SAFe® Scrum Master Certification Training in Pune

The SAFe Scrum Master Certification in Pune ensures that the participants learn the agile-scrum framework theoretically and practically. The curriculum covers all the aspects of a scrum master. SAFe program consultants provide the two-day training for SSM Certification in Pune through hands-on experience and interactive sessions. The key features include leading and monitoring teams, application of DevOps, building a network with the SAFe community, and more. Upon completing the SAFe Scrum Master course, the companies will rely on your problem-solving skills, unique solutions, and new approaches to ensure project success.

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Key Features

  • 2 Days Online / Classroom Training
  • Training by experienced SAFe Practice Consultant
  • SAFe Scrum Master exam fee included
  • One year membership to the SAFe Community Platform
  • Practical Knowledge with Role plays, Games, Case studies & Simulations
  • 16 PDUs and SEUs on course completion
  • Detailed courseware approved by Scaled Agile Inc.
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Reasons to do SAFe Scrum Master Certification


What You Will Learn in SAFe Scrum Master Certification Training?

Candidates of the SAFe Scrum Master certification learn by becoming the scrum servant leaders by accomplishing to build the high-performance agile teams and learn to coach those teams on delivering maximum business significance at scale. SAFe® certified scrum master professionals develop the skills for the SAFe implementation by increasing the value to the organization and teams, in turn, understanding and implementing the roles of the scrum master.  

  • Usage of a scrum in the SAFe  team and organization
  • Simplify Scrum events
  • Enable real program Iteration execution
  • Actual Program Increment execution Sustenance
  • Provision insistent improvement
  • Coach for maximum business output from Agile teams
  • Provision DevOps application in the teams
  • Presenting Scrum in SAFe
  • Understand and execute the role of the scrum master
  • Plan and Deploy the program increments
  • Making  the program iteration execution
  • Finalizing the Program Increment
  • Mentoring and Training the Agile team

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Course Reviews

It's Really Too Good, Greate Exp With Trainer And Instruction As Well

It's really too good, greate Exp with trainer and instruction as well. Looking forward incase of any training required for me in future.



System Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

The Session Was Quite Informative And Engaging

The session was quite informative and engaging.The trainers were quite knowledgeable and had clear understanding on the topic.Moreover some greats tips in facilitating and coaching were cherry on top of a cake.


dishant jain

Solution Architect

verified-logoVerified Learner

Session Were Really Great With The Interactive Discussions With Example Easy To Understand The Concepts

Session were really great with the interactive discussions with example easy to understand the concepts. The way the concepts are explained are great.



Release Train Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

It Is A Great Experience

It is a great experience. The staff are very approachable and helpful. I feel confident in taking up the exam after completing course with their team.


Mayuri Srinivasan

Product Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Good Training Is Provided And All The Staff Members Are Approachable

Good training is provided and all the staff members are approachable. Over all good training institute


madhura s

Solution Architect

verified-logoVerified Learner

SAFe Scrum Master Certification Training FAQ's

How many years SAFe® scrum master certification is valid?

SAFe Scrum Master certification or the Ssm certification is valid for 1 year from the date of passing the exam. You can always renew it earning 10 SEU each year.

Why should I register with StarAgile?

StarAgile has a decade long experience in training professionals and has trained more than 10,000+ candidates in various SAFe courses. StarAgile is a training partner for Scaled Agile Inc in providing the SAFe Scrum Master training. The training is given by experienced and certified consultants in SAFe areas. 

What is SAFe® SSM?

SAFe SSM is a certification training that encompasses the roles of the scrum master at enterprises and team level. It provides knowledge on the agile program increments, execution of program iteration, and derives business value from the SAFe teams by implementing agile and scrum technique to the team and enterprises. By SAFe certified scrum master, the candidates become the scrum master and will be able to coach the team on the planning and execution of program increments.  

Why SAFe® scrum master certification high in demand?

The career benefits of the SAFe scrum master or the SSM certification are as follows
  • You can understand and execute the role played by the Scrum Master
  • You can perform program increments and program iterations for your teams and enterprises
  • You have high growth and always in demand in the teams, enterprises, and industry
  • You can learn and contribute to the SAFe community of practice
  • You do the agile scaling and contribute to the scrum development in your teams and enterprises.

Career benefits by doing Ssm certification?

The career benefits of the SAFe scrum master or the SSM certification are as follows
  • You can understand and execute the role played by the Scrum Master
  • You can perform program increments and program iterations for your teams and enterprises
  • You have high growth and always in demand in the teams, enterprises, and industry
  • You can learn and contribute to the SAFe community of practice
  • You do the agile scaling and contribute to the scrum development in your teams and enterprises.

What skills you will learn after SAFe® certified scrum master?

  • Play the role of the scrum master in SAFe enterprises
  • Understand and execute scrum events
  • Make actual program iteration execution
  • Facilitate continuous improvement
  • Do real program increments execution
  • Do DevOps implementation
  • Derive value from agile teams for maximum business output
  •  Coach teams in agile, scale and scrum

Who should take this SAFe® scrum master training?

Anyone who wishes can take the SAFe® scrum master training, however, those who want to implement and scale agile and play the role of scrum master in their team and enterprises are recommended to take this training.

Prerequisites for SAFe® certified scrum master?

Anyone who wants to be a SAFe certified scrum master (SSM) can take this course and exam. However, the recommended prerequisites are as follows,
  • Those who have basic knowledge of agile principles and concepts
  • Experience in software and hardware development systems
  • Basic knowledge of Kanban, eXtreme Programming (XP) and scrum

Certification Process for SAFe® scrum master?

