Overview of Enterprise Project Management

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Jan 25, 2022

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Managing one single project can be a difficult task. If the organization has to manage a whole portfolio of projects, the task can be as difficult as the number of projects. Each project might involve different departments, branches, teams, events, and countries. Project management professionals can use enterprise project management to effectively oversee and manage all the projects. The enterprise project management (EPM) techniques and software leverage strategic thinking, a modern approach of management, and a suite of software and automation tools.

Below, you will walk through different aspects of EPM and the use of specific software. It provides an outline of enterprise project management and the process of its implementation in a company.   

Outline of Enterprise Project Management

It is the practice that involves managing projects by the project manager on a wide scale. It involves the coordination of complex projects. The various elements of enterprise project management include:

  • Analysis of risk.
  • Project reviews.
  • Structured estimation.
  • Project management coaching.
  • Time accounting.
  • Escalated issue management.
  • Information system management.

Some of the elements are similar to each other. The only difference between these is that they are used on a larger scale. The process of enterprise project management in valves and strong leadership takes the help of project management software to manage a project successfully.

Work of an Enterprise Project Manager

The enterprise project manager is present over various projects that occur on a large scale across diverse departments. The chief role of a manager is to ensure all projects meet the goals and expectations of the organization. The key skill of the project manager includes highlighting and prioritizing the business goals while grouping and managing projects according to the need.

At some point or the other, some projects no longer become viable. It provides a lower return on investment than the one planned originally. If the company decides to make a trade-off during this situation, the manager wisely suggests which project to sacrifice to avoid the loss. They also monitor the poorly performing projects to enter the growth of other projects.

One of the key components of enterprise project management is identifying projects that are no longer viable. The manager has the power to ditch such projects for more lucrative options. It involves specific tools and workflows that offer the product manager a clear view of the various moving parts of a project.

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Software Dealing With Enterprise Project Management

When one speaks about what is enterprise project management, it is a tool that helps every organization to manage various projects. Any company can manage the projects either on a long-term basis or daily. The works of the enterprise project management include everything from monitoring the scope creep, measuring, and many more. In some cases, the EPM project management tool happens to be a full-fledged management tool that extends beyond any single project management.

Capabilities of Good Project Management Software

Every effective enterprise project management software offers features including:

Management of Project Portfolio

Portfolio management happens to be one important feature for enterprise project managers. Especially the one who manages various projects across the business areas. The portfolio for kids features helps to allow these project managers to analyze the various returns. Various large enterprises require management software that helps to allow the project managers to manage the global team and keep the update in a real-time format. They also help to inspire team communication adequately.

Management of the Global Team

It is not an unusual idea to manage any remote project. Even if the product is distributed among multiple teams, enterprise project managers can manage it well. Due to the focused portfolio features, the project managers analyze the potential returns on these projects while reviewing the scope and costs of the project. It helps gain a big picture of the potential and current projects that help tackle all the tasks.


Any traditional project management includes our collaborative efforts. But in the case of enterprise project management, one can think of these collaborations as the next level. It helps to collaborate between business units, multiple teams, and sometimes various project managers.


Enterprise project management helps to encompass various organizational needs. Therefore as a manager, one must choose the best software that helps meet the needs while being flexible. For instance, certain software help create the knowledge base while monitoring the software development. One should look for software to help team growth while supporting multiple tools.

Some of the best APN system products include:

  • Oracle Hyperion reporting and analysis framework.
  • SAP.
  • Oracle Hyperion SQR production reporting.
  • Anaplan INC.
  • Oracle Hyperion interactive reporting.
  • IBM.
  • One stream software.
  • Insight software.
  • Oracle Hyperion financial reporting.
  • Workiva.
  • Oracle Hyperion web analysis.

Certification of the Project Management Professionals

Project Management Professional certification includes an agile, hybrid, and predictive approach. PMP training superchargers the career option for any project leader. It helps various organizations to find the people who would perform better and work smarter.

Why Choose the Project Management Professional Life?

Choosing the PMP certification training course would help make the goals into reality. Apart from that, the other reasons include:

Project management professionals tend to add value. It demonstrates the various employee skills and dedication towards excellence. People undergoing a PMP certification course are impressed with the capacity to perform at any highest level.

The project management professional delivers the needed benefits. The person with PMP training gets better pay than those who do not have the training.

The training helps you to work smart. It entails having the needed skill to increase the organization's impact and drive out the business result.

Final Thoughts

Project management professionals can undergo enterprise project management certification courses and equip themselves to manage large and multiple projects. With the proper training, EPM professionals can develop understanding and foresight about such projects, and it is one of the important aspects of enterprise project management.

From the tools you use to complete a task to align it with your project goals, you must understand every aspect. One should communicate through the goals to be efficient in the management skills. With a project management certification, you can validate your skills as a project leader. However, you should choose the best project management institution for your PMP certification. It promises a great career.


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