficient & ceaseless communication between stakeholders (Business team), between stakeholders and Technical team and between technical team themselves. It also enables teams to think ahead of their time with regards to architects.

Training For Corporate Team

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Course Reviews

Best Place To Get SAFe Agilist Certification

Best place to get SAFe agilist certification. Thanks to staragile for great support and continuously. coordination. All totally its a great experience.



Software Tester

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Have Recently Completed SAFe Agile Course & Certification

I have recently completed SAFe Agile course & Certification. Very much satisfied with training. Will definitely recommend who is looking for SAFe Agile Training


bhuvanesh raj

Solution Architect

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Always Rely On Star Agile For My Learning Goals

I always rely on Star Agile for my learning goals. They are the best and helping me in my various learning journeys. Highly recommended.


Surbhi Nair

Program Consultant

verified-logoVerified Learner

I'm So Glad I Enrolled In This Course

I'm so glad I enrolled in this course. It was a wonderful experience. The instructor was most helpful in the discussion forums. Thank you for all your cooperation. Hope to see more of you in future. Thank you Star Agile once again.


tushar sankhe

Software Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

The Leading SAFe Training Is Very Good And Organized In The Well Discipline Manner

The Leading SAFe training is very good and organized in the well discipline manner. The trainer is well knowledgeable and clarified all our questions. I really enjoyed the training.


Nanthagopal Deivanayagam

Portfolio Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

SAFe Agile Certification and Training FAQ's

What is the Average Salary of a SAFe Agilist in Pune?

The average salary for a SAFe Agilist in Pune is INR 25,00,000 per annum. WIth different roles, the salary varies.

What are the Top Companies Hiring for Certified SAFe Agile Professionals in Pune?

Accenture, Vodafone, Deutsche Bank, Mastercard, and Infogain India Pvt Ltd. are a few reputable companies looking to hire.

What Jobs require SAFe Agilist Professional in Pune?

Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Product Owner, Project Manager, Software Engineer are a few jobs that require Certified SAFe Agile Professional in Pune.

Do you provide any training material for SAFe® Agilist Course?

Yes, StarAgile provides hard copy of the SAFe® training material on the first day of SAFe training in Chennai which you can refer for SAFe certification exam.

What are the Career Benefits in Store for you or Opportunities for SAFe Certified Professionals?

If you want to work for large enterprises, this is the most demanding certification nowadays.
Below are some of the benefits to list from SAFe Agile Training:

1.    Stand out from the crowd: It lets a professional stand out from the crowd, and being certified ensures better knowledge of implementing the process while working at an enterprise level.
2.    Salary Hikes: One of the major reasons has always been a salary hike. A certified professional is always the one who gets the most benefit in terms of salary.
3.    Global recognition: SAFe Certification is globally recognized and gives you an opportunity to work globally for large enterprises
4.    Fast Deliverables: Having a great knowledge of Lean-Agile always help with fast deliverables

Certification Process for SAFe Agilist Certification?

Professionals who wish to pursue SAFe Agilist Certification must undergo 2-day SAFe training in Bangalore with top rated and reputed Institute like StarAgile. Once you have done with SAFe training, you are eligible to give Certification exam. But we would recommend practicing online mock up exams on SAFe® Agilist basis the training that you have attended before you attempt the certification exam, so that you can measure your hold on the subject matter. Once you gain enough confidence and knowledge on SAFe Agile, you can move ahead with the exam by clicking on the link provided to you by the Scaled Agile after you complete registration and your training attendance is marked by the Institute.

Is SAFe® Agilist Certification fee included in the SAFe® course fee?

Yes, it is included. StarAgile have renowned SAFe® Program Consultants,  usually charge you amount which includes both SAFe Training in Bangalore as well as the SAFe Certification charges. So no need to spend extra money on certification separately. It will be taken care in the amount you paid to the Institute.

How should I renew my SAFe Certification?

One can renew the SAFe Certification after completion of 1 year. To renew professionals should login to Scaled Agile then enter credentials which was used to create the account. Use the same login credentials and click on the renewal link to pay fees of $100 to increase the validity of their credential for an additional 1 year from the date of your existing expiration

Who are the instructors for SAFe® Agilist training in Pune?

