Data Science with R Certification Training in United States

StarAgile’s Data Science with R Programming online training is designed to provide in-depth knowledge about data analysis using the R programming language. This course aims to enable participants to understand data visualization, data exploration, predictive and descriptive analysis using R language. It is a live virtual online training course with lectures delivered by the industry-renowned tutors.

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Key Features

  • 64 hours of blended learning
  • 10 real-life industry projects
  • Dedicated mentoring session from industry experts
  • Lifetime access to self-paced learning
  • No cost EMI Available
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What is Data Science with R Certification? What you can learn from R Certification?

The entire course focus on teaching data science using R language covering R packages ways to export and import in R, the data structure of R programming language, and other concepts related to the statistics. The course also covers business analytics concepts, apply, and DPLYR functions. Further hypothesis testing, Kmeans, DBSCAN Clustering, Apriori algorithm is taught during the training. 

The entire Data Science with R Certification Training Course is structured in such a way to help you understand data science, machine learning algorithms, analyze and visualize a variety of data sets. 

Specific focus on machine learning algorithms namely the Decision trees, Naïve Bayes, and Random Forest are explained in detail.


Data Science with R Certificate


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What are the Systems and Software requirements for this Data Science with R Course?

Aspirants must have a stable internet connection, an i3 processor, and 4 GB RAM. An i5 processor with 8 GB RAM is highly preferred.

How do I become an R Programmer?

To become an R Programmer, enroll for the StarAgile Data Science with R course to learn the R language and obtain hands-on experience to code.

What Does an R Programmer do?

R Programmer uses the R language to compute, collect and analyze statistical data to optimize business, design statistical models, formulate procedures and provide technical guidance.

What are the job roles available after getting Data Science with R Course?

An R programmer can work as an R programmer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Architect, Data Visualization Analyst, Geo Statisticians, Database Administrator, and Quantitative Analysis with R.

Which Industries use R Programming most?

The finance and banking industry use R programming for risk analytics. Healthcare, E-commerce, manufacturing, and social media to use the services of an R programmer.

How is this Data Science with R Course changing the world?

The course helps business entities understand advertising campaigns by studying marketing strategies to know customer preferences to make innovative products to satisfy customers' needs.

What are the Prerequisites of Data Science with R Certification?

The training starts with the fundamentals of the course and does not have prerequisites.

What is the salary for R Programmers across the world?

A data scientist with an R certification earns $86,753 in the Finance industry and $82,434 in the technology industry. In India, Data Analysts with R skills earn ₹503912.

What is the need to learn R programming for data science

It is a statistical analysis language and makes data analysis simple. It is available for free under the GNU general public license. A pre-compiled binary version is provided for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. It is easy to learn the language and also makes data visualization and business analytics possible with limited mathematical knowledge.

Define R programming

It is a programming language used for statistical analysis, reporting, and graphical representation. It was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman and hence name R programming, the first name of two R authors.

What is R programming for data science?

R programming is a powerful language to analyze and model data. It is used for various tasks, from data cleaning to complex modeling.

Is R good for data science?

R is highly customizable and can be used for various tasks. R is an effective data analysis and visualization tool, popular for many data scientists.

Should I learn R and Python?

To become a data scientist, you should learn R and Python. Both languages are widely used, so knowing one of them could benefit your career.

To establish a career in Data Science which is the best course Python or R programming with data science

Both R and Python are considered to be the best programming languages to flourish in the data science career. 

Both are open source languages and provide access to many libraries. R is used for statistical analysis and Python is generic and good for a data scientist. Python is a general-purpose language but R is created by statisticians. 

You can choose either Data Science With Python Training Course Online or Data Science with R Programming Training | R online course to make a career in data science as a beginner. 

If you are already employed then based on your company and work preference opt for a course. Alternatively, go for R if you focus more on statistics and Python for a general data science approach.

Does this training provided by Staragile is sufficient to clear the R programming for data science certification examination

Yes, training provided by Staragile trainers, the recorded videos, study materials, and the mock examination is very much sufficient to clear the R programming for data science certification examination

This R online course is a live virtual training or recorded videos will be posted

Both are options are available and based on your preferences you can either attend online classroom training or get access to the recorded videos.

Explain online classroom training

R programming certification course is conducted online and you need a PC with internet access. Connect during the training time as confirmed by Staragile you can be part of the live streaming session. It is more of classroom training but from your home using your computer.

What is meant by 24/7 support

  • Visit Staragile Contact us page. Submit the form 
  • Send an email with your query to [email protected]
  • Call us 
  • Click on Drop a Query 

 Follow any of the above methods to get in touch with us around the clock. 

Explain about global teaching assistance

We have a team of experts who will teach you in such a way you master R programming for data science and clear the exam in your first attempt. The team will handhold you right from the time you enrolled for the course. You can stay connected for any teaching support during business hours with the mentors. 

How to register for the R programming certification course

  • Choose the mode of training 
  • Pay online using credit or debit card 
  • Attend the course 
  • Give the exam 
  • Complete the project 
  • Get certified

Will I get a chance to attend the class again if I miss the class

You cannot attend the class again, however, we will provide you with the recorded videos of all classes and you can watch them. Seek clarification during your next class.

What is the mode of R programming for data science training

Live virtual training – take training from home and meet with the instructors online. Ask doubts and seek clarifications.

