Sas Vs R Vs Python: Best Tool To Learn For Data Science

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Jan 16, 2023

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Data science is the future. The demand for data science learning has increased exponentially due to the high demand for database professionals. Are you also confused about the database languages like Sas vs R vs Python? When looking for a technical career and upskilling, knowing the difference between Python vs R vs Sas is crucial to choose the right career path.

When it comes to data science online course or data science certification courses, StarAgile can offer you the best professional training in data systems. This article lists the comparison between Sas vs R vs Python, along with detailed information about data science terminologies. Let us get started!

Sas vs R vs Python

  • Sas

In simple terms, Sas is a software tool which is mainly used for statistical analysis. Sas stands for Statistics Analytical Systems (SAS). It is used by big organisations and experienced professionals. Sas helps them solve complex statistical operations.

The disadvantage of Sas is that it lacks the capability of machine learning techniques, advanced analytics, and data visualisation. It is a closed-door tool for a variety of statistical operations.

However, Sas is not for beginners and early data scientists. It is an expensive software tool which only big organisations can afford while it can be operated only by advanced professionals. It has high reliability, stability and efficiency in the software tool. Some people confuse Sas vs Python, but in reality, both are different tools for different operations.

  • R

R is mainly used for programming languages with wide-scale data and visualisation information. R works on a statistical model. For anything involving complex statistical calculations and mathematical calculations, R programming is specifically used. Data scientists and researchers mainly use R.

Since R is an open-source code, anyone can use it. Moreover, R also supports and helps in data mining, data science and data analytics. The advantage of R is that it offers multiple packages with a wide variety of tool functioning. For example, C and C++ can be linked to R for a run time.

A few examples of R programming tools are- Tidyr- used for data cleaning, Dplyr- used for wrangling and managing data and Ggplot2- used for visualisation purposes. If you see Sas vs R vs Python, then Sas is a closed-door tool, while R and Python are open-source tools.

  • Python

Python is by far the most popular data programming language. It is extensively used by software engineers, developers as well as researchers. Python is also an open-source code which makes it easily accessible to data programmers. It is widely applied to web application interfaces, model building, data filtering, machine learning, prediction analysis and statistical operations.

Python provides a database for many interfaces used by organisations. A data science enthusiast who is a beginner can also learn python language. Due to its simple syntax, many brands like Google and Quora use it. If you are planning to take a data science online course, then Python would be your best fit for aspiring software developers and beginners.

Some examples of Python languages are- Pandas- used for data filtering, sorting and merging, and Numpy- used for scientific computing. When confusions arise between Python vs Sas, Python is versatile, open-source, and for beginners as well, whereas Sas is expensive and requires an expert to operate it.

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Sas Vs R Vs Python- Which Is Better for Learning Data Science?

For anyone who wants to become a data scientist, choosing the right programming language can get confusing. Anyone with SQL skills can ace the other data science options.

For a beginner and new learner, Python and R tools could be the best choice for a data science certification course. As these programming tools are open-sourced and not much expensive as compared to Sas. New software developers widely use Python, as it is not that difficult. At the same time, R is also equally suitable for early and advanced data science learners.

Sas is a highly advanced programming tool that requires expertise. It is also very expensive and mostly owned by big organisations. Since Sas is a closed-door platform, not everyone has access to it.

Are you still confused between Python vs R vs Sas?

Don't worry! Here is a table of Comparison for A Better Understanding:

Factor of comparisonSas as a Data ScienceR as a Data SciencePython as a Data Science
Learning levelSas can be easy if a person knows SQL language. However, Sas is not as easy as Python language. Anyone looking for advanced data science online course can learn Sas.R is considered one of the toughest and most used by advanced data scientists who also know how to code.On the other hand, Python is easy to use as it is open-source. It is widely used by beginners as well as experienced data scientists. It is a popular data science certification course offered by many companies like Google.
CostingsSas is a propriety software and is an expensive tool. It is also a closed-door source code mostly used by huge enterprises.R is open-source code which is free programming tool. It can be downloaded by any individual or firm.Python is also an open-source programming code freely available to download and use by any person or organisation.
Data handling capacityIt has an extensive data handling capacity.It has an extensive data handling capacity.It has an extensive data handling capacity.
Tools examplesSas IML, and Sas STAT.Dplyr, Ggplot2 and Tidyr.Numpy, Pandas, TensorFlow and Matplotlib.
PopularityPopular among corporates like large organisations due to its reliability and stability.Famous among data science researchers looking for in-depth statistical information.Python has become popular in recent years. It has exponentially grown.
Availability of updates for the softwarexIt is propriety software, so updates are scheduled as per the owner.It is a free and open-source tool, so the updates are immediately available to download.Python is also free and easily downloadable, so updates are available instantly.



When it comes to Sas vs R vs Python, all three programming tools have their way of operations and functioning. While Python is the most widely accepted and used software tool in recent times, R is a bit technical and preferred by an advanced statistical data scientist. Both R and Python tools are open-sourced and readily available to use. While Sas is closed-door and propriety-based software, it is expensive and preferred by large organisations. If it is Python vs Sas, then both can be used and learnt by a software enthusiast.

For anyone looking to upskill or professional growth in the data science sector, sign up with StarAgile Consulting for a wide range of Data Science online course and Data Science Certification courses. StarAgile is your next companion in levelling up your skills and talent in data science.

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