The instructors of SAFe® Agilist training in Pune are SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs) who are eligible for conducting SAFe® Agilist Training. Also, these Trainers are skilled Professionals with more than 20 years of industry experience. They are expertise in Agile – Scrum processes, practices and techniques.

Why SAFe certification in Pune high in demand?

SAFe Agile Certification has so far become the largely demanded certification for implementing the Lean-Agile processes at the enterprise level. It not only gives you a salary hike, but it is globally recognized as well.

As the markets and industries are growing day by day, the trend of working from different geographical regions is increasing. Having complex teams work and collaborate together while being in different geographical regions has always been a great challenge for large enterprises. SAFe not only solves this challenge, but the Lean-Agile approach has given the organizations a great amount of success in the past by delivering the results in the shorted lead time. 

These were some of the major factors on the increasing demand for SAFe over the years.

Prerequisites for SAFe® Agilist Certification?

Good to have better and deep understanding of Agile and Scrum. 5+ years’ experience in software development, testing, business analysis, product, or project management is recommended

What certification will I receive after completing the SAFe training in Pune?

On successful completion of  SAFe training in Pune, Candidates will receive following:

Attendees who pass the SAFe certification exam will receive:
•    SAFe Agilist certificate issued by Scaled Agile- an Authorized body for SAFe Certifications.
•    A SAFe Agilist digital symbol to endorse your triumph online
•    A certified membership of one-year as a SAFe Agilist using which you can access the SA Community
•    A SAFe Agilist certification practice manual with your score in SAFe Agilist certification
•    Access to a diversity of knowledge bases or resources to assist SAFe certified professionals throughout their stint in SAFe world.

Does StarAgile provides SAFe® Agilist Certification exam Dumps?

StarAgile provides study material which is to be read before starting up the training to gauge and understand the fundamentals of Agile Methodologies - Scrum and SAFe® framework, Reading this study material is important because based on it, you can prepare yourself on what to expect from the training and come up with your own questionnaire.

Can I attend a demo session before the SAFe Agilist training in Pune?

Yes, one can attend demo session depending upon the Training Institute you are choosing. If a Training Institute Provides the demo session, then you can go ahead and attend it. StarAgile do provide the demo training session before actual training. So what are you waiting for? Rush in today itself and grab this opportunity.

What is Covered in SAFe Agile certification?

In SAFe Agilist certification 2-day session is held to cover topics such as introducing the SAFe, embracing a Lean-Agile Mindset. Further, the training dives deep into the SAFe Principles and many more details.

Below are the details of the topics covered in SAFe Training:

1.    Introduction of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
2.    Embracing a Lean-Agile Mindset
3.    Understanding SAFe Principles
4.    Experiencing Program Increment (PI) Planning
5.    Exploring, Executing, and Releasing Value
6.    Leading the Lean-Agile Enterprise
7.    Empowering a Lean Portfolio
8.    Building Large Solutions
9.    Tips and Tricks for passing the exam SAFe®

Payment Procedure?

Payment can be done either by cash, Online payment or Netbanking, using debit or credit card or using mobile wallets. 

Who should take SAFe® Agile Certification in in Pune?

All the professionals who wish to advance their careers into Agile and who wish to learn about SAFe framework should take up SAFe Agile Certification in in Pune. So few roles that will benefit from SAFe® Certification are as follows:
•    Executive Leaders, Directors, VPs and higher management in the Organization
•    Product Owner and Product Manager
•    Scrum Master
•    Program Manager and Project Manager
•    Solution Architects
•    Release Train Engineer
•    DevOps Team
•    Program Consultant
•    Software Engineer
•    Process lead, PMO, and Portfolio Managers

Is 2 days SAFe Training in Pune is enough to take up SAFe certification?

Usually 2 day SAFe Training in Pune is enough to train professionals on SAFe fundamentals, processes and Practices. The reason being, StarAgile do not believe in training people by running through the lengthy PPTs. Rather, StarAgile trains you with lot of fun activities, practical knowledge and by giving real life scenarios.

Is SAFe Still in Demand 2022?

SAFe is more efficient than the traditional software delivery approach and is in demand because of its multi-team coordination for organizations that work across teams. 

Are SAFe Agile Certification / Agile SAFe Certification / SAFe Certification Agile same?

