8 Best Service Virtualization Tools in 2024

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Jan 05, 2024

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Top 8 Service virtualization tools

The tools that help the very purpose of making dev and ops resources work in sync a successful one is called service virtualization tools. It has proved to be useful in the microservice implementation of the virtual service elements. It is because there is no need to have a production service but a virtual service will suffice. Even before the element is ready testing can be done. This proactive measure saves time, cost and this has proved to be an effective one in the system. There are several tools for this purpose which will be explained in the coming sections. 

Learn DevOps training online and make your career in DevOps by also learning the service virtualization open source tool hands-on. The training will cover this concept that came into existence a decade ago along with DevOps culture to make the rapid release to the market. You need to know why DevOps came into the picture and how the traditional software development changed from many disadvantages to many advantages in the DevOps culture. Of Course in this article, we need to focus mainly on the service virtualization tools.

service virtualization tools

 1. SoapUI – It is developed by Smartbear and is one of the top open-source API testing tools of the REST API and for SOAP. It has a service mocking ability that creates a copy of the SOAP environment in consideration and is really useful for the developers as well as the testers. It is useful for test-driven environments and rapid prototyping of the web services and in the clients as well as in the servers.

a) You can use SOAPUI mock services to get different types of responses by using various types of models such as deterministic, cycled, and randomized

b) The mock environment can be created easily in this tool

c) It can be easily deployed on the client's end and at the testers end

d) Great Graphical User Interface

2. MockLab – It is one of the Top 5 tools in software service virtualization. It makes the mocking of the production environment in the testing highly effective and efficient and helps both the developers as well as the testers in the development of the code with faster delivery and with no errors.

a) The failure models and test edge cases are produced by this tool and there need not be a real API present in the code that needs to do this.

b) It is more productive and has a great mock environment.

c) It is easier and quicker to resolve the issues in this environment.

3. Citrus Framework – It is one of the top 3 open-source tools available in the market. It is offered for free. It is used in complex integration codes and validation capabilities of plain text, JSON, and XML. It can be used to get responses and requests by emulating both the server and client-side capabilities built in the tool.

a) It is very easy to use and is free.

b) It is used for the emulation of both the servers as well as clients' architectures.

c) It is used for complex integration of codes and complex microservices environment

4. WireMock – This is one of the best service virtualization tools in the market which has the API to make testing a great experience even with the absence of API in the development of the code with nice modules, edges, and checking the failure criteria, etc. The users can play around with nice modules that help in mocking the production environment in the testing. It is based on HTTP.

a) The activities can be recorded and replayed whenever needed.

b) Mocks the production environment very well.

The won API has got everything a tester needs in the virtual services.

5. Parasoft Virtualize – It provides the testing environment with the constructs that help in the development of the software too. It provides various testing dependencies that help to test in absence of the production environment.

a) Time-boxing of the external constructs helps in the separate and unique environment of the testing of the code. You can enroll in online DevOps training to know more about virtualization concepts and tools.

b) The performance of the code can be tested which helps in materializing the performance parameters that may be present somewhere in the code to the required place in the code.

c) Live systems are captured in this environment that makes the testing very realistic.

d) It is easy to manage a complex environment in the testing process.

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6. MicroFocus simulation software – This software is again very useful in the service virtualization of software development and testing. This provides an easier way of doing code testing with its great focus on the virtual environment. It is also one of the tools that have multi-users environments meaning more than one tester can participate in the testing simultaneously.

a) You can do the network, design, and data simulation all in this tool.

b) You can also use the wizard present in this software to simulate a development, testing, and production environment all in one place.

c) MicroFocus provides great simulation in the testing environment in this tool.

7. Traffic Parrot – If you want to use a great simulated, API and design environment that promises fewer timelines, faster delivery, and great testing then Traffic Parrot is the one software that makes it easier to do all these things. That is why it is the most popular software for service virtualization for many software architects. It provides flexible models, useful API, and protocol support for software integration that helps the software developers and testers a lot. 

a) It is easy to play around with microservices and virtual services.

b) It is compatible with all the platforms.

c) It helps in the best possible way in making the mock of HTTP and file transfers etc.

d) It can handle both manuals as well as automated testing for both developers and testers.

8. Hoverfly – This is also a well-known open-source tool available for free. It is developed by SpectoLabs. It can do fast and efficient simulations. The mock environment is easy to create and simulate with fewer errors and fewer issues.

a) You can do service virtualization very fast and quickly using this tool.

b) It is used for the entire complex microservice environment.

c) It is a lightweight, easy to use tool

Final takeaway

Now that you know about the various tools for service virtualization, register for the DevOps course and learn this and more with DevOps learning. Remember that these tools help in testing and integration of the development, testing, release, deployment, and operations with the services components that are virtual to ensure that the testing happens in a non-live production environment and you must know about it better. 

To keep reading other blogs on DevOps as well all other topics on the latest technologies and systems browse through the StarAgile website. Register for the training and contact the coordinator to find out interesting deals on the training.


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