SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager POPM Certification Training in Mumbai

The SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager certification is a 2-day program followed by an examination to understand in depth the agile development systems at scale, the principles on SAFe, a synopsis of Scaled Agile Framework, and the Lean thinking tools. Also, it provides the knowledge on the Agile Release Train (ART), your roles, and performance on the agile thinking and how it brings value at the enterprise level. The course covers in-depth knowledge of agile, how to apply the agile processes in product development with hands-on sessions. To make a difference at the enterprise level you will be trained on the Epic, User stories in SAFe frameworks, Agile Features, understand the roles and responsibilities, and perform program increments.

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Key Features

  • 2 Days Online / Classroom Training
  • Training by experienced SAFe® Program Consultant
  • SAFe® POPM exam fee included
  • One year membership to the SAFe® Community Platform
  • Practical Knowledge with Role plays, Games, Case studies & Simulations
  • 16 PDUs and SEUs on course completion
  • Detailed courseware approved by Scaled Agile Inc.
  • No Cost EMI Available

What you will learn in SAFe Product Owner Certification Training?


To address the enterprise wise issues on the funding, integration, architecture, rules, and governance the best methodology based on the agile and lean is the Scale Agile Framework or the SAFe. One of the key measures for agile success is to understand the roles and responsibilities at the enterprise-scale and confirm measurable improvements with the maximum Return on Investments by the Product Owners, Product Managers, and Agile Leaders.

After the 2-day SAFe® product owner training you are required to appear for the examination to get certified as SAFe® 5 Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM).

The candidates learn how to make user stories and features from the Epics and to refine them, manage the program and team backlogs, design and execute program iterations, and program increments. By applying lean thinking the candidates learn to use DevOps and Continuous Delivery pipeline and make successful improvements in Agile Release Train (ART).

The other learning’s that key to the success of this certification are as follows,

To understand and apply in the products the product owner and product manager

To apply SAFe Lean-Agile principles and values by performing the product owner/product manager roles

Make features from epics and then user stories from features

Refining the user stories from the features

Accomplish Program and Team backlogs using agile and lean principles

To estimate and forecast work by collaborating with the agile teams

Do program increments by understanding and executing the customer needs

Provide a continuous delivery pipeline and program increments.

SAFe® POPM Course Advantages

Advantages of doing SAFe POPM certification

There are a lot of advantages of doing the SAFe® product owner certification, those are as follows,
  1. 1-year SAFe Community of Practice membership
  2. Lead the team by providing agile-lean leadership.
  3. Accomplish the Agile Release Train (ART) for the teams
  4. Collaborate between the teams to scale agile-lean at the team level and the enterprise level
  5. Play the role of product owner or the product owner and use the SAFe agile-lean framework
  6. Solve real-world problems and issues by using the agile-lean principles
  7. Get practical knowledge with the help of games, role play, simulations, and case studies
  8. Make user stories from features and features from the epic
  9. Make use of the SAFe POPM knowledge in addressing the issues by getting the customer insights and customer needs as well as stakeholders' and team's expectations.
  10. Learn and contribute to the SAFe POPM community of practices.

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Course Reviews

It Was An Amazing Experience

It was an amazing experience. Full of fun activities to learn about processes and it was interactive so that everyone is participating. Before, I was hesitant to enrol for this as it was virtual training session due to Lockdown but not regretting it at all now.And the end of two days training session, I am a certified scrum master now with lots of new connections.Thanks Star Agile, for all the support.



Project Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Have Attended PMP Training, The Experience Of The Training Was Brilliant

I have attended PMP training, the experience of the training was brilliant. The content and content delivery were superb. The training was very interactive, and the trainer successfully engage everyone in the team by various activities. The teaching was concept based, and real-world examples are given. I strongly recommend StarAgile for certification courses.