Yes, all the certifications are same. It does not matter whether you call it SAFe Certification, SAFe Agilist Certification, Leading SAFe Certification, SAFe Agilist Training, SAFe Certification Agile, SAFe Training, SAFe Certification course, and Lean Agile Certification. All are one

Does Scaled Agile offer SAFe training online classes for SAFe certification?

Scaled Agile Academy has made a mandatory to attend 2- day classroom training which should be 8 hours per day. So as per their rules and regulations, one must mandatorily attend this classroom training before taking up the certification exam. Hence it is not possible to attend online class. Also, StarAgile marks the attendance of the trainees on the Scaled Agile Academy site which is one of the pre-requisites to the certification exam.

About SAFe certification?

Agile Methodology has been the most successful and has been applicable to a wide range of companies around the world. However, the teams have been facing challenges and difficulties during collaborations due to several factors such as distributed team, geographical factors, etc. To further keep implementing the best of the methods, the Scaled Agile Framework was being introduced. 

Scaled Agile Framework has extensively helped a lot of organizations to overcome the problems of challenges that occurred due to several reasons such as distributed and complex teams, geographical challenges. Complex and distributed teams were easily able to adapt and deliver using this framework.

Now, speaking specifically about SAFe Certification. SAFe is a Scaled Agile Framework, that lets the complex teams, easily adapt the Agile transformation at the enterprise level. This enables enterprise-level deliverables in the shortest lead time.

What does registration fee include?

Registration fee is inclusive of SAFe® Certification exam fee, 2-day Classroom Training Program fees, SAFe® Training material, Scaled Agile membership for one year and lunch on both days. 

What skills you will learn after SAFe® Training in Pune?

From SAFe training, participants can gain below the skills

•    Implementing Lean-Agile software and systems in enterprise-level
•    Learn to identify value stream and design & execute Agile Release Train (ART)
•    One will learn SAFe values & Principles and can apply SAFe’s Lean and Agile ideologies to the roles and practices of SAFe.
•    Learn how to uplift your Lean-Agile management skills
•    Will be well acquainted with releasing on Demand with DevOps
•    Implementation of Lean Portfolio Management in the organization successfully
•    For managers & senior managers, it can give them skills to build Agile Milestones and Roadmaps, as well as the plans that enable them to achieve goals for project and organization
•    Complete the course of training resulting in SAFe Agilist (SA) certification exam

Does SAFe certification expire?

The Validity period of SAFe certification is of one year or 365 days from the date on which you have received your certification. After a year, there is a need to renew the certification by paying minimal amount of USD 100.

What are the benefits of the one-year membership with Scaled Agile?

The benefits of one-year membership with Scaled Agile is that you can get free access to the Scaled Agile Community group consisting of all the experts of SAFe® where you can discuss and share your knowledge and techniques of SAFe® Agile Practices

How long does it take to receive SAFe Agile Certification exam results?

After you have successfully completed the SAFe training in Chennai and you have appeared for the online SAFe certification exam, you will receive your exam results immediately after 90 minutes or completion of your exam.

What is SEUs and PDUs?

SEU stands for Scrum Educational Units. SEU are obtainable by Scrum Alliance. SEU can be obtained by undergoing the training program with the Training Institute before appearing for the certification exam. SEUs are useful to authenticate to contribute to the Agile Scrum Framework, its principles and values. These SEUs are required for renewing your Scrum related certifications. So for every renewal, it is required to earn these SEUs. With successful completion of SAFe Agilist training program, you can obtain 16 SEUs in your Kitty.

Similarly, PDUs stands for Professional Development Unit. PDUs are obtainable by the Project Management Institute. Just like SEUs, with successful completion of SAFe Agilist training program, you can obtain 16 PDUs in your Kitty.

What is the average Salary for SAFe® Agilist?

In India, SAFe® Agilist can earn an average remuneration of ranging from 16LPA for a Senior Software  to 22.5 LPA for Agile coach

Is StarAgile Partnered with Scaled Agile INC?

Scaled Agile Partners are uniquely suited to advise and support large organizations and government agencies throughout the Lean-Agile transformation process. StarAgile is now a Scaled Agile Bronze Partner.

How many questions are in the SAFe Agilist exam?

