Data Science with Python Certification Course in Pune

The Data Science with Python Training is designed keeping the data scientist role in mind. Python has been accepted as an easy-to-use language and thus data analysis becomes simple. Also, the library availability of python allows it for greater community participation. This course module consists of details of data analytics tools and all the effective techniques used in Python. The online course is structured in such a way to provide in-depth knowledge and offers a great career in data science.

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Key Features

  • 44 hours of Live-Virtual Training
  • 4 industry-based projects
  • Hands on assignment for each module
  • Life time access to all recorded sessions
  • No Cost EMI Available
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What is Data Science with Python Certification? What Skills you will learn?

The Data Science with Python Course will teach you right from the basics of Python programming allowing you to master the concepts. This training aims at introducing data analysis, data visualization, data wrangling, data exploration, mathematical computing, and web scraping using Python. Further, it covers machine learning (ML) concepts, and natural language processing (NLP). At the end of this training, you will be able to use the data analytic tools using Python. 

Python Data Science Course Certificate


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Course Reviews

This Is One Of The Best Training I Have Attended So Far

This is one of the best training I have attended so far. The way the trainer progressed the class is very much interesting and activity based,.we don’t require any other resource if we listen carefully during the training. I really got to learn data science without any ppts or books. This is such a wonderful learning experience and since the training is purely activity based you will not forget any thing. Thanks StarAgile for this wonderful training.


Susithra Karuppuswamy

Junior Data Scientist

verified-logoVerified Learner

Overall Training Was Fire

Overall training was fire. But the best part was trainer, he explained so clearly that I would not forget the concepts in my entire life. Even the learning material provided by StarAgile was top-notch.


Sireesh Srivastava

Data Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

We Felt Comfortable With The Trainer And Was Free To Ask Even The Very Basic Questions, He Kept Us Engaged Throughout The Class

We felt comfortable with the trainer and was free to ask even the very basic questions, he kept us engaged throughout the class. It was really very interactive and revision was done on each topic before moving to the next topic. All realistic and real Time examples were taken to explain the concepts, pros and cons.


Prakash G

Business Intelligence Developer

verified-logoVerified Learner

All Practical Activities Were Done By The Participants It Self To Get More Understanding On The Concepts

All practical activities were done by the participants it self to get more understanding on the concepts.and getting real time experience. All participants have mastered the fundamentals of Data Science.


Akash Praharaj

Junior Data Scientist

verified-logoVerified Learner

"I Got To Know About This Institute Through My Friend - The Best Institute For Data Science With Python Course

"I got to know about this institute through my friend - the best institute for Data Science with Python course. I attended Data Science with Python courser, the training was wonderful, practical, interactive and informative. Hearty thanks to the StarAgile team."


Pramod Kumar

Data Analyst

verified-logoVerified Learner

Data Science with Python Certification and Training FAQ's

Do I need coding experience to learn Data Science with Python Course?

You do not need prior coding experience to learn Data Science with Python Course because the training starts with the basics.

What is Python?

Python is a high-level, object-oriented, interpreted programming language with dynamic semantics. The high-level built-in data structures in combination with dynamic binding and typing make it the best for quick application development and are also used as a scripting language.

What skills can I expect from Data Science with Python Course?

The Data Science with Python Course will equip you with skills to use data analytic tools with Python.

How do Data Scientists use Python in their job?

Data Scientists use Python to automate reports, academic research, reporting, and predicting for business and web scraping.

What does your 24/7 support means and what can I expect from the same?

We are available to your concerns 24/7 via email, chat, and calls. Reach our website and at once you can witness our Chatbot eagerly waiting to help you. 

Who is the point of contact for getting more details about the course?

  • Visit Staragile Contact us page. Submit the form 
  • Send an email with your query to [email protected]
  • Call us 
  • Click on Drop a Query 

 Follow any of the above methods to get in touch with us.

What is the time duration for this Data Science Course?

The Data Science with Python course is a 44-hour live virtual training.

Steps involved in enrolling for the Data Science in Python course?

  • Visit Staragile Website
  • Choose the Course 
  • Select the Mode of Course 
  • Make payment via Credit or Debit card. Use the Net banking method, NEFT, Wallets.

Do you provide any group discounts for classroom training programs?

Yes, it is decided on a case to case basis and we would request you to reach us for more details.

Is it possible to cancel my enrollment along with a refund?

It is possible to cancel the enrolment and Staragile will refund the course fee with a minimum deduction of the administration fee.

How can I compensate for my missed classes?

If you have opted for a recorded video class, then you need not worry about missing classes as you can watch the video based on your choice. 

However, if you have selected for an online class, then still you will get the recorded video of every session. Thus you can refer to the missed classes from them.

Will the Data Science using Python be a live virtual training, or just pre-recorded videos?

Both options are available with us for you to attend the data science using Python course. You decide and make payment accordingly for either an online class or access to recorded videos alone.

What are the different modes of Data Science with Python Course training?

Live virtual or online training

Choose the timing and attend the data science with Python class from your place of convenience using a PC via a video call. This is interactive and you can communicate with the trainer online. 

Online Self Learning 

In this mode, you will get access to the recorded videos and you can watch them based on your time convenience.

How are the trainer’s selected for offering training in Python Data Science Course

The trainers associated with Staragile are industry experts in data science with more than a decade of experience in teaching. Staragile has selected the best trainers upon making them go through a rigorous hiring process. They have proven track records and subject matter experts.