Team Leader

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Attended The PMP Training With StarAgile, I Was Little Confused As It Was Going To Be Online Due To Covid, However The Overall Experience Was Just Amazing

I attended the PMP training with StarAgile, I was little confused as it was going to be online due to covid, however the overall experience was just amazing. Virtual room was as good as round table discussions. I will recommend StarAgile anytime as the teachers and quality is unmatchable. This was my third training with them (CSM, CSPO, PMP)



Software Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Was Reluctant To Go For Any Training Which Goes For 9+ Hours For 4 Days But I Guess I Made The Best Decision To Join StarAgile PMP Workshop

I was reluctant to go for any training which goes for 9+ hours for 4 days but I guess I made the best decision to join StarAgile PMP workshop.This is one of the most engaged training I've ever attended where I was able to grasp almost all what has been taught. No digital devices were used to train, pure concepts were literally taught using markers and sheets attached all-round the walls of the conference room.The activities which were performed after any concept were super fun. And top marks to StarAgile Instructor to explain all the concepts in absolute details.A recommend workshop for anyone who wants to train on PMP course.



Project Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Attended The PMP Training With StarAgile, I Will Recommend StarAgile Anytime As The Teachers And Quality Is Unmatchable

I attended the PMP training with StarAgile, I will recommend StarAgile anytime as the teachers and quality is unmatchable. I was little confused as it was going to be online due to covid, however the overall experience was just amazing. Virtual room was as good as round table discussions. . This was my third training with them (CSM, CSPO, PMP)



Senior Developer

verified-logoVerified Learner

The Trainer Was Thorough In DevOps Tools And The Training Was Very Well Tailored To Deliver Quality Content

The trainer was thorough in DevOps tools and the training was very well tailored to deliver quality content. The exercises helped to clear the doubts with practical assignment. All my DevOps doubts got cleared. Appreciate StarAgile team for maintaining quality. Thanks a lot StarAgile.

Dummy Course Logo

Sumit Agarwal

System Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Have Done My PMP, CSM, DEVOPS And SAFE Certification From StarAgile

I have done my PMP, CSM, DEVOPS and SAFE Certification from StarAgile.they have awesome trainers and very interactive sessions.I will highly recommend everyone working in agile to pursue courses from StarAgile.cheers.



Technical Lead

verified-logoVerified Learner

It Was An Amazing Experience, The Trainer Engaging And Very Knowledgeable In DevOps Concepts

It was an amazing experience, the trainer engaging and very knowledgeable in DevOps concepts. He explained each topic in a way that it will understood to everyone. This training helped me a lot in understanding all DevOps concepts. Look forward to more trainings from StarAgile.



System Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Have Done My CSPO Certification, It Was A Great Training

I have done my CSPO certification, It was a great training. The process and means to launch and research on a new or existing product from user and market perspective. Would highly recommend for professionals looking for a career in Product Management.



Senior Software Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

The SAFe 5

The SAFe 5.0 class conducted by StarAgile was excellent!. Very interactive and insightful. The knowledge gained was vast. Coach was able to connect the dots and deliver the big picture from all the theories and points discussed in class. Once again, I would like to thank StarAgile for managing this training. I highly recommended this class through StarAgile. Have a SAFe journey!



Software Architect

verified-logoVerified Learner

SAFe® POPM Certification and Training FAQ's

1. Why should I register with StarAgile?

StarAgile is a decade old training institute and has trained more than 20,000+ candidates in various SAFe certifications. They employ seniors and experts to deliver the training. They are trusted and certified training institute by Scaled Agile Inc. Get trained by them and be sure of earning your SAFe® product owner certification.

2. What is SAFe® popm?

SAFe POPM stands for Scaled Agile Framework Product Owner/Product Manager Certification. By this, you can learn the Agile Release Train (ART) implementation of other agile-lean principles. Application of lean principles to convert the epics into features and then features into user stories. Also learn the design and execution of program increments and program iterations. You learn to manage team and program backlogs, deliver value through the execution of ART, continuous delivery pipeline, and DevOps culture.

3. Why SAFe® product owner certification high in demand?

SAFe® product owner certification is in high demand as it provides the benefits of 1-year membership with Scaled Agile Inc, implement the ART and lean-agile principles to scale at the enterprise level. This certification is the most preferred certification by the professionals and product owners/product managers when compared to other certifications.