The SAFe® Agilist Assessment is a 1.5 hrs or 90 minutes long online examination which is to be attempted after successful completion of the training. There would be 45 multiple choice questions or MCQs. One must manage to score minimum marks of 34 out of 45 which comes upto 75% in order to pass the SAFe® Agilist Certification.

Can I give SAFe exam without training?

Unfortunately, No.2 day training session on SAFe® Agilist is mandatory to be attended. Only after completion of Training you can take up SAFe Agilist Certification.

What are the new framework guidelines included in the latest SAFe 5.1 update?

Advice on implementing Lean-Agile principles in technical and business domains redesigned Big Picture and new operational and development value stream recommendations. These updates are a new SAFe for Hardware article and a mechanism for value streams cash assignments.

How many attempts do I have to pass the SAFe Certification?

The Certification and Training cost that you pay to the Training institute is for the first attempt which needs to be done within 30 days of training. However, even if you fail in the exam, you can reattempt for exam with minimal fees of USD 50. There will be 4 attempts allowed per candidate with certain cooling period between each attempt.

SAFe Agile Certification & Exam FAQ's

How Much Does the SAFe® Certification Cost in Pune?

SAFe Agile Certification Cost in Pune details are mentioned in below table

SAFe Agile Certification Cost Segments
1Online SAFe Agile Certification Cost in Pune
₹50,000 - ₹60,000
2SAFe Agile Certification Cost in Pune for Classroom Training
₹50,000 - ₹60,000
3SAFe Agile Exam Cost in Pune
Exam cost is included in the training cost
4SAFe Agile Re-exam Cost in Pune
5SAFe Agile Certification Renewal Cost

What is the weightage for SAFe certification questions from each domain?

The weight of 45 multiple choicequestions in the SAFe Agilist certification will be equally distributed underthe 9 subheadings. (Approximately 5 questions each)

  • ScaledAgile Framework (SAFe)
  • Lean-AgileMindset
  • SAFePrinciples
  • ProgramIncrement (PI) Planning
  • Exploring,Executing, and Releasing Value
  • AgileEnterprise
  • LeanPortfolio
  • LargeSolutions
  • AgileRelease Train

Note: The questions may be direct andalso role-based. Therefore you need to attend the SAFe training and get asmany sample questions possible to master the SAFe® test pattern before youappear for the test.

What is the process for SAFe® Agile Certification renewal?

The first time you register for SAFe® training with StarAgile and complete the training, and then you will be eligible to take the test with Scaled Agile Academy. You will receive an email link to register and an SAFe exam link to appear for the test. This email link with which you registered with Scaled Agile will help you renew your SAFe certification. Yes, you must remember that login credentials. Using that login, pay USD 100 and renew your certification.

How much is the SAFe® Certification cost/fees?

It is not possible to directlyapply for the exam on Scaled Agile Academy. You need to identify aSAFe® training institute which is authorized to give you training. Theseinstitutes will send a confirmation mail to the academy to create a login foryou. Only then you will receive an email link from Scaled Agile.

So there are no individual examfees mentioned in the Scaled Agile website. You must check with the traininginstitute to provide you training and help you register with Scaled Agile. Thenominal SAFe® fee for training, SAFe® exam, SAFe® certificate, and SAFe studymaterials charged by StarAgile is 680-USD

What is the exam pattern for SAFe Certification?

There will be 45 questions. Eachquestion will have multiple choice answers. You must select the right answerfor at least 34 questions to clear the examination.

Eligibility criteria for SAFe certification

There are no specific criteria toappear for SAFe certification. You can hold any education provided you haveworking experience in Scrum. Alternatively, it is also good to have 5 yearsexperience working in software development. This will help you understand theSDLC and adapt to Lean-Agile transformation.

Who gives SAFe certification?

Get certified from Scaled Agile, Inc. which is the certifying body of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). Know more about them by clicking this link


What percentage do you need to pass a SAFe exam?

34 out of 45 is the passing score. This means you need to get a 76% score tobecome eligible for collecting the certificate.

Is SAFe® certification online or paper passed the exam?

SAFe® is an online examination which is accessed on one window and the duration is for 90 minutes.You cannot get access to any other window during the test. Also, taking help in any form is prohibited.

