SAFe Lean Portfolio Management Training and Certification in Hong kong

We are in the digital era and no longer have time to plan, make investment targets and manage the portfolio in a slow-paced manner. Everything should happen concurrently and yes we must embrace de-centralized decision making. That’s exactly where SAFE Lean Portfolio management (LPM) training helps. This training program will allow individuals to make a business plan and align the organization goal effectively without negotiating on modernization.

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Key Features

  • 2 - Days Interactive session
  • Certification Examination Fee Included
  • Get 24 PDUs and SEUs on course accomplishment
  • Learn the practical aspects of applying LPM to your business
  • One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform, which includes access to the LPM Community of Practice
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What You Will Learn in SAFe Lean Portfolio Management Training?

The training program is a well designed and evenly distributed course that will start with the basics of the LPM by defining and explaining the same. Later it deep dives and educates the learner on the following topics. Soon after getting an idea about the basics of LPM the participants are allowed to understand the right way to link the portfolio with the enterprise strategy. Understanding is the key to connection and successful accomplishment. Hence the next step is to enlighten the portfolio vision establishment followed by finding the right way to use Kanban for the identified portfolio. Now, you must learn to budget and yes in detail know about lean budget guardrails, this is followed by Kanban flow. Then know how to support the Agile Communities of Practice (CoPs) Coordinate the value streams and establish the budget Measure the performance of the LPM function. Finally, you are now ready to build a concrete plan for implementing Lean Portfolio Management. In the process, you will learn in detail about investment funding, lean governance, and agile portfolio operations. You will have a detailed education about the portfolio canvas tools that help to capture the portfolio state.


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SAFe Lean Portfolio Management Certification and Training FAQ's

Purpose of SAFe Lean Portfolio Management Course?

The primary objective of the course is to know how to establish lean portfolio management. Also, it differentiates LPM from TPM (traditional portfolio management). Thus those who already know TPM can now learn to shift their mindset to LPM and others who do not know will understand LPM better by comparing with TPM. 
Overall, the course focuses on educating individuals about the three essential portfolios namely the strategy and investment funding, agile portfolio operation and lean governance.      

Eligibility to attend Lean Portfolio Management training in Hong kong?

One who has a familiarity with agile and its concepts with experience in working in a SAFe environment can attend the training. Irrespective of the role you play in your organization as a release train engineer, epic owner, business manager, enterprise architect, solution manager or enterprise agile coach you can take part in the training and get benefitted or attended Leading SAFe or SAFe POPM, Experience working in a SAFe environment.

Is there a major advantage of attending LPM course and obtaining a certification?

Yes, there is just not one, but you can reap many benefits by attending the training program and obtaining certification. 

First, let us explain things in the knowledge front. You can learn the importance of LPM and connect portfolio with enterprise strategy. It will become easy to implement lean budgeting, coordinate value streams and build the right place for implementing LPM. All these learning will let you achieve the organization's goal. 
Thus your company will grow and so you will in terms of position and finance. 

In terms of recognition, every participant will get course materials, completion certificate, one-year membership with the SAFe community. 

What are the steps involved in registering for SAFe Lean Portfolio Management course and examination?

Choose the right training institute and attend the 3-day classroom training program. Collect the materials and prepare for the exam. The training will provide detailed practical experience to prepare oneself for the examination. 
Apply for the exam once you complete the course and preparation. You can appear for the exam within 30 days after completing the course. 
Attend the online multiple-choice question examination to complete 60 questions in 120 minutes. 
If you have scored a 70% mark, then you are eligible for certification. Yes, provide at least 42 right answers. 
Collect your PDF certificate and you are now a certified SAFe Lean Portfolio Manager. 
In case, you fail to clear the exam, then pay USD 50 for another attempt immediately. For every retake, you need to pay USD 50 and you can try until 4 times with a stipulated waiting time between each attempt. No waiting period for the second attempt. For the third and fourth attempts, you must wait for 10 and 30 days respectively. 
Renew the membership after one year. 

Do we have an option to attend virtual training in the place of classroom training?

 No, classroom training is mandatory to understand and practice with real-time examples. 

Who will offer the Lean Portfolio Management certificate?

SAFe Lean Portfolio Manager Certification is offered by Scaled Agile, Inc. They are the certifying body and you can validate the details from their website. 


What is the validity of the certificate?

The certificate is valid for one year from the date of clearing the examination. You can renew the validity after one year.

How to renew the LPM certificate?

Use the login credentials with which you appeared for the examination and pay USD 295 to renew the certificate. The certificate is valid for one year. 

Who delivers Lean Portfolio Management Training in Hong kong?

A SAFe certified and experienced professional worked/ing as a coach with more than two decades of experience in an agile environment handles this course. With their experience they will be able to demonstrate the concepts at ease and also provides numerous scenario based examples. 

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