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Hadoop administration certification training by StarAgile provides you with expertise in maintaining complex Hadoop clusters. This training deep dive into Big Data concepts and how to do the Hadoop administration roles. It lets you configure and administer Hadoop computational frameworks such as Hadoop administrations, cluster management using Pig, Impala, Hive, Sqoop, Cloudera and Flume, etc. This training includes cluster monitoring and tuning, clusters configuration and installation, etc. It also includes simulation exams and lifetime access to self-paced training.

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Key Features

  • 48 Hours of Live-Virtual Training
  • 4 Industry Based Projects
  • Hands on Assignment for Each Module
  • Life Time Access to All Recorded Lessons.
  • 44 PDUs offered
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*
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Hadoop Administration Certification Training Course Description

StarAgile's Big data and Hadoop administration is the management of the Hadoop roles and clusters that includes Hadoop roles management, Hadoop security management, clusters configuration and clusters installation, clusters monitoring, and clusters tuning Hadoop planning and management using the Hadoop administration framework. It includes real-time projects and simulation exams. This includes deep dive into Hadoop and Big Data technologies of Hive, Pig, Cloudera, Flume, Impala and Sqoop, etc 

The Hadoop Administrators responsibility includes the following,

  • Need to implement concepts of Hadoop ecosystems such as Pig, Hive, YARN, HDFS, HBase, MapReduce, and Zookeeper
  • Setup configuration and security for Hadoop clusters using Kerberos
  • Log Management
  • Files system monitoring and management
  • Administering new users
  • Administering the Hadoop infrastructure
  • Install, administer and support Windows and Linux in Hadoop environment, etc
  • HDFS maintenance and support
  • Accountable for Volume management, performance tuning, and storage of Hadoop clusters and MapReduce routines
  • Implement, manage and support for the Enterprise Hadoop environment

Big Data Hadoop Admin Certificate


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Hadoop Administration Certification and Training FAQ's

What are the different modes in which the training is offered for the Hadoop Admin Training Course?

  1. Online classroom or Live virtual classroom - You can remotely attend the course by videoconferencing in the comforts of office or home.
  2. Online self-learning - Learn by viewing the videos at your own pace.

What System configuration is required to attend Hadoop administration training?

The minimum Configuration is an i3 processor, with 8 GB of RAM and at least 200 GB of free space.

Which Top Companies/startups hire Hadoop Admin Professionals in Bangalore and for what roles?

The top companies hiring Hadoop admin are as follows,

  • Hadoop Admin – TCS
  • Linux admin and automation – Sonata Software
  • Support Engineer – Microsoft
  • Technical specialist – AT&T
  • Office administrators – Xoriant Corporation
  • Senior principal software engineer – Anlage Infotech
  • Staff DevOps engineer – Cloudera
  • Cloud dataflow application developer – Accenture

What is the salary range for Hadoop admin in Bangalore across different experience levels?

The salary range for the Hadoop admin in Bangalore is approximately from Rupees 6,00,000 to 15,00,000 per year based on the certification and experience.

What are job roles offered by companies for Hadoop Admin professionals and beginners?

The job roles offered for the Hadoop admin professionals are as follows,

  • Hadoop Admin
  • Linux admin and automation
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical specialist
  • Office administrators
  • Senior principal software engineer
  • Staff DevOps engineer
  • Cloud dataflow application developer

Which case-studies will be a part of Hadoop Administration Certification Training?


How to execute the practicals in the Hadoop Admin Certification Course?

For the practicals we will help you set up VM on your system, the minimum configuration required is 8 GB of RAM. Also, 24/7 technical support is available from StarAgile for the support, troubleshooting, and queries

Who can attend the Hadoop Admin Certification Course?

  • Linux/Unix/Windows administrators
  • Database administrators
  • System administrators
  • Infrastructure administrators

What are the big data Hadoop Admin skills taught in the Hadoop Administration Training?

This training covers all the topics of Hadoop Administration that includes the following,

  1. Hadoop administration, architecture, Hadoop clusters, and HDFS.
  2. Security, Backup, and Recovery
  3. Plan, deploy and manage the Hadoop clusters
  4. Pig, Oozie, Hive, HBase administrations
  5. Hadoop administration projects
  6. Working on Namenode high availability, YARN, MapReduce v2, HDFS Federation, and Hadoop 2.X
  7. Performance tuning and monitoring of clusters
  8. Load and manage data and run the application on the data
  9. Add and remove users
  10. Work on Pig, Hive, YARN, HDFS, HBase, MapReduce, and Zookeeper.

Why should you attend Hadoop Administration Training and become a Big Data Hadoop Administrator?

Hadoop and Big data frameworks are in high demand across the world because of petabyte over petabytes of data are produced every second in the world. These data need to be analyzed to get business information and helps in data-intensive decision making. A Hadoop administrator training helps one to decode the data using models such as HDFS, YARN, and MapReduce, etc. Also, the salary pay and growth prospects are very high for this field.

Can beginners learn big data and Hadoop? How?

Hadoop and Big data are some of the popular frameworks in the market. Beginners need to become acquainted with the basics of these frameworks to go for the certification. StarAgile's Hadoop administration certification course covers all the basics and prepares you for the course. StarAgile has excellent learning materials which include books, ebooks, templates, tutorials, and videos which prepares the beginners for taking this Hadoop administration course.

What does a Hadoop Administrator do? Explain the roles and responsibilities

  1. Installing and configuring the Hadoop environment in the Linux or Windows
  2. Maintenance and deployment of Hadoop clusters
  3. Tuning and Monitoring of the health check of the Hadoop clusters environment
  4. Allocating storage space in the HDFS by analyzing the storage volume
  5. Log Management
  6. Security of the Hadoop Clusters
  7. Assigning of users to the Hadoop environments
  8. Ensuring the high availability of the Namenode
  9. Implementing and administering the Hadoop architecture
  10. Deploying hardware and software in the Hadoop environment
  11. Troubleshooting any issues
  12. Provide and configure backup and recovery tasks.

What is Big Data and Hadoop? How are they connected?

Big data is the analysis of complex and large data sets that are in a structured, unstructured, and semi-structured format. The data sets analysis helps the organization to make informed and data-driven decisions of the business. Hadoop is the framework that helps the Big data to be stored and processed in meaningful ways in distributed and parallel environments

Hadoop Administration Certification & Exam FAQ's

Is there any mock test offered as part of the Hadoop Admin Training Course?

There is 1 mock test that is provided in the course. You can attempt the mock tests multiple times, its duration is 60 minutes and there are 50 questions. You can pause the test anytime and retake and complete it at any time. This test prepares you for the simulation test that you need to pass in the course. The mock test reflects all the concepts of the Hadoop administrator covered during the training course.

How to unlock StarAgile Hadoop Admin Certification to get certified?

The StarAgile Hadoop administrators training course can be unlocked in the following ways,

  • Online Classroom Training: Complete the batch training and 1 project and pass 1 simulation tests with a minimum score of 80%
  • Online Self-paced Learning: Complete the 85% of the course materials and then complete 1 project and pass 1 simulation test with a minimum score of 80%.

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