Can someone take Leading SAFe Agilist Certification without training

The certifying body Scaled Agilehas made it mandatory that everyone who wants to apply for the Leading SAFe® toattend two-day SAFe classroom training. Therefore it is not possible to register for the SAFe exam without attending training.

Can I retake the SAFe® Certification Exam If I fail in the first attempt?

Register with a reputed training institute and get trained to write the test first time. Yes, you can retake the exam if you fail in the first attempt. Pay USD 50 to appear for the second attempt immediately. If you fail again, then wait for 7 days and pay USD 50 to take the test third time. Again if you fail, then wait for 30 days to pay USD 50 and make the fourth attempt. After all these efforts if you fail, then you need to take the training again to give the test.

Is the SAFe Exam Changing in 2022?

The SAFe exam for 2022 remains the same as the earlier exams. It is an open book exam of 90 minutes with 45 questions.

What is the duration for Leading SAFe® exam?

The SAFe® exam duration is 90minutes (1.5 Hrs).

What is the SAFe Agilist Certification cost/fees?

SAFe Agilist certification costincludes the 2-day SAFe training and you can pay 680-USD withStarAgile to get trained. You will get one-year membership with Scaled Agilecommunity members, digital badge, and lunch during the 2 days training program.

How to download SAFe® Certification after completing the examination?

Soon after you finish the test you will get the SAFe scores. Later you will get a mail communication immediately about your certificate. Once get this log on to your account with Scaled Agile and go to Manage Profile à Professional Development à Certifications/Programs tab. From the paper icon choose the certification name and click download. This will save the certificate to your PC.

If you prefer printing, then use a certificate paper in your printer and make the Background Colors and Images settings in the printing option and then print. This will make your certificate look bright with the Logos and the Signatures.

Can I pause the SAFe® Certification exam for some time and resume it later?

Yes, you can pause and resume theSAFe® exam but within 30 days from the date, you created the login. Afterthirty days automatically your account will be considered as the second attemptand you need to pay USD 50.

What is the exam process for SAFe® Certification?

The firststep is to identify the right training institute that can offer role-basedtraining in all Lean-Agile principles and practices.

  • Next, youneed to register with them and pay the fees to get trained for 2 days.
  • Ifrequired you can practice for 30 days and then appear for the test.
  • Thetraining institute will initiate a mail to the Scaled Agile academy to registeryou confirming your training attendance.
  • You willreceive an email from Scaled Agile to register and give your details.
  • Then youwill receive a test link and you can attend the online test which consists of45 questions. Giving a minimum of 34 correct answers will let you clear thetest.
  • You can nowdownload the certification immediately after the exam along with a digitalbadge and one-year
  • Goingthrough these steps will make you a SAFe® Agilist certified professional.

In one word, come to StarAgileand we will handhold you to go through these steps and get certified with ourquality SAFe training

SAFe® Agilist Certification validity?

The SAFe® Certification is valid for one year from the date of appearing for the test and passing. You can pay USD 100 to renew your license for another year

Is SAFe® Certification Online and open book examination?

SAFe® is an online multiplechoice question paper which must be completed within a defined time.

Additional FAQ's

What is a SAFe Digital Badge?

A digital badge is an online version of your SAFe certification that can be verified in actual time on the web. Your digital badge URL can be shared or posted on various social media platforms.

SAFe Agilist vs Scrum Master

SAFe Agilist understands lean thinking and embraces agility. They can build a SAFe enterprise, portfolios, and implement Agile Release trains. A scrum master will understand agile principles, scrum framework, artifacts, values, etc.  A SAFe agilist can handle the agile framework at the enterprise level. 

What are the four levels of SAFe?

The four levels of SAFe are as follows:-

  • Team.
  • Program.
  • Large Solution.
  • Portfolio.

Is SAFe agilist certification worth it?

Yes, SAFe Agilist certification in Pune for executives and managers for the scaling agile framework in large software enterprises. If you want Return on Investments in the software development framework then the SAFe agilist is the best bet. Leading SAFe Agilist certification helps you in adopting agile at the enterprise-scale and covers all the concepts of agile at scale including governance, architecture, roles, integration, and funding.

Is the SAFe Agilist exam proctored?

Yes, the SAFe Agilist exam is proctored by a SAFe Program Consultant either live remotely or onsite. This is necessary as Scaled Agile Inc is committed to the integrity and credibility of the SAFe Agilist certifications.