8. What are the project types incorporated with this Course?


Which are the case studies that will be a part of this Data Science with Python Course?


What is CloudLab?

It is a cloud-based virtual lab that helps in learning and practicing several tools including Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, and Big Data like (Hadoop or Spark) technologies. 

It is pre-installed along with Python packages on the cloud-lab as it is a cloud-based Jupyter Notebook and makes life easy for the participants to execute all the demos shown in class as well as execute real-time projects.

Explain the prerequisites for attending the Data Science using Python Course?

A basic understanding of coding and awareness of at least one scripting language will help. Good in mathematical computation, statistics, and reasoning with college graduation is the prerequisite to attend Data Science using Python Course.

What is the system requirement for data science with Python training course online

It is not much different from other online courses but for running Python you need a 32 or 64-bit operating system. It can be a PC or Laptop with Windows or Mac. 1 GM RAM support is required.

Is there a Data Science with a Python course online?

Yes, it is possible to learn data science using python online. The exponential growth in technology has made this possible with a minimum system requirement. You can attend the class online at your convenience and from home. You get access to all training materials and videos for future reference. Further, you will get access to our blogs which will be updated periodically with the latest development in data science tools and techniques.

Why is Python preferred for Data Science?

Python is easy to use because of its simple syntax. Python makes it easy for individuals without an engineering background to work with it.

What are the job roles available after getting Data Science with Python Course?

Finish the data science with Python course to build a data science project portfolio from your browser with Pandas, Sklearn, TextBlob, Plotly, etc.

How is this Data Science with Python Course changing the world?

Programmers code the search engine with Python to obtain information without digging at the library. Businesses display their ads for visibility on the internet.

Which Companies use Python?

All multinational companies like Google, Intel, IBM, NASA, JP Morgan Chase, Facebook, Netflix, Etc., use Python.

What is the need to learn Data Science using Python?

The data scientist needs to access the NumPy and SciPy libraries to quickly being with the technical and scientific computing tasks. Thus learning Python provides access to many data science libraries namely NumPy, Pandas and hence it is the perfect language to implement algorithms and develop applications. 

Data Science with Python Certification & Exam FAQ's

Can I learn data science with Python?

Python is well-suited for data science. While it may not be the best language for the job, it is possible to learn data science with Python.

How Long this Certification Valid for?

The Data Science course with Python from StarAgile is valid for a lifetime.

3. Does Staragile provide any practice tests?

The practice test is part of the Python Data Science Course and 1 test is given before the actual certification exam. It is called the mock exam which will be similar to the actual exam. The duration of the test is 60 minutes and will contain 50 MCQ questions. It is possible to pause the test and retake it at a later time. 

2. Explain the process to get StarAgile Python certificate

Online Live Virtual Training 

  • Register for the course and attend the entire Data Science using Python training class 
  • Choose one project with the help of the trainer and complete the same to become eligible for a certification  

Self-Learning Online 

  • Register and attend 85% of the training program 
  • Choose a project and complet

1. Who provides the Data Science using Python certification? What is the validity of the same?

Register for the Python Data Science Course with Staragile. After completing the course you will get a course completion certificate from Staragile which is valid for a lifetime and is recognized in the industry.

Additional FAQ's

Is Python best for data science?

Python is one of the best languages used for data science. With libraries such as NumPy and SciPy, it is easy to manipulate and analyze data.

Is data science with Python easy?

Python is a user-friendly programming language that is well-known. Python makes it possible for anyone to learn the basics and start working with data.

Is R better than Python for data science?

Both languages have their strengths and weaknesses. Some experts believe R is better for data science tasks due to its powerful built-in libraries and capabilities.

How much Python do data scientists need?

Learning the basics of Python will give you a strong foundation for working with data. These include oops concept, control statements, and data types.

What programming language is best for data science?

Python is widely used because of its many libraries useful for data analysis and machine learning. Other languages to use are R, Java, and MATLAB.

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About Python Data Science Course

Data Science with Python Pune

The beautiful city of Pune is known for its lush surroundings and shares proximity to the teaming city - Mumbai. It is thus a city that is fast becoming the top recruitment hub of India as an alternative to Mumbai. 

However, there is an extreme shortage of skilled professionals in the region with data handling, leading to analysis problems. Therefore, having a Data Science with Python Certification in Pune can help you tap into the extensive opportunities this bustling city provides.

Using the proper training for Data Science with Python Course in Pune helps you gain much more than a certificate. It enables you to get the best learning and research experience, which is critical to establishing a solid career ahead.  

What does the Data Science with Python Course in Pune entail?

The suitable Python for Data Science Course in Pune must impart training and lifelong learning resources. Such a program must be tailored to suit your busy schedule and help you reach your personal goals. Hence, the Data Science with Python Training in Pune must be comprehensive and involve personalized feedback to augment your learning outcomes. The experts must have craved a name for themselves as trainers for Python for Data Science Training in Pune.

All this helps you get practical tips and learn about industry best practices to handle and streamline the operations. The training program must also include additional learning materials and resources that are free for a lifetime.

Thus, the Data Science with Python Course in Pune will help you to add critical in-demand skills to your resume. It helps you handle the data demands and differentiate the user data with the use of essential tools.

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