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Feb 14, 2022

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One of the best systems which are used in a team setting is the Kanban System. But why is it gaining so much popularity and why professionals are going for kanban certifications? Well, to answer this question, we have gathered all the information you need about Kanban and its certifications. So if you are looking to have advancement in your career and want to adopt this efficient and time-effective system for your team as well then this is the right page for you. Here we are going to explain all about the Kanban system, its advantages and then we will explore various Kanban certifications along with their merits. Furthermore, at the end of this article, you are going to find the best place where you can complete your kanban course and start training for the various kmp certification. So first let’s get our understanding strong in the following points.

What is the Kanban System?

With the proper visualization and an effective workflow in the team, the Kanban system is becoming one of the best practices among the teams which helps them in cutting down costs and have an effective way of working using various tools in this system.  Using this, the team can have better results and with a more descriptive way of working, the team can be motivated to achieve more effectively. While using the kanban board in the team, the team can attain maximum flexibility along with maintaining a competitive edge in the market. There are various advantages of practicing the kanban system in the team and some of them are mentioned below:

Visibility and efficiency are the best advantages when the team is going for a kanban approach in their team. The team will have better efficiency due to the visualization of those tasks and areas to work on. This will lead to better productivity in the team. With kanban training, you will find various methods that can be used in the team to increase productivity.

There is a work in progress limit and various charts that can help the team to manage the work and these limits prevent the team from taking on more work than required. Kanban roadmap and backlog management help the team to be flexible and do not hamper the progress of the project at any point in time. Also, with this, the collaboration between the team members also increases.

Now that we have a better idea of why teams are going for the kanban approach in their projects, we will throw light on what is kanban certification and what the benefits of those certifications are in brief below!

Kanban Certifications and their Advantages

We have seen in the past few years that the importance of certifications for a particular technology, method, or approach has become significantly important. There are various reasons that people and various companies are looking for candidates with these certifications as this can be used as an extent of knowledge and training that they have in that particular field. Keeping this in mind, there are various kanban certifications. There are various certifications to prove the understanding and knowledge of the kanban system and this method, but there are four most prominent certifications that are very popular among the teams. So below, you are going to find all about them along with their benefits.

  1. Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) certification
  2. Kanban Management Professional (KMP) certification
  3. Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) Certification
  4. Certified Kanban Expert™ (Kanban-EXP™) Certification
  5. Certified Kanban Project Manager™ (Kanban-PM™)
  6. Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) Certification

Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) Certification

Known as TKP certification, it can be very useful for the individual who wants to adopt the kanban technique in their practice and wants to have control over their team which will help in increasing efficiency and collaboration. There are various levels of people who can go for this certification. This popularly consisted of managers, team members who are getting into the higher role. Using this certification, the fundamentals of the kanban framework can be understood. There are various advantages to this certification:

1. The goals are clearly visible and there is a defined way to the objective and the path of completion to the project.

2. Management of workflow in the team along with better visibility of core and values of the project which lead to the efficient delivery of the project.

3. This certification training helps in enhancing the collaborative approach to work in a team setting and have a better hand on business agility.

4. Having an idea of approaches to take risks and having better management of various tasks, line items, and goals of the project.

Kanban Management Professional (KMP) certification

If we talk about the most popular and widely known certification among professionals then it has to be the KMP certification. This certification is best for the individual who wants to have efficient learning about the kanban management approach in the team. They will learn about streamlining the workflow, working in the best interest of their organizations as well as the clients. The certified professionals will take up the role of the team managers which will help the team to understand the fundamentals of kanban and practice them in the team. They help in the proper and effective implementation of the kanban approach in the team. The benefits include:

1. You will learn about the fundamentals and have in-depth knowledge of the basics of the system along with the best practices.

2. The responsiveness and the in-time delivery can be managed with the knowledge gained during this certification. They are able to manage the inventory and make sure that things are running in a smooth way following the kanban approach in the team.

3. The professional with the LMP certification will help the team in practice more collaboration by having the approach of work in limits that will help the team to avoid overburden and work seamlessly towards their end goal with more efficiency.

Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) Certification

If you are looking for a position as a kanban coach, then this certificate is just right for you. In this certification your ability of the former knowledge of the kanban system, you practice and the experience is being evaluated and you will have authority as the coach for the team. They are professionals who will bring change to the organization and help in setting up better work practices within the team as well as the organization. There is a high value to kanban certification as this comes with these benefits:

1. There are private forums of collaborations that are only available to the KCP professionals. The individual will have access to those forums.

2. The coach will have better communication with clients and can help them understand the various and advanced techniques that can be followed in the team using the kanban approach.

3. If you are KCP certified, there will be a plethora of opportunities for you in this expertise and the doors will open for various jobs and opportunities that follow kanban methodology.

Along with These, There are Some More Certifications:

1. Certified Kanban Expert™ (Kanban-EXP™) Certification will help the individual to gain better knowledge of various practices of the kanban system and have knowledge about the operations, process delivery, and various aspects of the project. These certifications can be completed by anyone with an interest in this.

2. Certified Kanban Project Manager™ (Kanban-PM™) will help the individual develop in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of the Kanban approach and have all the skills required practicing them on the team. They will have full accountability of the team and manage all the tasks in the team.

3. Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) Certification. If you are looking to provide training to the class then this is the right certification for you. The AKT-certified professionals can go to private classes as well as have the advanced knowledge of kanban and meet the study requirements of the students.

Kanban Certification


Indeed there are various certifications that are available if you want to have expertise in Kanban. The kanban approach is very useful as mentioned above, so with the information provided above, you can choose the best certification for you so that you can have better advancement in your career. With Kanban, teams are seeing higher productivity and better results in their management. The organizations are always in search of certified kanban practitioners for their teams.

So if you are looking for the best kanban course online now, as promised we have the best name for you- StarAgile. Here you are going to learn from the certified professionals who themselves have so much experience in this field. You will have real-time knowledge and can handle the team when the time comes. So grab your opportunity now and learn from the best platform to give wings to your career.


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