DevOps Vs Agile: Top 9 Differences Between DevOps and Agile

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Apr 18, 2024

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DevOps Vs Agile

The DevOps vs Agile debate is a hot topic for the IT industry of the modern age. But before taking your pick, you need to know the difference between DevOps and Agile, and what the terms mean in the IT world.  

The world has moved a long way from the traditional waterfall method, which involved a linear approach, did not include automation, and delayed testing to the ultimate stage. However, such a world is not feasible, since it believes in a continuous and steady workflow which is practically non-existent. Hence, the model was upgraded to Agile and DevOps to solve these problems.

The DevOps vs Agile debate is a hot topic for the IT industry of the modern age. But before taking your pick, you need to know the difference between Agile and DevOps, and what the terms mean in the IT world.  

What Is Agile?             

Agile is a framework that incorporates process cycles called sprints to help complete the product release within due date along with testing. It is a framework that focuses on development and testing following the feedback from the customer. 

To accommodate faster project completion, testing is often left-shift in the timeline to have a tested product before market launch. To understand DevOps Vs Agile you need to know them individually.

Goal of Agile 

Agile produces working software with minimum documentation. It allows room for changes and quick and minor adjustments to the code and documentation. 

The basic idea behind Agile development are as follows:  

  • It focuses on a particular project, and the cycle stops after the project is completed.
  • Instead of following a definite plan like the waterfall model, Agile development responds to changes in an iterative way.
  • It uses smaller manageable teams who can work with changes based on immediate customer feedback.
  • It ensures quick implementation and execution of tasks within the time frame without sacrificing quality with its sprints.
  • Face-to-face communication is essential, and often the best way to convey information.
  • Motivated and skilled people working in a group will provide the best results.
  • The measure of success comes from working software.
  • Sustainable companies focus on customer needs rather than contract negotiations.

What is DevOps?                                  

DevOps is a relatively newer concept and an upgrade to the Agile framework. DevOps Methodology combines IT development, operations, and customer involvement in the entire product life cycle and goes beyond the deployment of the product with end-to-end solutions. They can shift testing according to the needs of the project.  

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Goal of DevOps          

The goal of DevOps is to develop a culture that implements practices to increase agility, enhance security, and deliver along with maintaining quality assurance, testing, and continuous development through automation. The main focus of DevOps is in testing and delivery. The idea behind DevOps development is as follows

1. It focuses on the creation of a DevOps culture for continuous improvement and innovation using experimentation and learning.

2. It works on CALMS- culture, automation, lean, measurement, and sharing.

3. It is a continuously improving model with testing and development.

4. You can employ automation to attain better software delivery performance, which has a positive impact on the organization in the form of revenue, net worth, and customer satisfaction.

5. With an inclusive team, you can easily prepare, deploy, and deliver software after testing without sacrificing quality if you have proper documentation.

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DevOps Vs Agile: Differences Between Agile and DevOps 

Agile and DevOps are both successors of the Waterfall model, and both of them focus on collaboration to increase efficiency. However, there are many key differences ( Agile Vs DevOps) in their approach.  

Communication and Project GoalsAgile addresses communication gaps between customers and developers. They require and value the opinions of the customer, and all feedback for the next product release is dependent on the customer. Due to this dependability, Agile has longer release cyclesDevOps strengthens communication between developers and IT operations. In DevOps, they value the customer, but the feedback generally comes from the internal team, which causes immediate release cycles and product scope
ModelAgile has a precise method that is derived from various tactical frameworks like safe, scrum, and sprint. Safe focuses on team flexibility, program, and portfolio. Scrum focuses on daily verbal meetings, with little documentation. Sprint focuses on periodic tracking, lasting less than a month.DevOps does not have any formal framework and focuses more on a collaborative culture. DevOps discusses the hardware, network, and software capabilities with proper documentation so that everyone is clear with it during deployment.DevOps focuses on intraday reporting and delivery of code to production. The span of code submission may be from a few hours to a full day. It gives a more precise idea and approach to the amount of code generated in a day, to prepare daily goals and deliver the final product before the deadline. 
Process Agile is an iterative process that focuses on collaboration and customer feedback to provide frequent releases that focus on improving quality.DevOps, on the other hand, focuses on frequent continuous testing and delivery by bringing the development and operations teams together to get a clearer picture. They can keep improving without feedback from customers.
The TeamAgile uses smaller and more reliable teams with every team member possessing many skills, who can fill in positions of absent people. The smaller the team, the faster is the movement. However, due to their small team, every member needs to be more productive and proactive.DevOps, on the other hand, incorporates development and operations teams together with specific tasks for everyone. It has a relatively larger size because it includes stockholders as well. The team does not possess the ability to cross-function since everyone is a master of their respective skill. DevOps needs a streamlined flow of production, development, and implementation
Test Shifting In Agile development, there is a shift left for testing the product.However, in DevOps, there is a spread shift that might go to either right or left, depending on the situation. The advantage it has is that the product gets tested after a particular process is complete, which is not possible in shift-left when you have not completed certain aspects of the project. 
Focus Agile mainly focuses on software development by ensuring collaboration between testers and developers to undergo developmental readiness. Due to their robust development team, they can make last-minute alterations when required as per customer specificationsDevOps focuses equally on development, testing, and implementation by merging the operations team with the developers and testers. It fosters business and operational readiness in the organization. However, DevOps needs to factor in every minute detail, and any minor change can cause deployment problems later.
AutomationAlthough Agile does not require automation since the processes are limited, you can still use it to enhance productivity.DevOps, on the other hand, need to follow the coding and architecture of the application. The relief is in automation, which helps to find and remove bugs in the application, from the early stages itself, making it simpler and faster
Responsibility and BlameIn an organization with Agile, people can play the blame game as the blame shifts a full circle, since separate people are responsible for different tasks, and no one can be held accountable for the mistake.In the DevOps system, the developers, testers, and operations departments are a single unit, and the DevOps engineers are collectively responsible for the project.
ConcernAgile focuses on reducing waste by using a small, highly skilled group of employees to increase transparency, adaptation, and inspection, which reduces wastes.DevOps, on the other hand, uses automation and a more diverse team along with stakeholders to cut down costs wherever possible using predictive analysis. This would have given a clear picture about DevOps Vs Agile
Target AreasThe Agile team continues software development, once the software is ready for release, and will not bother about the product post-release. Agile is more suited for complex, high-quality projects.Meanwhile, the DevOps team makes sure that the software deployment happens securely and reliably after the software is ready for release, and provides complete start-to-finish business solutions and quick delivery. DevOps accommodates easier end-to-end processes.


While both of them enhance the IT industry, the difference between Agile and DevOps is visible when you look at the methods of operation, the staffing, job roles, and the goal in the long run. 

You need to choose between DevOps Vs Agile, depending on the type of industry and the line of work. Agile will enable your small skilled team to quickly processing better quality projects for clients. However, if you have a bigger team with a better budget and specific job roles, it is better to switch to DevOps.

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