One needs to complete the 2 days of training with Scaled Agile Inc. partners such as StarAgile then attend and pass the examination within 1 month of course completion to become a SAFe® certified scrum master.

Exam Pattern for SAFe® scrum master certification?

  • Exam name - SAFe® 4 Scrum Master Exam – or – SAFe® 5 Scrum Master Exam
  • Exam format – Multiple choice and multiple select.
  • Exam duration is 90 minutes
  • Number of questions to attend 45
  • To pass the SAFe 4 Scrum Master exam you need to answer correctly a minimum of 33 questions out of 45 questions, that is equal to 73%, to pass the SAFe 5 Scrum Master exam you need to answer correctly a minimum of 34 questions out of 45 questions, that is equal to 75%
  • It is an online examination and a closed book. You cannot move out of the test window until you complete it. 

What does the registration fee include?

  • A PDF document certification of Certified SAFe Scrum Master after passing the exam
  • A digital badge to promote your certification online after passing the exam
  • 1-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform, which includes access to the SAFe Scrum Master Community of Practice
  • You can connect with other Certified SAFe professionals during Meetup groups and events
  • It also includes learning resources to support you during your SAFe membership and journey

What certification will I receive after completing the SSM training?

First upon completion of the SSM training you will get a course completion certificate from StarAgile. Then you must appear for the exam in 30 days to receive a Certified SAFe® scrum master certification. 

Is the Ssm certification fee included in the course fee?

Yes, the SAFe certified scrum master certification fee or the exam fee is included along with the course training fee. The other benefits are,
  • 1-year membership with the SAFe community
  • 16 PDU’s and SEU’s
  • Digital badge after passing the exam
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Certificate in pdf format after passing the exam

Can someone take SSM certification without training?

No, attending the SAFe® scrum master training course is mandatory for the SSM certification. This is mandated by the certifying body to provide the same level of knowledge to all participants. This will enable certified professionals to add value to the organization they work and to themselves. 

What are the benefits of the 1-year membership with Scaled Agile?

a)SPC Webinars from Scaled Agile Inc
b)SAFe community access such as Community of Practice – Role-Based
c)Professional Development Content
d)Monthly Class Blast from Scaled Agile Inc.
e)Insider Monthly newsletter from Scaled Agile 
f)Course slides in the downloadable PDF in black and white
g)Access to SAFe Updates, SAFe Community Webinars, SAFe Community Profile, SAFe Community Platform, and SAFe Community Events
h)Access to Performance Tools
i)Access to Performance Tool Enablement
j)A digital Badge from the scaled agile inc
k)16 PDU's and SEU's

How should I renew my SAFe® scrum master certification?

To keep the certification in good standing you need to acquire 10 Professional Development Units (PDU) and renew the certification with a $100 fee. 
  • Login to the Scaled Agile page which you was created at the time of the examination 
  • Update your education units 
  • Submit proof and once that is accepted you are eligible to make payment
  • Pay USD 100 and renew your certification 

How many attempts do I have to pass the SSM Certification?

The first retake can be done immediately after the results of the first attempt are declared as failed. For the second retake, there is a waiting period of 10 days. The subsequent retakes there is a waiting period of 1 month. 

How long does it take to receive SAFe® scrum master exam results?

The results are declared immediately on the computer screen after the exam is completed

Does Scaled agile offer online classes for SSM Certification?

Yes, the Scaled Agile Inc. offers online classes or the virtual classes and also the classroom classes.

What are SEUs and PDUs?

SEU stands for the Scrum Education Units and PDU stands for Professional Development Unit. These are called educational and professional units respectively as they are part of continuing education to keep the certification active based on the mandate given by Scaled Agile Inc. 

They are SEU’s and PDU are required for renewing the certifications. The numbers depend on the type of courses and the exam taken. For SAFe® scrum master certification, one needs to have 10 SEU to renew the certification for one year. 

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About SAFe Scrum Master Certification

SAFe Scrum Master Certification in Pune  

The SAFe Scrum Master in Pune course is a highly competitive certification that coaches candidates to have some knowledge of the scrum framework leading to various employment opportunities. 

Why is the SAFe Scrum Master Certification important?

Individuals benefit from the SAFe Scrum Master Certification in Pune  as they learn to lead agile projects by handling complex and diverse issues. Understanding scrum methodologies help you expand your knowledge of how to overcome problems that arise while managing large teams across multiple departments by using the right tools and techniques.

Features of SSM Certification in Pune

The SSM Certification in Pune gives participants the core skills of a scrum master. The training goes on for two days by scrum program consultants. The course offers 16 PDUs and SEUs with detailed courseware. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate that will be valid for one year after you pass the exam. It is always possible to renew the certificate with 10 SEU per year. 

Why is the SSM Certification necessary for your career growth?

Once you get certified as a scrum master from SAFe Scrum Master Certification in Pune , you will have more and better career opportunities and a firm foundation in the scrum and agile development and procedures. Project managers, software architects, product owners, testers, coders, etc., enhance their skills for better opportunities globally. 

What criteria should one follow for the SAFe Scrum Master Course?

There are no prerequisites to enroll in the SSM Certification in Pune. Still, it is recommended to have a basic understanding of the scrum framework, agile principles, and software and hardware development systems.


Getting a SAFe Scrum Master Certification in Pune can help you gain scrum knowledge to apply tools effectively in the world of scrum or any general agile organization. 

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