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Apr 01, 2024

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Project Roadmap: A Great Way to Deliver the Project by Meeting Expectations!

In this article, let’s learn all about the project roadmap and we will throw light on the below questions:

What is Project Roadmap?

The need for Project Roadmap?

Simple steps to have your own project roadmap?

Project Plan vs Project Roadmap?

When the project comes to the floor, it falls upon the project manager to visualize and demonstrate the techniques and key milestones to the team and present a way to work forward. One simple way for the project stakeholders to have everything in a clear picture is using Project Roadmap as it helps in providing information regarding resource allocation, goals of the project, expected timeline for the delivery, and much more. There are PMP certification training courses that could help in learning more about the role of the project manager in an organization. But first, learn a little more about the project roadmap.

What is Project Roadmap?

The visualization of goals along with deliverables which are timeline-based, a roadmap in project management is a graphical representation and also an overview of various important pieces of the project. Things like dependencies, aim, key deliverables, along with risks are communicated in a better way when the project roadmap is being complied with by the project manager. It sets appropriate expectations and to coordinate between the team members there is a high-level plan being shared.

The various projects that can use a roadmap include:

  • Sales
  • IT and Technology
  • Marketing and Strategy Development
  • New Business or portfolio Management

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Need for Project Roadmap?

Why is there a need for a road map for a project? To answer this question, a list of all the reasons to use a project roadmap is shared in the article below:

Kick start the project

The beginning of any project can be hard and there is no clarity on various things like tasks and resource distribution. If there is a cloud of uncertainty, the stakeholders might start losing their interest. So to fight this uncertainty, a project roadmap can be created for an overview and it has prepared tasks so that the project can get started.

Meet the expectations

If you wish to deliver a successful project, keeping the stakeholders updated and meeting their expectations is very necessary. This can be done through a roadmap as all the roadblocks, various challenges as well as the timeline is shared with all and can be tracked

Helps in project management

A roadmap in the project can be a great tool for managing a project as it gives a macro-level view of all the things that are going on in the project. A good record of scope and progress can be kept and plans can be made for improving things. Using roadmaps, teams can stay on top of their goals and can achieve them on time as well. Situations of conflict can be managed efficiently and the team is focused.

A roadmap in the project will help in keeping the goal and expectation aligned for the whole team and the stakeholders. With PMP online course, you can learn more about how project planning with roadmaps can help in delivering successful projects.

How to create a Project Roadmap - Simple Steps?

Moving onto the steps that you need to create an effective roadmap in the project, follow these simple steps:

1. The first step will involve choosing the right project management software. There are so many options for you but you should keep in mind that the tool you are using should be helpful and you should familiarize yourself with it as it affects the project quality. Along with this, you should hold a meeting so that team members and stakeholders could get to know all.

2. Make sure to have all the information that you will need for creating a project roadmap. It could include milestones, resource allocation along with the timeline, and the scope. If you wish to track that the objectives are getting met in the process, you need to define them properly in the roadmap. Knowing about the scope and target audience can give you an idea and you will have better direction.

3. Knowing the data points that go into your roadmap is very important. These will help you to track down the progress. So always choose relevant data points in the project roadmap.

4. After getting all things in line, it is time for defining an achievable timeline for the project.

5. You need to create a mock-up roadmap for you to easily work with task dependencies. Getting a holistic view of the project roadmap after mock-up will help in making sure that the project is set all right.

6. With all these considerations, you are all set to flesh it with all the required details and design it. After this, it can be given to the stakeholders to review it as they will want to keep track of the progress of the project from time to time.

Bonus tip: Always keep your roadmap up to date with any changes that may come when the project proceeds. It will make sure that everyone is aware of the things that are changed and are also on the same page.

Project Plan vs Project Roadmap?

If you wondering how the project roadmap is any different from the project plan, we have got you all cleared out below:

The main difference between a project planning and a roadmap is that a project roadmap gives an overview of the whole project whereas, in the project plan, there is a detailed plan which is explained along with task distribution, assignment of responsibilities as well as keeping track of the progress. As the project plan is granular, it is more comprehensive.

But the project roadmap is designed in such a way that dependencies and the variables which will impact the project completion are clearly seen. This is high-level planning. In your PMP training, you will be able to work with project plans and roadmaps.

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Creating a project roadmap can be a beneficial choice for the project. You can learn more about project management at StarAgile with their best PMP course. Project management certifications are in high demand and with this, you can solve the real-life problems in the organization and deliver better quality products. Get the best training and earn your certification soon.


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