AWS Solution Architect Associate Certification Training in Bangalore

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Minimum salary offered 5 LPA

AWS DevOps Certification Course provides technical expertise to provision, operate, and manage all the application systems that are distributed on the AWS platform. StarAgile’s AWS DevOps Training curriculum is planned in such a way to offer skill advancement in CloudFormation, Beanstalk, Codepipeline, CodeCommit, etc. The purpose of this training is to enhance the knowledge of the participants in all areas of AWS DevOps to make sure everyone gets well placed in high paid jobs.
Ranked #1 DevOps Training Institute By Deccan Chronicle.

In Collaboration with ii

Minimum salary offered 5 LPA


Key Features

  • 36 Hours of Live Virtual Training
  • Hands-On Assignments for Each Module
  • 20+ years Highly Experienced Trainers
  • Life time Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • No Cost EMI Available
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Tuition Fee
₹ 49,999/-

Pay ₹ 10,000/- (Career Services Fee) Only after Getting Placed.

calenderNext batch Starts On 12 August Only 6 Seats Left

Perks of the program

  • Assured Minimum Package Starting from INR 5 LPA
  • Get Access to Quality Education
  • 300K+ Professionals Trained
  • More than 10,000 Careers Transformed(2022-2023)
  • Weekly mentorship sessions
  • Simplified Enrollment Process - No Tests, No Hassles
  • 3 Months Internship Certificate
How this
  • Enrol for the course and complete the training, which includes lectures, assignments, projects, and career services.

  • Onboard StarX Program by meeting the eligibility criteria in which they have to fulfil all the necessary terms and conditions.

  • Sign ISA (Income Sharing Agreement).

  • Pay ₹ 10,000/- (Career Services Fee) Only after Getting Placed.

Let's walk through your journey at StarAgile
  • Course Curriculum ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    3 Months

  • Our course is designed by industry experts for excellent academic and industrial experience. We have a balanced combination of theoretical, technical,
    and practical knowledge for you to get the best training experience for everyone regardless of their background.

    • Overview of Application Development
    • Various Types of Application
    • Introduction Microservices
    • Multi-tiered application architecture
    • Introduction to Java
    • Java Architecture
    • Deployment and Consuming Java Applications
    • OOPs Concept
    • Introduction to Python
    • Execution of Python Applications
    • Python Console based and Web based Applications
    • Deploying and Consuming Python Applications
    • Overview of SQL
    • DDL Statements
    • DML Statements
    • DCL Statements
    • Database Constraints
    • Aggregate Functions (Avg, Sum, Max, Min, Count)
    • Order By, Group By and Having Clauses
    • Various types of Joins
    • Overview of Linux
    • Linux Architecture
    • Linux Distributions
    • Basic Linux Commands
    • File Permission Management
    • User Creation
    • Shell Scripts
    • SSH and VI Utility
    • Understanding of Physical and Virtual Servers
    • Overview of /Private Cloud Computing
    • Overview of AWS/Azure/GCP
    • Benefits of Cloud Computing
    • Pricing and Usage Policy
    • Overview of IAM Service
    • Overview of EC2 Service
    • Overview of RDS Service
    • Overview of Cloud Storages
    • Overview of Public and Private Ips
    • Overview of Elastic IP, CloudFront and ELB.
    • Overview of EKS, ACR
    • Evolution of Waterfall, Agile and DevOps
    • What is DevOps
    • Why DevOps
    • Benefits of DevOps
    • DevOps Stages
    • DevOps Lifecycle
    • Various Automation in DevOps
    • Overview of CICD
    • Overview of Version Control System
    • Central vs Distributed Version Control System
    • Introduction to Git
    • Installation and setting up Git
    • Important Git Commands
    • Creating and Managing git Repositories
    • Branching, Merging, Stashing, Rebasing, Reverting and Resetting
    • Introduction to GitHub
    • Managing Remote Repositories
    • Overview of Various Build Tools
    • What is Maven
    • Maven Architecture
    • Maven Plugins
    • Maven Archetypes
    • Maven Commands
    • Introduction to Java
    • Setting up Maven Applications
    • Overview of Continuous Testing
    • Software Testing Life Cycle
    • Different Types of Testing
    • Test-Driven Development Approach using Junit
    • Testing Web Application using Selenium
    • Generating Reports using TestNG
    • Overview of Continuous Integration
    • Difference between Continuous vs Traditional Integration
    • Overview of Jenkins
    • Jenkins Master-Slave Architecture
    • Jenkins Installation and Configuration
    • Jenkins Plugins
    • Jenkins Management
    • Jenkins Freestyle and Pipeline Jobs
    • Configuring Slave Node to Jenkins
    • Introduction to Virtualization and Containerization
    • Introduction to Monolithic and Microservice Architecture
    • What is Containerization
    • Docker Architecture
    • Overview of Docker Hub
    • Docker Installation
    • Docker Commands
    • Container Modes
    • Port Binding
    • Dockerfile
    • Managing Docker Images
    • Running and Managing Containers
    • Docker Volume
    • Docker Compose
  • Career Track ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    2 Months

  • Once you have enrolled for the program then you will have access to a wide range of resources which will help you in becoming a Job-Ready Candidate.
    We have a dedicated placement team of professionals who excel in their individual domains committed to assist you in our journey.