4. Career benefits by doing SAFe® POPM certification?

The career benefits of doing the SAFe® product owner certification are immense. 
  • You can lead the teams by applying agile-lean principles.
  • You have high growth potential within the team as well as in the larger enterprises
  • You can contribute constructively to the team and enterprises as well as to the SAFe community.
  • You can learn and contribute to the SAFe community of practice.
  • You understand and execute the role played by agile leaders/product owners and product managers.
  • You will be in high demand within your teams, enterprises, and the industry.

5. What skills you will learn after SAFe® POPM certification?

The skills that you acquire after the SAFe® product owner certification are
  • Play the role of Product owner and product manager
  • Use the Agile-Lean principles to your role of PO/PM
  • Build user stories from features and features from epics
  • Do the refinement of the user stories
  • Forecast and estimate the work by collaboration between the teams
  • Knowledge to design and execute the program and team backlogs
  • Convert customer insight and needs into a program increment
  • Deliver continuous value through the program increments

6. Who should take this SAFe® POPM training?

The product owner or the product manager or those who want lead teams in planning, designing, build and execute program features and user stories by considering the agile-lean principles and execution of ART.
There is no restriction on who must take SAFe® product owner training. Everyone in an agile project environment with a willingness to learn product development and management can get benefitted from this course. 

7. Prerequisites for product owner SAFe®?

All are recommended to take this course and exam, however, the prerequisites are as follows,
  • Should have certifications in SAFe courses
  • Having experience in working in a SAFe environment and systems
  • Having exposure to agile-lean methodologies and other relevant certifications.

8. Certification Process for SAFe® Product Owner?

Attend the 2-day training course with Scaled Agile Inc education partners such as StarAgile. Then you need to take and pass the exam within 1 month of attending the training course. If you pass the exam with the minimum scores as mandated by Scaled Agile Inc, then you are eligible for a certificate. 

9. Exam Pattern for SAFe® POPM certification?

Exam name is SAFe® 4 Product Owner/Product Manager Exam – or – SAFe® 5 Product Owner/Product Manager Exam
  • The exam is a multiple-choice and multiple select conducted online
  • Duration of the exam is 90 minutes
  • Total number of questions is 45
  • To pass you need to answer correctly a minimum of 35 questions which is 77% for SAFe 4 POPM and for SAFe 5 POPM you need to answer correctly a minimum of 33 questions which is equal to 73%

10. How many years SAFe® product owner certification is valid?

The SAFe POPM is valid for 1 year from the date you pass the examination. 

11. What certification will I receive after completing the SAFe® Product Owner training?

After the SAFe® product owner training you will get a course completion certificate from the training provider. Then you need to appear for the examination and passing the same scoring 73% will make you eligible for receiving the SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager’ certification

12. Is SAFe® POPM certification fee included in the course fee?

  • Yes, the SAFe POPM certification fee includes 2-day training and exam fee. 
  • 1 Year SAFe community membership
  • 16 PDU’s and SEU’s which cannot be used for renewal after 1 year

13. Can someone take product owner SAFe® certification without training?

No, it is mandatory to take the 2-day training to appear for the certification exam.

14. What are the benefits of the 1-year membership with Scaled Agile?

A. 16 PDU's and SEU's
B. A digital Badge from the scaled agile inc
C. Access to Performance Tool Enablement
D. Access to Performance Tools
E. Access to SAFe Community Events
F. Access to SAFe Community Platform
G. Access to SAFe Community Profile
H. Access to SAFe Community Webinars
I. Access to SAFe Updates
J. Course slides in the downloadable PDF in black and white
K. Insider Monthly newsletter from Scaled Agile 
L. Monthly Class Blast from Scaled Agile Inc.
M. Professional Development Content
N. SAFe community access such as Community of Practice – All
O. SAFe community access such as Community of Practice – Role-Based
P. SPC Webinars from Scaled Agile Inc

15. How should I renew my product owner SAFe® certification?

After the SAFe® product owner training and within one month you give the exam. Before this, you will receive a link from Scaled Agile Inc to create your profile. This is your personalized page and using this you will login to complete the exam. Then you get certified. After 1 year you need to renew your certification. This can be done annually by providing 10 PDU or SEU, which you obtain by providing education efforts. With these units, log in to your account make a payment of USD 100, submit proof for the earned SEUs, and renew your certification. 

