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May 13, 2024

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As an expert with years of experience in the industry, I've witnessed firsthand the important role that quality assurance plays in the product development lifecycle. Automation testing has emerged as a game-changer in this regard and revolutionized the way software is tested and evaluated. In this detailed article, we'll go into every aspect of an automation engineer salary, and try to understand the current trends, variations, and factors that influence an automation engineer’s salary.

Introduction to Automation Engineering

Automation engineers are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, tirelessly working to eliminate errors, defects, and inefficiencies in software development and product creation processes. Our expertise extends to designing, creating, and implementing programs that conduct automated tests on software, with the ultimate goal of optimizing processes and enhancing overall quality. In an era dominated by digital transformation, automation engineers are the linchpins driving innovation and efficiency in software development.

Who is an Automation Test Engineer?

An automation engineer works to eliminate faults, defects, and issues in company or customer service procedures, software development, and product creation. Organizations are increasingly relying on automated chatbots to assist consumers with problems or direct them to the appropriate person. Automation also generates high-quality software and products faster and with fewer defects. It also improves IT help desk ticketing and service administration. Automation engineers help to create, deploy, and maintain this technology.


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Automation Engineer Salary in 2024-25

Automation engineer salaries in 2024-25 reflect the high demand and specialized skill set required for the role. According to a report by Glassdoor, the average annual salary for an automation test engineer is as high as $105,445. This figure is a testament to the critical role that automation engineers play in ensuring the quality and reliability of software products.

Automation Engineer Salary: Based on Experience

Let’s have a look at the average automation test engineer salary based on experience:

  • Beginner (0-2 years of experience): Entry-level automation engineers with 1-2 years of experience can expect to earn an average salary of $97,500 per year.
  • Intermediate (2-4 years of experience): Automation engineers with 2-4 years of experience command an average salary of $116,221 per year.
  • Advanced (4-7 years of experience): Senior automation engineers with 5-7 years of experience can earn approximately $154,077 per year.

Salaries vary depending on company size, location/region, industry, skill set, and so on. Test automation engineers who have additional technical skill sets, coding abilities, and QA techniques can expect a better income than the levels listed.

Automation Engineer Salary: Based on Location

Location has a significant impact on automation engineer compensation, with regional variances reflecting factors such as demand, cost of living, and industry presence. Let's look at the average earnings in different cities and countries:

CountryCityAverage Salary
United StatesArlington, VA$112,799
 Boston, MA$102,374
 Washington, DC$101,902
 Houston, TX$98,489
 Phoenix, AZ$96,950
United KingdomManchester£43,811
AustraliaNorthern Beaches NSWAUD $120,126
 CanberraAUD $96,522
 BrisbaneAUD $88,076
 MelbourneAUD $86,567
 Sydney NSWAUD $86,565
CanadaMississaugaCAD $91,464
 VancouverCAD $91,173
 CalgaryCAD $91,095
SingaporeOutramSGD $8,941
 Jurong EastSGD $8,170
 SingaporeSGD $7,229


Automation Engineer Salary: Based on Job Roles

The salary of an automation engineer can again vary significantly based on specific job roles and responsibilities within the field. Here's a breakdown of average salaries for different job roles related to automation engineering:

  1. Automation Testing: $85,940
  2. Automation Engineer: $86,598
  3. Quality Analystr: $87,793
  4. Software Tester: $103,609

Each of these roles carries its own set of responsibilities and technical requirements, which influence the salary range accordingly.

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Factors Affecting Test Automation Engineer Salary

Several factors contribute to the variation in automation engineer salaries:

  • Location: Regional salary discrepancies are driven by factors such as demand, cost of living, and industrial presence. Automation engineers in tech hubs like Silicon Valley frequently earn higher salaries due to the strong demand and high living costs in these places. Automation engineers in less populous places, on the other hand, may earn lesser salaries due to lower demand and living costs.
  • Industry/Employer: Salaries are heavily influenced by the industry and the size of the organisation. Because of the important part that automation plays in industries such as IT and software technology, they typically pay higher salaries. Furthermore, larger companies frequently have greater resources to take part in automation initiatives, which leads to better salaries for automation experts than smaller businesses.
  • Experience: Seasoned professionals command higher compensation due to their extensive expertise and track record of success. Automation engineers with several years of experience who have honed their skills and are often entrusted with more complex projects warrant higher salaries.
  • Demand and Supply: The need for automation experts in specific industries or areas can raise compensation, particularly in tech hubs with a large concentration of businesses. As automation becomes increasingly important to corporate operations, the demand for qualified automation engineers grows, resulting in competitive compensation in the industry.
  • Credentials/Certifications: Holding relevant certifications can boost an automation engineer's salary by demonstrating expertise and proficiency in the field. Certifications such as ISTQB Certified Tester or Certified Automation Testing Professional validate an engineer's skills and increase their marketability, often leading to higher-paying job opportunities.
  • Skills: Advanced technical skills such as test script development, coding, and proficiency in automation tools like Selenium or Appium lead to higher-paying opportunities within the automation engineering domain. Engineers with diverse skill sets are in high demand as they can contribute to a wide range of automation projects, resulting in increased earning potential.


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Why are Automation Testing Engineers Paid So Much?

The demand for automation testing engineers can be attributed to the following factors:

  • Rapid Technological Advancements:Automation and AI technologies are reshaping industries, creating a need for professionals who can ensure the quality and reliability of software products.
  • Specialized Skill Set: Automation engineers possess specialized skills such as software testing, test script development, and programming, which are highly sought after in today's tech-driven landscape.
  • Critical Role in QA:Quality assurance is integral to the success of any software project, and automation engineers play a pivotal role in streamlining testing processes and delivering high-quality products.
  • Competitive Market: As companies vie for top talent in the tech sector, automation engineers are offered competitive salaries to attract and retain skilled professionals.


To summarize, the sky-high salaries of automation engineers reflect the increasing demand for individuals skilled in software testing and quality assurance. As an Industry expert with a deep passion for technology and innovation, I find this field not only rewarding but also filled with immense potential. It offers attractive salary packages, diverse employment opportunities, and significant growth prospects. By staying updated on industry trends, honing skills, and earning various certifications, automation engineers like myself can enhance our earning potential and contribute significantly to the progress of this field.

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