    • Profile and Resume building
    • Portfolio Building
    • Build highly optimized Resumes and Cover Letters
    • Build your LinkedIn Profile
    • Master class from the industry expert
    • Get proficient in business presentations
    • Learn how to frame professional emails
    • Excel in telephonic communication and Business Vocab
    • Networking and building Interpersonal Skills
    • Based on the course curriculum
    • Evaluates the understanding of theoretical and practical concepts
    • Adds credibility and accountability to the candidate
    • Difficulty level- moderate
    • Interview prep and mock interviews
    • Interview Best Practices
    • Mock interviews
    • Module-wise Interview Questions
  • Sign ISA Agreement
  • Pay ₹ 10,000/- (Career Services Fee) Only after Getting Placed.
You can Pay the Career Services Fee of INR 10,000 in easy EMIs through our financing partners.
calenderNext batch Starts On 12 August Only 6 Seats Left

You are now a
Certified DevOps

Internship Certificate

Course Certificate

Clear all your basic doubts with these FAQs

What are the eligibility criteria to move to StarX Placement Program?

To Clear Phase-1: You must have 75% attendance throughout the course, and submit all the assignments and projects successfully within the given timeline.
To Clear Phase-2: You must attend the resume-building and business communication session. The students must clear the competency test and mock interviews by SME and Sign the ISA.

Who can enroll in the course?

Our course is open to anyone who wants to learn and upskill in the DevOps field. You can enrol irrespective of your educational background and even if you are a working professional.
The course is of great use for professionals whose busy schedules do not allow them to take full-time courses. They can easily learn at their pace with the top educators. .
IT or Non-IT, the course is just right for you to upskill and get your dream job.

What do you mean by cohort?

A group of trainees learning together- starting and ending the course together is referred to as a cohort. Community learning is infused into the programs to help the trainees learn together and discuss at the time of any need.

Do I need to pass any tests to enrol in the program?

No, you don't have to give any tests to enrol for our program.

It is compulsory to participate in the Placement Program?

No, it is not compulsory to participate in the Placement Program.

What are the class timings?

The classes are from Monday to Friday and the time is from 7:30 pm to 10 pm.

Can I change my batch?

You will have the option to change the batch only within the first 4 classes if someone fails to raise the request before 4 classes strictly not eligible for batch change

I have a gap due to certain circumstances, do I have an opportunity to get placed?

If you have completed the entire training timely and showed excellent performance during the course, you have an opportunity to get placed after a gap too.

How many mentorship sessions do I get?

The students will get 3 hours of mentorship sessions every Wednesday.

What if I decide to discontinue the course?

You cannot discontinue the program, once you have enrolled for the course and started attending the sessions. But, if you want to discontinue the course anyways, there will be no refund available for the refundable security deposit.

What is the medium for instructions?

We have all our course sessions in English.

What is the refund policy?

Refund is applicable when a student registered for the course and has not attended not even a single class, candidates are eligible to raise the refund request within 3 days of the actual payment date.
There is no refund if your cohort is already in progress.

When does the placement process start?

The placement process will start once the student has completed the training and cleared the eligibility for the placement program.

What is a competency test?

The competency test is a simple test based on the course curriculum and the topics covered in the class. This test is just to ensure that you are technically and theoretically sound.

How many hiring partners does StarAgile have?

We have 300+ hiring partners ranging from startups to top MNCs. The numbers are constantly increasing as we are working towards expanding our network.

What if I only want a job in a specific location?

The job opportunities are completely based on our hiring partner. We pose no commitments in the aspect of job preference.

Do you provide job-switching options?

No, we do not provide any job-switching options.

What is the minimum Salary I can expect?

According to the norm our StarX Placement Program, you will get a minimum of 5 lakhs per annum.

What do I do if I don’t have a pan card/adhar card?

Pan Card/ Adhar Card is mandatory if you want to enroll for any course at StarAgile.

What is an Income Sharing Agreement?

