Docker Licensing Changes in 2024

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Jan 05, 2024

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Docker is an open application development, distribution, and execution platform. Docker supports the separation of your applications from your infrastructure, allowing you to rapidly release software. You can manage your infrastructure using Docker in the same manner that you manage your apps. By using Docker's methods for rapidly shipping, testing, and deploying code, you may drastically minimise the time between producing code and delivering it in production. In this article, we are going to read about, docker license change and docker usage.


What Changes Have Been Made to Docker's Licensing Policy?

 Several modifications have been made to the docker licencing policy to match the modifications to the docker desktop subscription conditions. It is the most efficient docker option available. The modifications were implemented on August 31, 2021. Users may get this version until January 31, 2023. During this time, customers may choose a subscription plan to maintain their docker desktop licence. And if not, then users would be required to move to alternatives to the Docker desktop, which would inevitably lack some functionality.

 The developers assert that the improved functionalities are essential for increasing the productivity of the docker desktop in order to expand their company.

 Regarding the docker licence modification, the personal subscription includes a free option. The personal membership is available to businesses with less than 250 workers. Those with above 250 organisations are required to utilise the premium version. Let us now look for Docker personal and docker business.


Docker Personal

 Docker Personal is a version offered to Docker desktop users working on personal projects. It is offered at no cost and has no built-in fees for use. The programme has been renamed Docker personal to reflect its utility and advantages. This version emphasises open-source communities, educational usage, small businesses, and individual creators.

 Almost half of all Docker users are proprietors of small businesses. This facilitates their ability to implement their task effectively. The Docker personal gives the user access to the Docker CLI, Docker Hub, Docker Desktop, Docker Compose, Docker Build/BuildKit, Docker Engine, and Docker Official Images, among others.


Docker Business

 Docker business is one of the most popular commercial editions. This version allows enterprises to manage and offer security for containers on a wide scale. The Docker business plan may manage containers and monitor the docker environment to improve supply chain operations. 

The Docker pro and Docker team subscriptions provide a variety of built-in features. In addition, the docker company may manage the container images that users of the docker hub can access. This guarantees that docker teams are constructed safely with all trusted features and content. In addition, the docker business will supply the means to identify the developers' access control to the registry.

This edition was created to assist major company owners in overcoming upcoming obstacles.

The following considerations must be made while using the Docker desktop.

  • Increasing content visibility and control
  • Resource administration and access to external services
  • Managing the docker development environment at a huge scale


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How Do Docker Pro, Docker Team, and Docker Business Subscription Levels Differ?

 In accordance with the Docker desktop licencing revisions, the Docker tool offers three subscription options from which customers may choose the most suitable one. Each have advantages and excels in its own domains. Depending on the requirements and wants of the user, each may have varying features and capabilities. Therefore, let's examine each in depth.

Docker Pro

Docker Pro is the first and lowest subscription tool for tool. It offers an interactive user interface and allows users with complete access to build their surroundings. It decreases the amount of time users spend on repeated activities. Instead, they might use their time to generate fresh concepts.

The Docker Pro Membership includes all the fundamental capabilities of the Docker Personal subscription as well as extra features. It comprises both public and private data repositories and costs around $5 each month.

This subscription package for Docker Team is related with collaboration, increased productivity, and numerous security measures for enterprises. It gives developers full access to cooperate and share all key security features.

 Docker Team

Docker Team has all the capabilities of Docker Personal and Docker Pro. In addition, it offers an auto-build function with 15 concurrent construction possibilities, extensive administration tools, and a capability for role-based access control. It costs roughly $7 per month per user. A team may have no more than five members.

 Docker Business

Docker Business is the tool's last and most costly subscription option. It is used by major corporations to improve the security and manageability of their organisations and to utilise capabilities such as image access control. It is a full solution for enterprises to boost their productivity. Docker Business costs around $21 per month per user.


Final verdict

Docker containers simplify the management and storage of all your images and other operations. It enables you to create and manage your projects efficiently. No expert assistance is necessary to utilise it. Docker contains all the essential capabilities required to boost the overall operation of your business. It can efficiently arrange your work and resolve any issues or questions you may have. if you are also looking for a way to enter this system and want to learn more about Devops, then going for the best platform for your Devops training Online is the best way. StarAgile offers multiple courses which can aid in gaining practical as well as theoretical knowledge of all the Devops concepts. You will be able to learn

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