16. How many attempts do I have to pass the SAFe POPM certification?

  • Each retake attempts cost you $50.
  • First, retake attempt can be done immediately after taking the first attempt
  • For the second retake, the waiting period is 10 days
  • For any subsequent attempt, the waiting period is 1 month

17. How long does it take to receive SAFe® popm exam results?

The results are declared immediately after the exam on your computer screen

18. Does Scaled agile offer online classes for product owner SAFe® certification?

Yes, Scaled Agile Inc. allows their training partners to offer online classes or virtual classes as well as classroom classes to offer SAFe® product owner training.

19. What are SEUs and PDUs?

SEU stands for the Scrum Education Units offered by Scrum Alliance. PDU stands for Professional Development Unit offered by Scaled Agile Inc through the Project Management Institute (PMI). SEU’s and PDUs are required for renewing the certifications. The numbers depend on the type of courses and the exam taken. They are the recognition provided to you for your continuous training and educational efforts provided by you during your agile career. Each 1 hour of your education efforts approximately equal to the 1 PDU or 1 SEU.

20. What does the registration fee include?

The registration fee includes the 2 days of training and exam fees. It also includes,
  • A PDF document certification of Certified SAFe POPM after passing the exam
  • A digital badge to promote your certification online after passing the exam
  • 1-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform, which includes access to the POPM Community of Practice
  • You can connect with other Certified SAFe professionals during Meetup groups and events
  • it also includes learning resources to support you during your SAFe membership and journey
Advanced FAQs

Benefits of becoming a SAFe agile product owner

  • SAFe Training prepares agile Product Owners with the skills necessary to guide the delivery of services in a lean organization. 
  • They obtain a thorough understanding of executing their role successfully inside the Agile Release Train (ART). 
  • SAFe agile product owner will learn how to identify client requirements and create epics, competencies, functionalities, and stories.

Describe SAFe agile product owner role

  • The SAFe Agile product owner plays a critical role in increasing organizational value and ensuring that Stories fulfill customer needs. 
  • The product owner is significantly involved in refining the program backlog and preparation for the Program Increment (PI) planning process. 
  • Typically, the PO maintains the team's backlog and analyzes and helps with the program's vision, road map, and content presentations.

How to get product owner SAFe certification?

The initial step to becoming a SAFe Certified Product Owner is participating in the SAFe Product Owner course conducted by StarAgile. Get trained by participating in the 16-hour training. After the training, you will take the exam. You will obtain your SAFe product owner certificates within 5-7 business days after passing the test.

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Course Description

SAFe POPM Certification Training in Mumbai 

Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra. Over the years, the city has developed remarkably. Many aspiring students and professionals are keeping themselves up to date with the latest technology courses. One such training course in the market is the SAFe POPM Certification in Mumbai. This course is apt for professionals who want to learn project management best practices and implement SAFe principles.

1.  Why is SAFe POPM Certification Important?

The SAFe POPM Training in Mumbai course is conducted by SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs) and is authorized by Scaled Agile Inc. The course is designed for professionals who want to become successful SAFe Agilist. The course offers candidates with a 1-year membership to the SAFe Community.

2.   Features of SAFe POPM Training in Mumbai

The course SAFe Program Manager Certification in Mumbai is a 2-days online or classroom interactive session. The coaching is provided by certified, experienced faculty. The course material is readily available as an e-module for candidates to refer to and prepare for the examination. On completing the course, an industry-recognized SAFe Product Owner Certification in Mumbai is provided to the candidate. The course’s main aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of planning, budgeting, team backlogs, and planning execution.

3.   Why is SAFe POPM Certification necessary for Career Growth?

The SAFe PO Certification in Mumbai course provides 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs for candidates to practice. During the training session, candidates get hands-on experience in managing projects.

4.   Who needs the SAFe POPM Certification Course?

To enroll for the POPM Certification in Mumbai course professionals must hold certified SAFe certification and have one year working experience in SAFe environment.


Enrol yourself in this globally recognized course and become a certified SAFe Agilist. Get employed by the world’s best IT companies and pave your career path.

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