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Jun 13, 2022

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AWS is becoming a demanding field and whether it is a small enterprise or a big tech giant, they are moving towards this for their cloud computing needs. With the rise in the demand for AWS services, there is a surge in the jobs in the market as well. Nowadays the jobs for solution architects are on roll and if you are also thinking of boarding this train and want to learn more about aws solution architect roles and responsibilities then you have come to the right page. Here not only we are going to share what is solution architect and what are its roles and responsibilities, but we are also going to share the skillset that you need to become a successful one in your career. We will share some of the best platforms where you can enroll in their best AWS Training and get the certifications of your dream. But first, let us prepare you for your journey by knowing more about aws solution architect roles and responsibilities.

Who is an AWS Solution Architect?

An AWS Solution Architect serves as a liaison between the business needs and the technological solutions that are provided by Amazon. They are responsible for making sure that the management of the organization’s cloud needs and computing architecture is going on the right path. They should have a very good knowledge of the architectural principles and services that are used to develop the strategy needed for cloud services in any organization. They are needed to make sure that the review of the workload of architecture, cloud migration, and guidelines of how to mitigate the risk in the organization are managed in the right way. In this role, the individual makes sure that they are working with the advanced cloud-based solutions and also helping the organization to migrate the already existing ones to the cloud.

What are the roles and responsibilities of an AWS Solution Architect?

Now that we have a fair understanding of what solution architect is, we will move on to learn more about their roles and responsibilities. This will help you understand the kind of work that will fall on your shoulder and will prepare you for the career ahead for the solution architect job description. There are major tasks that are taken care of by a solution architect:

Coming up with a solution

There is so much data in the companies and there is a need to make sure that various systems are integrated. The solution architect makes sure that the system is fitted to the environment of that company and that different parts of the system ate working together. A deep analysis is needed to be done to come up with a solution to meet the cloud computing needs of the company. They need to make the plan as per the requirements of the client.

Contact with stakeholders

Another important task that an aws solution architect has to perform is to make sure that they are focused on the stakeholders’ needs. They need to make sure that the needs and requirements are met properly in the team and there should be no compromise. He works closely with the stakeholders and keeps them informed about the budgets, progress, and cost of the process. They act as a bridge between the business and the team which is going to work on the project. They make sure that the technical needs are communicated pretty well to the rest of the team who is going to work for that solution.

Look for the project constraints

There are many things that are needed to be taken care of when the project is going on like the scope, timeline, cost, resources, and quality of the deliverables. These things are handled by the solution architect and they make sure that the software and hardware needs of the projects are met and the analysis is done before the work actually begins. They also make sure that the documentation which will have the scope, goal, and other tasks properly defined is designed so that everyone is on the same page and working towards the shared goal.

Part of technical planning

As an aws solution architect, you need to make sure that the technical needs of projects are met. There are many things included in this like the programming language, the development platform, and the operating system that will be used for the development process. As there are so many options available in the IT market now, this becomes a complicated task for the solution architect but with the right tools and knowledge, he can choose the right one that fits the project completely and efficiently.

Part of the non-technical requirement

There are many non-technical requirements that are part of the project. Those are also handled by solution architect and they need to make sure that there is no ambiguity in the same. These needs can vary from project to project in the organization.

Other roles and responsibilities that are part of this job profile include:

  1. Building, and maintaining the cost-efficient and scalable cloud environment as well as architecting them as per the objectives.
  2. Knowing the business needs and coming up with the solution to work best in the favor of the organization. Providing the cloud-based solutions to work in the direction of those objectives.
  3. Maintaining the digital transformation in the organization will include the task of moving the archaic system to the clouds to have better efficiency within the organization.
  4. Make sure that the security of the environments is given priority and there is no downtime of the applications due to the security breaches in the organization.
  5. Along with looking for a way to determine the risk associated with the third-party frameworks, looking for a way to improve the operations for the digital transformation is part of the job. A solution architect needs to make sure that there is no data leakage or downtime in any application.
  6. Creating a better and more efficient communication channel within the team that includes the sales, operation and IT needs is needed for the role. As mentioned above, having constant touch with the stakeholder is the major responsibility of the solution architect.

Skills required to become an AWS Solution Architect

These great responsibilities can be handled when you have the right skill set in your pocket. So below are some of technical as well as non-technical skills that you can hone to make sure that you fit right into the role of a solution architect in any organization.

Programming languages

When you are going for this role, you should have a sound knowledge of various languages that are needed for software development. Having an upper hand in languages like C#, Python, Java, and other languages can be very helpful. It will help the solution architect to come up with the solution and be part of the team. As coding is one of the major tasks, knowing these languages is very helpful.

Knowledge of the networking

When you are going to work as solution architect, you will need to have your VPC peering, new solutions, and other networking needs, So, keeping yourself updated with the terms mentioned below is very much needed. In your AWS Training, you can learn all about them and get a deep understanding of how to use them. Along with this having knowledge of cloud-related technology is needed to give your best to your role.

  • TCP/IP
  • DNS
  • HTTP
  • VPN
  • CDN
  • SSH access
  • Route 53
  • VPC
  • CloudFront


There are various DB concepts that are needed when you are working as an architect in your organization. Databases are the major part of the projects and the aws solution architect maintains them and handles them. The terms mentioned below are helpful. They can use this knowledge to give the best storage solution to the company that can increase the performance and capabilities of these databases.

  • Hadoop clusters,
  • Bucket Storage
  • S3 (Amazon Simple Storage)
  • Amazon Glacier
  • RDS

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Now coming to the non-technical skills that you need to hone for this role are:


This is majorly one of the most important skills that you need to have when you are working on any project. As you are going to be the bridge between the business and technical team, you should have a proper channel for your communication so that everyone understands what is needed to be done in the project. Having time to time meetings and sharing feedback and other things can be done to enhance communication within the team.


As the role demands coming up with the solutions to meet the needs of the client, there should be created in the solution architect so that they can design and deliver the innovative business solutions that are also under the budget, and time and match other human constraints.

Team Collaborations

As virtual communication has become the new normal, the solution architects need to take the responsibility of imparting their knowledge to the beginners in the team and lead them toward a path of success and progress.

They also have to make team collaborations work well by giving the credentials for the team members' dedication that encourages them to do better.

Flexibility and problem-solving nature

As there are different requirements in each of the projects, the solution architect needs to have an open mind and flexibility as no client is going to be the same. They should come up with the best solution whatever is presented in front of them. Their problem-solving nature will help them in doing so and they can think, create, design, provision, and deliver that solution timely as per the requirements of the client.

Final word

It is indeed a fact that in the next decade, the jobs for AWS Solution architects are going to increase exponentially and there are some great roles that you can land if you wish to start your career. On this page, you learned all about the skills and aws solution architect roles and responsibilities that are needed to become a solution architect. These skills are needed to make sure that you grow in your career. A solution architect is a demanding as well as a competitive job. You can make sure that you are ahead of the crowd by having AWS Certification in your bag.

With the right training for AWS DevOps Certification from the best platforms like StarAgile, you can make sure that you have given the best shot in your career. Here you will learn all about the networking terms, and languages needed to work as an aws solution architect, and cloud technologies. The professionals here will help you understand all about the aws solution architect job description. You will be equipped to enter this world. So, learn now to give the best shot in your career.

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