SAFe Agilist vs SPC

SAFe agilist is a lean-thinking professional who will apply the values and the principles of a lean-agile mindset at an enterprise level. They create teams that perform potentially and lead the transformation of the SAFe implementation roadmap. 

SAFe program consultant (SPC) is the key person who sets up the new organization. SPC further trains the teams in the SAFe framework and help each individual to identify their role.

How do I become a SAFe Agilist?

To become a SAFe Agilist, one should have more than five years of experience in the software field. Candidates need to clear an exam of 90 minutes duration, consisting of MCQs. One needs to answer 34 out of 45 questions for SA4 and 35 out of 45 for SA5, respectively.

How difficult is the SAFe Agilist exam?

The SAFe Agilist exam is not impossible to crack, but it is definitely a tough exam. You need a combination of practical agile skills, work experience, practice mock tests, and a good understanding of the concepts. Select the best SAFe Agile training in Pune that provides the best training and practical hands-on with the Scaled agile framework. Also, ensure you have adequate and good study materials to crack the SAFe agilist exam.

Which SAFe agile certification is best?

Scaled Agile Inc offers 10 different certifications suited to various portfolios and candidates. The best certification depends on a lot of factors such as your interest, experience, nature of the job, your skill sets, and your long and short-term goals.

The 10 certifications that are offered by Scaled Agile Inc are:

1.Certified SAFe® Agile Software Engineer (ASE)

2.Certified SAFe® Agilist (SA)

3.Certified SAFe® DevOps Practitioner (SDP)

4.Certified SAFe® Government Practitioner (SGP)

5.Certified SAFe® Practitioner

6.Certified SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager

7.Certified SAFe® Program Consultant

8.Certified SAFe® Release Train Engineer

9.SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) Certification

10.SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) Certification

SAFe Agilist vs SAFe Scrum Master

SAFe Agilist will be able to apply principles of lean, agile, and product development flow to enhance productivity, quality, time to market, and employee satisfaction. SAFe agilist will interpret the communication between the agile teams, program, and portfolio management. 

SAFe Scrum Master is one step ahead of the traditional scrum master which will let explore the role in the context of the whole enterprise. Further, the SAFe scrum master plans execute the program increments (PI).

Is SAFe 5 now the version of SAFe 5.1?

The answer is that SAFe 5.1 is just one update to SAFe 5. So SAFe 5 remains the new version only. SAFe 5.1 includes Big Picture as an update, but they are all in support of the SAFe 5 version for the Lean Enterprise.

Which is a SAFe role?

SAFe Agilists play the role of a mentor and encourage their team members to develop their expertise for career growth.

How many times can you take the SAFe exam?

The candidates are advised to wait at least 21 days between each attempt to allow for adequate preparation. If you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, you are allowed three more opportunities to take it. If you fail again, you will need to wait at least six months before retesting.

Is this certification course teaching the latest SAFe version?

Yes, StarAgile teaches the latest SAFe version 5.1

Why is SAFe Agile,Inc. releasing these updates to SAFe5?

In order to make sure that the best practices are being followed in Lean-Agile at scale, SAFe Agile, Inc. keeps on releasing new articles and updates to SAFe 5. The updated understanding helps maintain a commitment to support and evolve the SAFe practices and meet the changing needs to practice the SAFE Agile at all levels.

What are the roles and responsibilities in SAFe?

There are varied roles and responsibilities in SAFe they are Agile Team, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Release Train Engineer, Customer, Product Manager, Business Owner, Solution Architect, Solution Manager, Solution Train Engineer, Enterprise Architects, and Epic Owner. The responsibilities range from the delivery, supporting the scrum team supporting agile release train, as PO supporting the customer requirements, providing solutions, and adopting scrum and agile methodologies at the enterprise level.

Is SAFe a framework or methodology?

SAFe is not a methodology; it is a framework for developmental teams.

What is a certified SAFe 5.1 Agilist?

A certified SAFe 5.1 Agilist has been certified by the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to work effectively in a scaled agile environment. This certification is meant to validate that an individual has the skills and knowledge necessary to lead and coach agile teams and implement and manage the SAFe framework.

What if I do not want to renew my SAFe Certification? But remain a member of the SAFe community platform?

