Why Data Science is Important in 2024

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Jan 05, 2024

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The term big data is on every mouth and there are many reasons for this word to gain all the buzz it is getting. There are so many things big organizations can do with the right use of big data. But it is nothing if there is no expert who knows how to handle it and how to gain insights from it. The big data will be just the collection of data which becomes too hard for the organizations to handle let alone get any useful information from it. With this, the study of data science comes into the picture. This field helps in understanding the use of big data and how that data can be used to make big business decisions. The use of data science does not stop here. So, if you are looking for an answer to the question- of why data science, then you have come to the right page. Here we are going to discuss the benefits that companies are having with data scientists and what are the various applications of data sciences in industries all over the world. By the end of this page, you will be able to understand why we need to study data science and how it is beneficial for us.

We all know that a data scientist has to know all of the relevant skills that including technical skills like machine learning, Python, R, SAS, and much more along with the knowledge of mathematical and statistical applications. They also need to have some non-technical skills like problem-solving attitude, communication skills, and much more. With these skills, they are able to design a data science model that can be very useful in predicting future trends or getting useful insights from the previous trends. They help in getting better information from the data collected from various databases. They mitigate the problem and come up with a solution that is beneficial for the business of the company.

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How does data scientist add value to the companies?

Now that we know what is the job of a data scientist, let us see the ways in which the data scientist adds value to the company and why data science is important:

Empowers to make better decisions

The data scientist in any organization who has gained a certain experience and trust in the company becomes the most trusted advisor for the upper management of the company. They make sure that staff has the maximum statistical capabilities that help them to get the best solution to the problem at hand. They help in facilitating better decisions, also help in measuring and tracking the performances across the organization, and have all the information needed.

Solutions to increase the performance

The job of a data scientist includes finding the hidden trends in the organization which they can find while going through the data of the organization, they can come up with the plan and goals that can help the company to increase its productivity, performance, resource management and ultimately increasing the business for the organization.

Keeps the staff motivated to a certain goal

One of the major responsibilities of the data scientist in any organization is to make sure that the team that is working with the organization has all the analytical capabilities needed to meet the organization’s analytical demands for the product. They need to make sure that best practices are being followed by them that can help them to be motivated and focus on the various key challenges and come up with a solution to that problem.

Find opportunities

A data scientist is not the one who only comes up with the solution when given the problem. He is also responsible to find the question that can help in designing a better solution to the existing processes and products. They should be able to find the opportunities in the existing processes and come up with solutions that can help in increasing productivity. They need to add value that they can derive from the organizational data.

Helps in decision making

Now that the data is collected and useful information has been drawn from it, it is now the job of the data scientist to come up with the business plan to make the decision related to that insight. They should have a piece of data-driven evidence that can help them come up with the plan which they can represent to the business in the company and they can actually implement it in their work to increase productivity.

Full proof those decisions

Another great work that is being done by the data scientists is that they are also responsible to make sure that the decision that is taken to increase productivity is for the better of the organization. They can make sure of the same by testing key metrics related to the decision and making sure that they are able to quantify the success of their plan.

Identifying the target customers

There are various ways in form of surveys, companies like Google collects data from the customers. But that data is not going to be of any use if it is not targeting the defined audience. With the data collected, the data scientist can come up with a plan that can be useful for the targeting audience. They need to identify and come up with those plans and implement them. There is a various analysis that helps them to complete this identification, and when the companies are targeting the customer groups, they can have better margins for their product.

Helps in recruitment

When the job opening is posted, the manager will get a lot of resumes and it becomes very tedious for them to go through each and every resume. So, with the help of the data scientist, they can focus on the data points that are needed for the job and with this analysis, they can find the best talent for the organization. There are various data-driven aptitude tests that are also very useful and helpful in making the process faster and more efficient for the company.

These are some of the best 8 reasons why the company should invest in data scientists.