An Income Sharing Agreement or ISA is a legal document signed between you and StarAgile. You only have to sign the agreement if you want to take our career services. As per ISA, after getting placed the students have to pay INR 10,000 to StarAgile as a career services fee.

When do I need to sign the agreement?

You have to sign the agreement after you have completed the training and cleared the eligibility criteria for the StarX Placement Program. Please note that you only have to sign the agreement if you want to take our placement services.

What if I get a salary package of less than 5 lakhs?

We assure you that the candidates will get a minimum annual CTC of INR 5 LPA, but in case that doesn’t happen due to any case the the income sharing will be done on the below-mentioned basis:
Salary Shared Income(total CTC)
Below 3.5 LPANo Fee
3.5 LPA-4 LPAINR 50,000
4 LPA-5 LPAINR 65,000
5 LPA and aboveNR 10,000

When will I make the payments as per ISA?

The students need to pay after they get placed and get their first salary. They need to pay INR 10,000 to StarAgile as a career services fee which can be paid in easy EMIs.

Do you provide a copy of ISA?

At the time of signing up the document, you will be provided with all the clauses and explained thoroughly about the process. You will be provided with a copy of the same.

What if I don’t give the EMIs?

The EMI collection at StarAgile happens through a third-party NBFC. If you fail to provide the payment, legal actions will be taken against you by the third party. Moreover, it will impact your credit score negatively.

In this Blended training, candidates get access to the pre-recorded video lectures of the training sessions study materials, 24x7 learning support, access to StarAgile’s LMS, IBM certification and a dedicated mentor for doubt clearance. Specially designed for candidates who want flexibility in learning

INR 19,999
  • Learn with flexibility
  • 24*7 support
  • IBM Certification


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India Today ranks StarAgile among the “Best Institutes for Data Science in India””
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The Business Standard remarks StarAgile amid “Best SAFe Agile Certification Institutes in India”
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Success Stories

Sanivada Ananth

Devops, Acheron

Talasila Sas Rekha

Devops, chateus

Harsha Satpute

Devops, Sunfire

Tools Covered

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back track

Devops Projects

AWS DevOps Certification Training Overview

What is AWS DevOps? 

AWS is an IaaS service which means Infrastructure as a service in cloud computing. The Amazon way of implementing DevOps using a cloud platform is the one line explanation of AWS DevOps. AWS offers a certain set of services that are flexible to organizations for building and delivering products using the AWS DevOps best practices. AWS DevOps simplifies infrastructure management and provisioning. Also, makes application code deployment simple. With the help of several tools offered by AWS DevOps, building and deploying software in the cloud has become easy. 

What you will learn from AWS DevOps Training?

The following concepts are explained in detail in the AWS DevOps certification training program. 

• How to use the DevOps best practices 

• Automating the software development life cycle and leveraging automated testing across CI/CD pipeline various stages 

• Deployment strategies 

• Containers 

• Immutable infrastructure 

• Configuration management 

• Infrastructure as a code 

• Automation standards and policies 

• Monitoring, logging, metrics, incident response, event response. 

• Fault tolerance including disaster recovery

• How to use Amazon EC2 systems manager for patch management 

• Difference between all the AWS application deployment technologies like OpsWorks, Elastic container service, Elastic beanstalk, and Elastic container registry.


Course Reviews

Awesome Learning Experience,A Unique Way Of Making The Aspirants Learn And Adapt The Framework Quickly

Awesome learning experience,A unique way of making the aspirants learn and adapt the framework quickly. Thank you StarAgile team for the right way of coaching & training to secure my certification.


Imtiyaz Ahmad S. Jamadar

Software Developer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Awesome Trainer

Awesome trainer. Go for it guyss..


debashish rout

Procurement manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Awesome Session And Well Informed Trainer

Awesome session and well informed trainer. Engaging session, not even a single dull moment. Trainer kept us engaged throughout the session.. more than training it was project and we are were participating in making it successful.Though I am new in AWS but this session kept me engrossed, enjoyed and learned every bit of it.Guess we need more trainers like...who are so thorough with the subject.


Ujwalla Bk

Development Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner


Great course with a strong focus on concepts and learning


Ajay Madhavan

Development co-ordinator

verified-logoVerified Learner

Amazing Training, The Trainer Is Very Good Speaker And He Know The Concept To The Core

Amazing training, The trainer is very good speaker and he know the concept to the core. I have never met a trainer with such good skill to engage the participants and making the concepts so easy to understand and remember. 5* for his training and highly recommend to take up his sessions.


Aditya Gandhi

Solution Architect

verified-logoVerified Learner

AWS DevOps Certification and Training FAQ's

If I cancel the enrolment, will I get a refund?