Yes, if you do not renew the certification, your individual membership can still be continued without having admin rights tabs, enablement tabs, cannot run classes, no toolkits and you will not have access to the courseware. But you can continue to be a member in the community. 

Do I Need to renew my leading SAFe Agilist Certification?

Yes, the SAFe Agilist Certification is valid for 1 year and you need to pay USD 100 for renewal within the 90 days of the expiration or after the validity expires.

Which Companies Use SAFe?

Companies that use the SAFe framework are IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, AT&T, to name a few. It streamlines processes and enables large organizations to respond to change quickly.

How many SAFe certifications are there?

As of now, there are thirteen SAFe certifications comprising five foundational, five intermediate, and three advanced certifications.

If one does not want to renew their SAFe Certification, Will they still be members of the SAFe Community Platform?

The renewal of the SAFe® Agilist certification is a must every year by paying the required fee to extend the credential for another year, failing which you fail to be a member of the SAFe Community Platform.

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SAFe Agile Certification

SAFe Agile Certification Training in Pune 

An effective leader must be able to address the challenge in an organised and efficient manner. The principles of the SAFe Agile Certification in Pune provided by StarAgile helps top management aspirants and employers alike in gaining the knowledge of Scaled Agile body of work. In this instructor-led SAFe Training in Pune, individuals will learn the fundamentals of Lean, Agile and Product Development workflow. The SAFe Agilist Certification in Pune can be taken up by directors, VPs, executives, leaders, portfolio managers and Process leads.

The SAFe certification in Pune is ideal for those who want to apply SAFe values to their Lean-Agile enterprise to execute efficient scaling of businesses. The SAFe Agile Training in Pune helps you become a Lean thinking manager who has complete handle over Lean-Agile principles, making him a highly-skilled decision-maker. In this course, you will learn to integrate and deploy value to support PI planning and events. The certification will also be of great assistance in building yourself and your organisation a comprehensive lean portfolio. To create comprehensive solutions, great ideas aren’t enough; you need good planning as well. The five core competencies of SAFe will also be covered in this course. All sessions conducted by StarAgile are fun and interactive. Our trainers are certified professionals who can provide you with anecdotes and experiences to make this training session all the richer for you. Through this course, you will be able to successfully lead transformational changes in organisations that put them on the path to absolute success. You will also learn to build roadmaps that can help you guide your way through the competitive market.

The SAFe Certification Training in Pune is conducted by seasoned professionals, who are in the know how of all current happenings in the Agile spectrum. They are certified trainers who have immense working experience. You can also take advantage of the downloadable course materials that go hand-in-hand with the course structure. The SAFe Agile Training in Pune also acts as your gateway to the highly lucrative SA community consisting of top professionals across the globe who are in the know-how of all the developments in the IT industry and more. This also gives you access to white papers and case studies that might come in handy when you want to take the leap in implementing drastic changes in your work environment towards the Agile way. The SAFe Course in Pune will provide you with all the materials you need to clear the SAFe exam with flying colours. This certification and badge on your social profile will give you unlimited access to top jobs in the industry and put you at the forefront of your career game.


Change is the only constant thing in the world. And in your organization, if you want to lead the change, you need to work for it and that’s how you do it. For changing the organization you need to have some kind of solid knowledge and basics, there are a lot of certifications to do this, one of the leading and foremost certifications is SAFe agile training. You can work on lean-agile and can build a large complex system using the lean-agile techniques.

What is SAFe Agile Certification Pune

Scaled Agile Inc is the accredited certifying body to the SAFe agile certification. You need to pass their examination and before that, you need to complete the training offered by the partner institute such as StarAgile and then appear for the exam. More than 70% of the Fortune companies have recognized this certification and using Scaled Agile Framework, so there is greater scope for the jobs in the market for the SAFe agile training and certification

Benefits of SAFe Certification Pune

By this certification, the candidates can get trained for the scaled agile framework 

  • To build a large and complex system using this scaled agile framework
  • To make use of the scaled agile framework in an enterprises
  • To reset the team’s mindset to the agile-lean transformation
  • To reduce the risks in the product by agile-lean methodologies
  • To make and manage the agile teams.

