What is RAID Full Form in Project Management?

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Mar 06, 2022

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There are certain things that need to be considered when one is going to start the project. There are various risks and assumptions associated with the project and to handle them in an efficient way, we use RAID. If you are looking for raid full form project management, you have landed on the right page as here we are going to explain all about it. When the project is going to come on the floor, there are so many things that need to be decided and there are so many chances that things might get missed or they are not evaluated properly. To make sure that these things work in a productive way, RAID is being implemented in the project and we are going to learn all about the raid log, its full form, and how you can maintain this in the project in this article below. When you finish reading this article, you are going to have a brief understanding of what it is and why it is an important segment in project management. This will help you out in your pmp training and have a great knowledge of this segment.

What is RAID in the Project?

There are various stakeholders and team members who are responsible for providing the consultation in the project planning phase and in this phase, the Risks(R), Assumptions (A), Issues (I), and Dependencies (D) are being discussed and unearthed. This is called RAID in the project. This helps the team to know about these risks and other associated items throughout the project and make sure that these things are being discussed and tackled from time to time. Now we are going to take each segment of RAID and throw some light on it so that we have a better picture of each of them. But first, let us know more about RAID Log.

What is RAID Log?

There are so many issues that come when we are going to execute the planning we have done for the project. There are various solutions to this problem, one such management tool that is being used by the program manager is Raid log in the project. There are various benefits associated with this.  Without any doubt, it is regarded as one of the most powerful and most in-demand tools for project management in the market and more and more projects are using it for better results. This is a log that is used to have all the information in one place where it can be tracked, monitored and also updated from time to time. There are various sections in this that are monitored. Using these complex processes in the project can be managed efficiently. These sections are explained below along with the advantages.

1.  Risks Section in Raid Log

2.  Assumptions Section in Raid Log

3.  Issues Section in Raid Log

4.  Dependencies Section in Raid Log

Risks Section in Raid Log

There could be an event that could hamper the flow of the project. Risk is the event that could delay the timeline and also have an impact on the project. There are many times that the manager in the project needs to assess and look for the potential risk and come up with a plan to mitigate them. This section has various things that are needed to be included. Referencing is needed to be done along with an explanation of the risk. The probability of risk happening and how it is going to be handled is clearly mentioned in this section. There are various advantages of this section like:

·  Using this, the risks can be handled more efficiently.

·  There are lesser numbers of risks that may have a huge impact on the timeline.

·  Easy communication can be established to resolve these risks.

·  Keeps everyone on the same page on how to handle these risks

Assumptions Section in Raid Log

There are certain factors in the project that are assumed to be true and if they happen in the future, then the plan which is ready is executed. But if there are circumstances where those assumptions are not true, then there are some ways that are being crafted by the manager in order to keep the project working in the right direction. In the raid log, this section has detailed and descriptive information about the assumption, the time when it is logged in the log along the indicator to reference it in the future. Also, the plan is thoroughly discussed with the stakeholders and the status is also included in the section. There are various advantages of having this section in the raid log:

·  This section helps in having all the things in one place for easy references and future needs.

·  The impact can be minimized when needed if the assumptions come out to be false and using this, the project can be managed very efficiently.

·  As all the things are discussed beforehand, it becomes easier to have a workaround when the problem comes.

Issues Section in Raid Log

There could be some problems that already exist in the team and it needs to be resolved before the team is going to start working. This is needed to avoid project disruption and make sure that the project is going on its timeline without any problem. There are various things that are included in the section like the easy referencing for future needs, the date when the issues have been logged. This section also has a detailed summary of the issues that are going on in the project currently along with the latest status. With a pmp certification online course, you can know more about resolving the issues in the project. Depending on the project, this section is updated on a daily basis. There are differences between risks and issues which you can check during your training. There are various advantages of having this section in the raid log book:

·  Easy monitoring of the issues that might impact the project is possible.

·  Better communication can be kept in place to mitigate the issue on time.

·  This log helps in making sure that the severity of the issue is identified and accordingly plans are being made.

·  Furthermore, the team will be on the same page while resolving the issue.

Dependencies Section in Raid Log

There could be some tasks or deliverables that are needed to be completed before the team moves on to other work or phases in the project. One of the major things to be decided for the dependencies is that all the stakeholders and the members need to be agreed on this. It is the responsibility of the program manager to make sure that the dependencies are being identified on time and the project is going on the timeline that is decided to make sure that there is no lagging behind for any certain phase in the project. There are some things that go into this section like referencing, the date of logging the dependency, and a brief description and summary of the dependencies. Along with this, there is also consent given from all the parties involved with all the comments. The advantages of this section are:

·   All dependencies are present in one log which makes it easier for the team to keep track and progress.

·   As the project changes, the dependencies might change, the log will help in resolving the issues more efficiently.

·   Whenever needed, the changes decided can be implemented without having a huge impact on the project.

How and When to use this Tool?

One should be mindful of when to use raid log in project management. The best way to use the raid log is to make it when the project is going to start. This should include all the risks, assumptions, potential and ongoing issues along with the dependencies. Then it should be communicated to the team members and the parties involved in the same. It is also better to complete this process before the project starts. This will make sure that all the things are out in the open and all the parties are on the same page. The log will help in focusing on the important parts of the project which is going to make sure that the project is going to have a decided timeline and can work following the same. With the right time, it becomes easier for the team to keep track of the risk, assumptions as well as dependencies. The risks can be managed with this and then the project will be on time.

Pros of using RAID Log

1. The RAID analysis is very helpful and it will be easier for the project manager to make sure that the risks and other details are identified on time and the team is all prepared to mitigate those problems.

2. With the RAID Log, the team is very well organized and there is a strategic plan in place that will help the team to work in the right direction even with the bottlenecks in the project.

3. The RAID log is very helpful in having control over the project and it will make sure that the time is saved. The identification of dependencies takes time and when it is done beforehand, this saves time and makes sure that things are happening in a controlled manner.

4. Decision-making is improved when the team follows a raid log as all the things are being covered in this. The decisions can be made while referencing the items in the log.

5. Better documentation can be achieved when there is a raid log in the team. There are so many assumptions made for the project. But one should not have a need to memorize all of them. So this log is very useful in such scenarios.

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Final words

As mentioned above, there are certain areas in the project that are out of our control but if we are going to have a prepared plan to cover them and resolve them as well, things are easier and projects move towards success. Using project raid is one such way. The various segments of RAID are covered in the article above along with the things that go in the particular section.

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