Different applications of data science in various sectors

Data is dominating most of the fields today and more and more sectors are making the best use of the data they are collecting. So below are some of the best applications of data science in major fields which show why is data science important.


Finance was the first sector to make the best use of this field. There are various risk and fraudulent cases reported in finance sectors and with the help of data science, those can be identified before the damage occurs. Also, with the help of analysis of the data and the responses of the customers, the banks and other financial institutions can form policies and strategies and test them as well. They are very helpful in making investment strategies, the business models for the portfolio, and other important tasks in the finance sector.


Another big sector that has got many benefits from the use of data science in healthcare. There are various applications of data science in this field. With the help of machine learning and algorithms that are designed to scan the images and flaws in those scans, it has become very efficient for doctors to find the issue right away. They are also very helpful in drug discovery and development. With the help of various algorithms and data collected for various surveys, the trend can be found and that can be used to cure or find the diagnosis of certain diseases. They are helpful for the management in the healthcare and come up with solutions for several patients in a better way.


Another field that is based heavily on the use of data science is the gaming sector. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, they are able to create a real-life environment for the gamers and give them a great gaming experience. The data scientist can take data from the previous games and can use it to build more interesting games. They can shape up the coming level as the performance of the person playing the game in the last level. This will help the gamer to have more fun while playing games.


This sector is hugely benefitted from the advent of data science. The trends, how the shoppers behave for certain items, how well the last sale worked, and how to come up with new plans and strategies can be useful for e-commerce websites. They can gain that data and find useful information from the same. They can work on their popular product, can target the audience which will like that product and how that product can be made accessible to those customers. They can use these algorithms to find the time for the next sale and with the data, they can see how beneficial was the strategy.


Manufacturing sectors involve many tasks that are needed to be done over and over again. There is so much labor required in doing those tasks and due to human errors sometimes, there could be a compromise in the product quality. But when data scientists are being employed in the manufacturing sector, they can help come up with the models for machine learning and bots that can help in completing those tasks automatically and with more efficiency. They can check the previous data and come up with a solution for the issues that are present in the plant. With this, they can optimize the costs and labor force in the sector, and with the increase in efficiency of the product, they can achieve a better customer experience.


The most important invention that is being offered to us by data science is the invention of self-driven cars. They are so much in demand now. With the data collected from the fuel consumption, driver’s behavior, and much more, this field has helped in coming up with the models that are intelligently designed to run the car. They are also very useful for navigation. With Google maps showing accuracy, they are very useful for our day-to-day activities. Not only this, the airport companies are finding the use of data science very useful in their operations. They can now have better fuel cost optimization and plan the routes and layovers seeing the data and the customers for their business.

What does the future of data science look like?

There is documentation of all the customer interactions and surveys that are filled and thanks to that data, there are piles of information in the databases of the companies. But if that information is just piling up, then there is no use. Here the roles of data scientists play a significant role and they can make the best use of that data. This data is not going anywhere and hence the role of data science is going to be there in the future. As we have discussed so many industries where the use of data science is helping them achieve millstones, the demand and role of a data scientist in sectors all across the world are going to increase exponentially. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the most powerful technologies and with the help of data science, the data scientist can help the business to make decisions in a much smoother way and those decisions are efficient as well.

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Final Word

This is a fact that the bloom of data science is going on right now and there is no decline in the coming decades. The roles and responsivities that play a major role in the industries are getting huge benefits from their roles. As there are many sectors that are making use of this technology, the number of industries is surely going to increase in the future. In this article, we have seen data science is needed in an organization. Those benefits can make a huge impact on how the companies are doing business nowadays hence they have a very significant role to play.

If you also wish to dive into this career after gaining the knowledge of why data science, then this is just the right time. With StarAgile, you can make sure that you have all the right tools that are needed to make big in this field. You can learn from the best courses there and work in the dream companies. With the certifications and the right guidance, you can have the door of opportunities opened for you.

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