Reasons to choose SAFe Agilist Training in Pune

SAFe agilist certification demands that you complete the training requirement from the partner training institute such as StarAgile and then attend the exam and pass it. The mandatory training imparts the required topics of the scaled agile framework and other agile concepts so that you set some standard.  

A lot of organizations have their base in Pune. Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra and Pune is close to Mumbai the financial capital of India. Thus Pune has a lot of advantages and is preferred by many companies and professionals because of its very quiet surroundings and away from hustle and bustle of Mumbai. It offers green infrastructure and high quality of living. Pune offers a high potential for growth and many jobs.

Many product development companies are located in Pune and there are lots of potential in these companies. Thus it offers a lot of middle management jobs and product development manager job growth in Pune. 

Qualities of the best institute for SAFe Training in Pune

You need to identify the best training institute in Pune. As Pune offers a lot of training institutes, do not get confused about which one to select. First of all, for SAFe agilist certification the training is a must, so to select the best training institute, please rely on the answers to the following questions. . 

  • Google review of the training institute for the SAFe agilist training in Pune would give an honest review.
  • Check for the number of years they are in the training field
  • Know the conversion rate the institute offers 
  • Check whether they give study materials, mock tests and workshops
  • Check the way the training is delivered such as role-play, games, simulations and case studies
  • Their consultants who deliver the training must be experienced, knowledgeable and certified experts  
  • Do check the way the training is delivered such as online and also see if they have a physical presence in Pune city.

All these above facts are important as you are investing your time and money for the certification.

The process to get SAFe Agilist Certification in Pune

The process is very straightforward

  • Check your eligibility,
  • Apply for the training, 
  • Complete the registration 
  • Schedule an exam date
  • Complete the exam and pass the exam
  • Get the SAFe agilist certification.


Having worked in the agile-lean environment and basic understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework and scrum is important to understand the lean-agile transformation.


2 days of mandatory training with the partner institute of Scaled Agile Inc. Minimum of 5 years of work experience in software testing or software development or as a Business Analyst

SAFe agile certification cost in Pune

The total cost for the SAFe agilist certification in Pune would be approximately INR 50,000 which includes the training, the study materials, the examination, and certification. If you fail in the first attempt you need to pay USD 50 to retake the exam. You can retake the exam for 3 attempts after the first attempt. For the 2nd attempt, you can retake immediately after the first attempt, however the 3rd attempt the waiting period is 7 days, and for 4th attempt, the waiting period is 30 days.


The exam consists of 5 questions from each of the following 9 topics

  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • SAFe Principles
  • Program Increment (PI) Planning
  • Lean-Agile Mindset
  • Lean Portfolio
  • Large Solutions
  • Exploring, Executing, and Releasing Value
  • Agile Release Train (ART)
  • Agile Enterprise

The questions are role-based and you need to understand the Scaled Agile Frameworks and lean-agile concepts.

Exam process

  • Complete the training requirement 
  • Register on the Scaled Agile Inc website, with the help of the training institute. 
  • The training institute will make the payment 
  • You must make the first attempt within the 30 days of the payment
  • The duration of the exam is 90 minutes. The exam pattern is multiple choices, multiple select. You need to answer 45 questions and to pass you need to answer correctly a minimum of 34 questions. It is a closed book exam. You can pause the exam and complete the exam within 30 days.


The result will be announced immediately on the computer screen after completing the exam. If you answer a minimum of 34 questions correctly then you pass the exam. You can download the certificate.

If you fail, you can retake the exam for 3 more times by paying USD 50 for each time.


The certification is valid for 1 year after passing the exam. Make an online payment of USD 100 on the Scaled Agile website to renew the certification and as well earn up to 10 PDU for the good standing of the certificate. 

Why Staragile for SAFe Agile training

  • Close to 2 decades of training experience in the market
  • Expert consultants with work experience and certification for the training
  • StarAgile is a bronze partner of Scaled Agile Inc 
  • 16 PDU is given to the candidates after attending the training 
  • You get 1-year membership with SAFe community platform 
  • StarAgile help you register for the exam and get you login credential for writing the examination 
  • You get guidance from the beginning till you get the certificate 
  • Get access to training materials for 180 days 
  • Training delivery is based on role-playing, case studies, games, and simulations, etc 
  • Lots of mock tests and practice is given to prepare for the exam.

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