Git Vs GitHub : Similarities and Differences Between Git and GitHub

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Oct 09, 2023

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Git Vs GitHub

When you first hear the Git vs GitHub term you may feel what's the difference. That is just the same as the names are common with just the word Hub added to the latter word. Hub means to focus and so you may think GitHub means an extension of Git with some focus. But actually, it is a misconception as both have major differences among them. When we first heard Java and Java script we all thought they are just the same. But later we realize that they are just different. Similarly, you will be surprised to know that these two have some features differing from each other. 

Let us discuss them in detail. First, take a look at the table list all differences between these two, and after that, we have also given a detailed explanation of what of Git and Github. Every DevOps training module covers these two differences in detail because these tools pave way for the success of the DevOps life cycle

Come let us get into the details right away. 

What is the difference between git and GitHub

Git vs Github

Founded byLinux foundation GitHub was a company itself later acquired by Microsoft 
Existing from 20052008 and Microsoft purchased in 2018
Written in45% C, 35% Shell, remaining Perl, TCL, etcRuby
Main Focus Version control as well as sharing codes Centralized source code hosting 
Desktop versionThe desktop interface is called Git GUIThis interface is called GitHub Desktop
User Management featuresNILBuilt-in
Administered throughCommand-line toolWeb
External tool configuration features availability Very minimal Extensive and active for tool integration 
CompetitorsIBM, Clear Case, Subversion Bitbucket, GitLab, Atlassian
Cost Open source licensed. Freeware Both free and paid options available. The paid version will let you buy private repo. Open source repo can be accessed free of cost
What is it in simple words The tool used to manage source codes. All its versions A place to copy all the Git repository
Installed in Local machines Cloud-based system 
Dependency It is independent of GitHubDepends on Git
Internet connection required NOYES

Now, with this table, you will have a brief idea about Git vs GitHub. However, find a clear explanation about each one in the below section to master the differences and never think they are the same. Also, remember not to debate that they are different because they have similarities as well. So what are they letting us analyze? Learn DevOps online to know how to use Git and GitHub.

The similarity between Git and GitHub 

So far we discussed Git vs GitHub and now let us try to connect them. GitHub is a Git repository that allows hosting. GitHub is developed around Git. If you want to understand in layman's terms then tell me the similarity between Face and Facebook. Yes, Facebook publishes the connections faced online. We call it a social media networking tool. It is not your actual face but your database with all your details of yours. Likewise, GitHub will hold the Git repository and host them. This further means that what was once private to you in your local machine Git, can now be accessed by all from GitHub. 

What is GitHub 

It is a space where people across the globe build software. It is a code hosting platform and is cloud-based allowing collaboration and version control to happen. You can work for hands together in any project where the repository will store all your codes.  It is open source and lets each one of you view all the changes in the repository. It is a web-based graphical interface and easily understandable. It processes access control and the basic functionality includes forking. This is a great feature of GitHub where you can copy the repository of another user within GitHub and use it for your project. 

Uses of GitHub 

It saves time with the forking feature. Further, you can modify changes to the forked codes and send a pull request to the source owner to give them a chance to merge the changes for enhancement of their functionality if required. 

Provides great social networking opportunity to developers

Further, the communication is quick with the pull request saving time and you will still get credit for your patch. 

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What is Git?

It is a tool. Version control tool (VCS). Open source VCS. 

What tool? 

A tool to store source codes. 

Why there is a need to store source codes? 

Developers do not land up building effective solutions in just one time. They keep changing, doing, and redoing based on the expected result. Having said that they constantly modify the code. But, is it humanly possible to remember all changes? No, but it is important to remember them to go back or retrieve any detail that may be required for use. Therefore, this tool Git can be installed locally in every machine enabling all source code to be stored. 

Uses of Git 

Git will help developers to refer to their codes 

They can also check the codes of the co-developers to understand the status update 

It is easy to know when a change is made and in case of any bugs identified

What next

I am sure the difference between Git and GitHub is very clear now. Now, it's time to use them both and master them. Wondering how just join DevOps online training to play with these tools and get ready to face the world. Check for the DevOps course which provides an opportunity to you to do a project so that gain real-time experience and clearly understand Git Vs GitHub to use it properly 


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