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Oct 20, 2022

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Businesses no longer operate in the traditional route but require innovation, creativity, and strong problem-solving acumen. Data science hackathons are ultimate coding events that allow coders and data scientists to collaborate and solve real-world business problems. Participation in the hackathon improves skill sets. It also helps one learn from the best of the data science and machine language experts.  

What is a Data Science Hackathon ? 

Data Science Hackathon is a coding event that brings together many coding enthusiasts, computer programmers, and data science professionals. Many IT and technology-based companies host hackathons to develop new ideas, create virtual reality experiences, and also help in acquiring new talents. 

Data Science Hackathon helps improve skills and knowledge about the latest data science course, brainstorm novel ideas, and also helps in getting hired. Most of the hackathons are conducted virtually. In the data science hackathon, the participants are mostly data scientists, machine learning experts, data engineers etc. The participants use different forms of structured or unstructured data to solve business problems.

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Upgrading Skills through Data Science Advance Courses

Data science is a field that is high in demand as it helps transform businesses by gaining meaningful data insights. Data science involves processing, analysing, and collaborating all the data to package it into actionable insight. A data science certification is outstanding for skill development and helps get high-paying jobs in various domains.

There are many online data science courses and certifications offered by reputed organisations which promise a 100% placement guarantee. Data scientist professionals are in heavy demand to make impactful data-driven decisions for the company's growth. The data are interpreted with the help of mathematical skills and the application of theories or models and help bridge the business gaps. Mining the data is conducive to developing the right business strategies.

Benefits of hosting a data science hackathon

A Data science hackathon lasts for several days, and the event aims to solve a particular business issue. Various companies organise hackathons and provide the task description, success metrics, and resources to be used by the participants. Professionals with a data science certification usually participate in such hackathons, which undoubtedly makes it one of the best places to network and collaborate.

Here are some benefits of organising and participating in the hackathon data science:

Improve business strategies and resolve issues

The idea behind hosting hackathons is to find new ways to resolve issues and find effective business solutions. Hackathons help find new business solutions by generating new use cases of technology and improving existing processes or products. Participants often use technical solutions, coding, and programming to improve products or processes. Hackathons help attendees to be able to brainstorm and build creative use cases around existing technology.

Helps in upgrading skills and advancing learning

Hackathons are conducted by assigning certain tasks to the participants. As it requires people to brainstorm and analyse from a critical point of view, it improves learning. Big companies host hackathons and collaborate with startups to assist in resolving problems. Here are a few things that a carefully planned data science hackathon can offer:

Learning and understanding new tools for improving business operations. Participants might get to work with new tools, which can give them some significant exposure.

Hackathons even double as boot-camps where participants can learn from data science experts through training sessions.

It helps foster collaboration between different teams in an organisation, and participants from different companies collaborate to resolve a common issue.

Hiring and networking

Hackathons are the best place for hiring new and fresh talents based on their skill and knowledge. The participants get a hackathon data science certification which is great for the CV. As hackathons involve extensive technical skills, it is also an ideal place for companies to find new people to hire. It is easy to find people with suitable expertise and skill from the hackathon participants.

PR strategy and promotion 

Many companies organise hackathons as part of their PR strategies, as it is a great way to grab the spotlight. Hosting a hackathon is like advertising and inviting participants from other companies to participate. With hackathons, many companies have successfully promoted their products or services. For example, the regular hackathons by Amazon have helped promote its AWS products.

Here are some of the best hackathons for data science

Machinehack is an online platform that conducts industry-curated hackathons and hence is a great place to upgrade data science skills. Most hackathons involve deep learning, machine learning, and data engineering.

Hackerearth – Big companies use the software to assess technical skills and remote video interviewing. The company conducts numerous hackathons, coding and data science competitions to help software developers improve their skills.

IDAO – It stands for International Data Analysis Olympiad, and the hackathon is organised by HSE University and Yandex. It hosts online data science boot camps and hackathons to understand machine learning models and start a career in data science.

TechGig – It is a part of Times Internet Limited, with a community of 4.2 million software professionals. The hackathons help gain knowledge and understanding of skills like IoT, machine learning, and numerous advanced data technology.

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In a nutshell, hackathons are events that provide an opportunity for the participants to brainstorm, collaborate, develop skills, learn from industry experts and overall work on resolving business problems. Hackathons are events that help companies discover new and fresh talent and hence are great for talent acquisition. As data science is in demand, the hackathons help participants network and learn while the host uses the data to improve business strategies. As a part of the data science industry, hackathons layout phenomenal technical and skill-based learning in the field. Enrol in the data science course with StarAgile Consulting and participate in prominent hackathon events.

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