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StarAgile’s Jenkins certification in India focuses on providing detailed training in server automation, building pipelines, continuous integration, improving code quality, and automation testing. The course is customized to provide hands-on practical exposure to all the participants to aspire to grow their career in the DevOps domain. Start learning from Jenkins fundamentals and deep dive to learn integrating automated tests for verifying the build pipelines from this Jenkins Training Course in India.

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Key Features

  • 36 Hours of Live Virtual Training
  • Hands-On Assignments for Each Module
  • 20+ years Highly Experienced Trainers
  • Life time Access to Recorded Training
  • 24/7 Support
  • Course Completion Certificate

Jenkins Certificate

Jenkins Training Course Overview

What is Jenkins? 

Jenkins, an open source automation tool built for continuous integration purposes written in Java embedded with plugins. It is used to both build and test software projects continuously. It allows developers to set up both CI and CD environment. It supports Git, Maven, Mercurial, and other version control tools. 

What you will learn from Jenkins Training? 

In this training, you will learn the following to become a Certified Jenkins engineer

oBasics of Jenkins, how to install Jenkins set up and create, delete, disable and fail Jenkins job 

oJenkins UI overview and Jenkins architecture 

oHow to add Plugins like Git, Parameter, Copy Artifact, HTML publisher, etc to Jenkins job and create maven build jobs. 

oHow to configure Jenkins for checking the source code modifications continuously

oIntroduction to build steps and build triggers 

oHow to pre and post-build actions and add properties and files 

oRun new build job, parametrized, distributed builds 

oSet up email notification, and enable security with authentication and different levels 

oAutomated performance and automated test using JMeter, and JUnit

Jenkins Training Advantages

Advantages of becoming a Certified Jenkins Engineer

1. Jenkins certification provides an edge in your career as you master the right way to control and automate software development. 
2. After attending Jenkins training you gain the confidence to apply Jenkins, create jobs, use the plugins, and many more which will make you just not perform in the interview but offers hands-on experience.
3. The course will test your skills and provide you with the confidence to achieve your career goals. During the training, you learn to build, deploy and automate projects thus making you an expert continuous integration space which is the revolving word in the IT business 
4. You can start your career as a fresher after becoming a certified Jenkins engineer and your starting pay is 5 LPA. Can you believe as a fresher? Yes it is possible but it all depends on where you choose your training and how you perform in the interview 
5. You connect with industry experts and thus learn many practical aspects of using Jenkins within few days which experienced professionals can learn after years of working. 
6. You can get a chance to work on projects and thus you gain practical experience and confidence as well. 
7. Connecting with the like community will increase your chances of getting a job and also feel good to get doubts clarified even after landing in a job
8. You become a Java expert when you become a certified Jenkins engineer because Jenkins is written in Java and the course will extensively train you with the working knowledge of Java
9. In short, you earn reputation, recognition, remuneration, and respect in the market. 


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Course Reviews

Overall The Trainer Is Like A Packaged Deal Who Knows Hindi, English And Communicate With People

Overall the trainer is like a packaged deal who knows Hindi, English and communicate with people. Sometimes while speaking he talks fast so you can ask him to repeat again, he gives with another example.


shireesh shrivastava

ELK Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Excellent Training, Without Reading Single Document Just With This Training Scored 100

Excellent training, without reading single document just with this training scored 100.


mateen uddin

Chef Operations Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Awesome Experience

Awesome experience. Concepts are explained clearly by the trainer.


hari krishna

Operations Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Must Suggest To Choose Your Training Course With Star Agile Faculty Was Really Great He Cleared All The Doubts And Session Was Really Interactive

I must suggest to choose your training course with star agile faculty was really great he cleared all the doubts and session was really interactive. I enjoyed a lot, they focused on practical knowledge instead of theoretical knowledge. I successfully cleared my JENKINS CERTIFICATION right after the training session.


chetan shrivastava

Jenkins Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

The Training Was Very Well Planned! Being So Interactive Made The Training So Much Fun And Interesting

The training was very well planned! Being so interactive made the training so much fun and interesting.. special mention to the trainer who answered all queries patiently and made sure that we understand the concepts. Highly recommended!


Vibha Dhir

Kubernetes Operations Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Jenkins Certification and Training FAQ's

If I cancel the enrolment, will I get a refund?

Absolutely yes. Contact us before the 1st day of training to cancel the enrolment.

What if I miss a class?

StarAgile provides recordings of each class so you can review them as needed before the next session

What are the career opportunities for certified Jenkins engineers?

When you obtain Jenkins certification be sure to get any of the following jobs with a starting average salary of INR 5 LPA

• DevOps engineer 

• Python developer 

• Jenkins trainer 

• Product consultant 

• Build and Release engineer 

Are there any prerequisites for this Jenkins certification?

There is no hard and fast rule that one must know few things to apply for Jenkins training. However, knowledge in scripting, testing frameworks, and awareness of server topology will be an added advantage for making the learning process quick.

What is the eligibility to attend Jenkins Certifications?

Every individual with a mere interest to learn can apply and become a certified Jenkins engineer. With minimum experience in development, testing, or system administration is a plus. Also, technical leads and architects can learn this to make a lateral move in their career with better compensation.

Why learn Jenkins?

The buzz word DevOps made continuous delivery very popular and learning Jenkins will let you continuously integrate software projects. This will help you automate the build and the release process and thus you can cut down costs for your business. Further, obtaining Jenkins certification is a feather added to your cap which will find you a better job in the market.

What is Jenkins and why it is used?

Jenkins is an open source CI/CD tool written in Java. It is available for free and can be used in MAC, Linux, or Windows OS. It is used to automate build, test, and deployment in software development by enabling continuous integration and delivery. It can integrate almost any integration work and hence is widely adopted in several software projects.

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