Types Of AWS Certifications And Their Cost?

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Jun 28, 2022

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AWS is amongst the most prominent training and certifications available. Per the studies, AWS accounts for 70% of the digital marketplace, which means that 7 out of every 10 jobs you apply for will be dependent on AWS. Today, this blog aims to advise you on the amazon web services certifications to pursue and more statistics based on your employment objectives. 

Implications of AWS Training and Certification

Amazon web services certificate has the following pluses and minuses:

  • Any specialist can use AWS Certification to demonstrate their technical information and enhance their vocation.
  • AWS accreditation makes visual of your technical competencies.
  • Allows you to join the Networking Forum.
  • AWS certification opens the door to new possibilities.
  • Allows you to increase your self-confidence.
  • It connects you with a community between peers and AWS thinking leaders.

The following are some of the essential AWS training and certifications to help you advance in your career:

  • Foundation 
  • Associate 
  • Professional
  • Speciality 

Costs and Types of AWS Certification

AWS training and certifications are divided into 12 main categories. They are grouped into four major groups, each further divided as discussed in the following section.

Each certification covers a different set of skills, and they all fit into a hierarchy. It begins at the fundamental level and progresses to the professional standard, depending on the subject's knowledge. 

The Beginning Stage

This level is primarily for you if you already have at least 6-months of industry experience and have worked on the AWS infrastructure frequently. If you fall under this category, you can only pursue one sort of certification.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

If you've collaborated on the virtualized Amazon web services environment in a professional or non-technical function, this qualification is for you. assessment Information about the AWS certification cost for Cloud Practitioner Certification:

  • 90 minutes in length
  • US$100 (US$20 for the practice assessment)
  • Associate's Degree

If you already have at minimum a year of expertise addressing problems and creating solutions utilising the amazon web services cloud, this certification is for you. The following documentations are available at this level: Developer, Solutions Architect, and SysOps Administrator.

Associate Solutions Architect

This assessment validates your ability to create distributed systems in the Amazon Web Services cloud. It is mostly concerned with cloud architecture. It gives you a quick overview of how AWS provides encryption, connection, and data advanced analytics.

  • 130 minutes in length
  • US$150 (US$20 for the practice assessment)

Associate SysOps Administrator

This certification verifies your knowledge of amazon web services cloud deployment, administration, and operations. It is designed for all AWS employees, not only SysOps Administrators. It helps you understand the infrastructure better.

  • 130 minutes in length
  • US$150 (US$20 for the practice assessment)

Associate Developer

This assessment measures your establishing and maintaining an Amazon Web Services application. After completing and filling the AWS solution architect certification cost in India for the Associate level, you should pursue this certification.

  • 130 minutes in length
  • In India, it is approximately 12k (2k for the practice assessment)

The Professional Level

This level is for those with at least two years of expertise in creating, operating, and debugging AWS cloud solutions. There are two specialities available at this level: Solutions Architect and DevOps Engineer certificates:

Professional Solutions Architect (AWS CSA)

This certification verifies your ability to administer and maintain AWS systems and deploy multi-tier applications and create entrepreneurial cloud services using Digital assets. It is strongly recommended that somebody grasp all equate qualifications before taking this test.

  • 180 minutes in length
  • US$300 (US$40 for the practice assessment)

Professional DevOps Engineer

AWS DevOps Training certification validates your knowledge of how to create, operate, and manage AWS environments. This certification goes into greater detail about deploying and developmental stages. Despite the fact that most of the topics overlap with AWS DevOps Certification Training– Pro, this qualification serves as a bridge between associate-level certificates and AWS CSA – Pro.

  • 180 minutes in length
  • US$300 (US$40 for the practice assessment)

The Specialty Level

This level is for you if you know the technical side of the amazon web services cloud, including Enhanced Networking, Encryption, Machine Learning, Alexa Skill Builder, Analytics, and databases:

AWS Advanced Networking

This assessment assesses your ability to manage network design and complex networking projects. This is the course for you if you have an in-depth understanding of topics like directly connecting, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), and routing.

  • 170 minutes in length
  • Cost: US$300

AWS Security

Advanced AWS cloud security approaches are the emphasis of this certification. You must have at minimum 2 years of experience safeguarding AWS operations and at least years of experience working assuring IT security to pass this qualifying assessment nation.

  • 170 minutes in length
  • US$300 (US$40 for the practice assessment)

Alexa Skill Builder

The Certified Alexa Skill Builder assessment assesses your ability to create and deploy Alexa skills for Amazon's devices. You will then have 2 hours to finish the assessment, which comprises 65 multiple-choice and true/false questions.

  • 170 minutes in length
  • US$300 (US$40 for the practice assessment)


I hope you would have gotten a good idea about the different types of AWS certifications available throughout and what each one of them costs. If you are someone who is planning to kick start their career with AWS, then our AWS Certification could be the best decision you will ever make. With our AWS DevOps Certification, you get 36 hours of live hands-on training with assignments for each module from 20+ years of highly experienced and lifetime access to recorded sessions.

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