Pre-recorded videos – Get access to the lectures and listen to them to practice on your own. 

What is the qualification of the instructors and how are they selected

Instructors are selected not just based on their qualifications but their industry and training experience. There is a rigorous selection process and all our trainers have more than a decade of experience in offering training.

Why Staragile for R online course

  • You can attend an interactive online class to understand from the basics of data science and R programming 
  • Do live projects based on real-life case studies and gain experience 
  • Work on assignments and practicals in parallel with the class and ask doubts to master the concepts 
  • Stay connected with our experts for future support 
  • Get certification which is valid for life-time 
  • Access the recorded videos and keep learning 
  • Avail our 24/7 support even after the training period and stay as part of the Staragile family for seeking help regarding your career prospects 

How can I remotely execute the practical’s in R programming

Once you enroll for the training you will be assigned with login credentials and in that LMS you can find all guidance to set up your system to do practicals and projects. You can also connect with our technical team for assistance. 

Basic instructions to set up R programming IDE are as follows 

• Visit Rstudio website 

• Click on the link and download RStudio Desktop

Who can attend the R online course

The job market is wide open for data scientists and thus anyone with the following experience can attend the course to move up the career ladder. 

  • Developers can become a data scientist 
  • Business analyst to move to Machine Learning masters 
  • Analytic engineers to lead teams 
  • Those who want to work on Big data 
  • Information architects to become an expert in predictive analysis 

Also, a fresher can take this course to get the right job opportunity in the data science field.

What is the take away from this data science with the R certification course

Get R certification and become a data scientist at the end of the course by master the following things. 

  • Understand the role of a data scientist 
  • Learn how to analyze data with R 
  • Work with data in Excel, CSV, and XML format 
  • Know what is data mining and master the implementation techniques 
  • Start becoming familiar with machine learning algorithms 
  • Execute text mining 
  • Deep dive into deep learning concepts 

What is the R programming certification course objective

The primary objective of this R programming for data science course is to qualify you as a data scientist with a certificate. The course covers the following to provide you knowledge in data science

  • It begins with introducing you to the data science life cycle and basics of machine learning 
  • Explains with a demo about various data analytic tools 
  • Briefs about data transformation techniques
  • How to mine text, sentimental analyses on text data 
  • Data visualization techniques 
  • Data optimization techniques 
  • Provides case studies to understand things better 
  • Helps you work on a real-time project executed in RStudio
  • Aims at making you a subject matter expert in data science 

Can beginners learn R programming online course

Yes, it is easy for beginners to start with R course online. Preferably choose for a live virtual online classroom training and interact with the trainer. Ask questions and get clarified. Follow instructions and try practicals on your PC.

It has become very normal to attend online classes in the recent past and you will get support to install R in your system from Staragile and get going. 

How to start learning data science online course

Yes, anyone can start learning a data science online course and R online course is easy to start with. The basic system requirement is a PC with an internet connection. 

Windows PC 

  • Windows 7 or higher version (32 or 64 bit) 
  • Microsoft Server 2008 R2 or higher version 
  • 2 GB memory 
  • Minimum1366  X 768 screen resolution 

Mac PC 

  • 2009 or higher version 
  • OS X 10.10 
  • 5 GB free space in the disk 
  • Minimum1366  X 768 screen resolution 

R Certification & Exam FAQ's

Is there any mock test given by Staragile to prepare me for the examination

Yes, we provide a mock exam with 100 MCQ questions and you can spend a maximum of 3 hours to complete the test. You can attend this test any number of times and become familiar with the concepts.

What is the cooling time to retake the exam just in case I fail the exam

If you have the confidence try the exam immediately or take some time to prepare and take help from our trainers to pass the exam successfully.

How soon will I receive the R programming certification after I pass the exam

Once you write the exam and complete the project, Staragile will offer you with R programming certification through its LMS and that can be quickly downloaded for a print. Alternatively, you can share that via email as well. 

LMS is the learning management system in which you will be given login credentials when you register for a course with Staragile.

How many attempts are allowed to pass the data science with R certification examination

There are 3 attempts allowed for participants to clear the data science with R certification examination

Is the R programming for data science certification valid for life-time

R programming for data science certification provided by Staragile after you complete the course and project is valid for a lifetime and is recognized across companies. 

Explain the steps involved in unlocking the Staragile R certification

There are two modes of training namely Live virtual and pre-recorded videos. Decide on the mode of training and make payment. 

Live virtual training means you will sit in front of your PC during the training hours and interact with the trainer and listen to the classes. After the training, you must complete a project to get the certification. 

For a pre-recorded video mode you can collect the videos and play them based on your convenience and then complete the project to get certified.

What is the time duration of the R programming certification course in Bangalore

The duration of the R online course is 40 hours. It is conducted during weekends. 

Who provides R programming for data science certification and what is its validity?

Expert trainers from Staragile will provide training and at the completion offers an R programming for data science certification. This is valid for a lifetime and is industry-recognized.

Is Learning R necessary for data science?

Learning R can help bolster your skillset. It is a good place to start if you’re looking to unleash your inner data scientist.

Advanced FAQs

Is R better than Python for data science?

While both languages are popular for data science, R may have the edge over Python when it comes to scientific computing and statistics.

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