Absolutely yes. Contact us before the 1st day of training to cancel the enrolment.

What if I miss a class?

StarAgile provides recordings of each class so you can review them as needed before the next session

What are the career opportunities for AWS certified DevOps engineer

When you attend AWS DevOps training and get AWS DevOps certification you can then find the following job opportunities. 

• Cloud engineer 

• System integrator 

• Cloud developer 

• Operational support engineer 

• AWS solutions architect 

• AWS sysops administrator 

• AWS cloud architect 

Are there any prerequisites for this AWS DevOps certification?

Any individual with some basic working experience in the following can apply for the AWS Certified DevOps engineer training. 

• DevOps and AWS 

• AWS development or administration 

• Programming skills in Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, and C#

• Know the working of windows or Linux commands

• Understanding of AWS Command-line interface and AWS management console 

What is the eligibility to attend AWS DevOps training?

Any of the following professionals with minimum experience in the mentioned areas can attend AWS DevOps training

• Technical Lead

• System Administrators

• Solution Architects

• Software Developers

• Project Manager

• Cloud Professionals

Why learn AWS DevOps?

It is the trending technique in software development and every cloud engineer who wants to specialize in development or operations. Learning AWS DevOps will allow you to just not get a better salary but provides extensive knowledge in automating manual tasks and scaling all complex environments.

What is AWS DevOps and why it is used?

DevOps methodology has introduced continuous development, integration, testing, deployment, and monitoring all through the development cycle. AWS means Amazon Web Services that uses cloud computing efficiently for building and delivering products. Therefore, AWS DevOps is implementing DevOps in the Amazon way i.e using cloud computing infrastructure as a service.

It is used to automate the manual processes, allows the team to scale and handle any complex environment, in turn helping the business to serve customers competitively.  AWS Certified DevOps engineer will play a vital role in making this possible.

How hard is AWS DevOps certification?

The AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification test is unquestionably demanding. As a result, to pass the test, candidates must have hands-on expertise with the AWS platform and extensive preparation.

What will I learn in AWS DevOps certification?

Star Agile DevOps certification will equip you for a fast-paced profession working with primary DevOps tools like Chef, Jenkins, Bamboo, Git, Docker, Teamcity, and Nagios. The training will teach the culture of releasing software to the market.

What is the cost of AWS DevOps training?

The cost of AWS DevOps certification is INR 15,999, which includes training, a project, and a certificate. Specialists assess the project, and you will be eligible for the certificate only if it is authorized.

Will I get a certification after completing the AWS DevOps course?

The criteria to receive an AWS DevOps certification is not the course competition but the successful completion of projects. You will receive the certificate after the approval of your project by experts.

AWS DevOps Certification & Exam FAQ's

Is there any exam for AWS DevOps Certification?

You must pass the AWS Solution Architect – Associate test to obtain the AWS Certification. The exam includes two types of questions: multiple choice and multiple responses.

How do I prepare for the AWS Certification exam?

Answer the sample questions during the exam preparation. Sample questions were essential to study because when you get one wrong, you can go back to the prep material to figure out why which will boost your knowledge.

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Course Description

AWS DevOps Training in Bangalore

Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India, and with evolving technology, the city has become a hub for many start-up companies widening the horizon of employment and development. The AWS DevOps course in Bangalore is one such course in the market for professionals to build a career as certified AWSDevOps engineers.
Why is AWS DevOps Course Important?
The AWS DevOps certification in Bangalore is a technically designed course for working professionals and students keen to upgrade their existing skillsets and get better job opportunities. 
Features of AWS DevOps Course in Bangalore
The AWS DevOps training in Bangalore is a live virtual session of 36 hours. The training session is led by 20 years of experienced faculty. The courseware has a comprehensive understanding of the AWS platform and the different technical languages of AWS DevOps. This course teaches candidates to automate a manual process, testing, integration, and deployment. This course also provides access to recorded videos for lifelong. A valid certificate is provided for completing the course.
Why is AWS DevOps Course necessary for Career Growth?
The AWS Solution Architect Associate Training in Bangalore course is for software engineers looking to sore heights of success as AWS cloud architects, Cloud developers or AWS cloud architects, etc. Doing this particular course will widen job opportunities with a higher pay package.
Who needs the AWS DevOps Certification Course?
Aspiring professionals, students, or software engineers with basic technical coding knowledge can apply for the AWS DevOps course and gain an in-depth understanding of AWS principles and fundamentals.

Add the AWS DevOps certification to your resume and get the opportunity to get employed in a globally recognized organization, paving a successful career as a certified AWS DevOps engineer.

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