Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training in New York

Obtaining a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in New York will give you a major edge over other individuals looking for work in the area. You'll have the ability to concentrate on more complex analysis and problem-solving, which will boost your credibility and your job standards. In addition, having Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in New York will assist you in standing out from those who do not have certification. If you are interested in learning more about Six Sigma Certification in New York and how you may enhance the performance of your business, consider enrolling in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training in New York.

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Key Features

  • 32 hours online Live Classroom Training
  • Trained by experienced Six Sigma expert trainers
  • 32 PDUs offered
  • Practical knowledge with Casestudies & simulations
  • Real life Projects
  • Life time access to recorded videos
  • Course completion certificate included
  • Course content aligned with ASQ & IASSC
  • No Cost EMI Available
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Reasons to do Six Sigma Certification


What You Will Learn in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) Certification in New York is designed for students and professionals interested in learning Six Sigma methodologies that assist in simplifying complex business processes and reducing waste in New York, USA. Lean Six Sigma Certification helps increase understanding of the Six Sigma system. It is the study of business processes statistically theorizing with tools, techniques, and methods with significance in businesses and the workplace. Under the Six Sigma umbrella, Green Belt is a specialization for beginners and experienced professionals to launch/boost their careers. The (Six Sigma) Green Belt skills include quality control, market knowledge, and process improvement, which give an edge over competitors and fellow employees. In addition, LSSGB Certification in New York increases the quality of your candidature for various prestigious professional positions. Six Sigma's effect on business is not only limited to reducing costs and increasing quality. It also helps companies improve their bottom line by reducing operational expenses, such as training and maintenance costs. This can help them save money while still producing high-quality products.It is not just manufacturers who benefit from using Six Sigma; customers also get a lot out of it. Customers can expect lower prices, better quality products, and faster delivery times when they purchase goods from companies that use Six Sigma techniques to improve their processes.Six Sigma is based on the idea that any process can be measured and improved. Using various statistical tools, Six Sigma aims to improve an organization's efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, and predictability.Get your competitive edge with the masterly crafted Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in New York. 

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Course Reviews

I Really Enjoyed The Training I Received

I really enjoyed the training I received. The instructor was exceptional to say the least, and covered everything we wanted to cover, as well as the required. Thank you for making this such a great experience!



Quality Analyst

verified-logoVerified Learner

For The Cost Of The Course, I Believe I Got A Great Value

For the cost of the course, I believe I got a great value. The instructor is very knowledgeable and a great presenter of the information as well as an excellent facilitator of the discussion.


Yusuf Sadrud-din

Quality Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Very Knowledgeable Instructor

Very knowledgeable instructor. The course was properly structured and engaging. After attending the classes I felt more prepared for the Six Sigma Certification exam.



Quality Associate

verified-logoVerified Learner

Instructor Was Very Knowledgeable And Used Easy Words That Made Learning Process Simple

Instructor was very knowledgeable and used easy words that made learning process simple. Great Job


James Campos

Quality Champion

verified-logoVerified Learner

Excellent Class!!!The Instructor Was Very Thorough And Brought Real World Knowledge And Experience

Excellent class!!!The instructor was very thorough and brought real world knowledge and experience. The class participants caused some distraction due to misinterpretation of test taking guidelines. Overall, the content distribution and the discussions added huge value to the class criteria.


Bishop Clien

Quality Associate

verified-logoVerified Learner

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification & Exam FAQ's

What are the career benefits of Lean Six Sigma Certification in New York?

With LSSGB certification after Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training in New York, professionals and employees reach a significant career milestone.
  • A Six Sigma Certification NYC distinguishes a job seeker or employee from others in New York. Green Belt certificate holders support improving internal processes and better customer experience.
  • Six Sigma Certificate holders enjoy high demand in the automotive, healthcare, electronics, transportation, and manufacturing sectors. Six Sigma skills are required for several engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance roles. 
  • Some leading companies in NYC prefer to recruit people with Lean Six Sigma skills, like Hershey, General Electric Co., 3M, IBM, Honeywell, Abbott Laboratories, Newell Rubbermaid, Siemens, and others.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professionals have career opportunities in human resources too. Expert procedural assessment and data evaluation skills help to reduce HR costs significantly. 
  • The demand for Lean Six Sigma professionals is global and salary growth is impressive.

What is StarAgile?

StarAgile is a leading platform for professionals to upskill and reskill themselves. Their 130-plus qualified trainers and 45-plus courses bridge the knowledge gaps. Their expert-made courses help professionals to resolve complicated problems and ensure minimum wastage.
Their dedicated and expert trainers have trained many professionals and students from diverse industries and domains. StarAgile has expanded its footprint globally in more than twenty-five countries, including the USA, the UK, the UAE, Singapore, Australia, India, etc.
Their training of LSSGB Certification in New York offers globally accredited courseware which helps one's chances to score a professional position in Multi-National Companies. It helps professionals and leaders manage the business process smoothly and eliminate errors for the best productivity.

How does Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training in New York work?

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in New York is a training course that involves information on Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. The process is a systematic method that works on teamwork to improve business performance and eliminate errors. The whole course also focuses on the work hustle culture of New York, so in a way, one gets to understand how to excel in the New York industry.
The training is perfect for professionals who want to make a career in quality management.
Six Sigma training in New York provides an in-depth understanding of the D-M-A-I-C method. The DMAIC approach is an essential skill to excel as a quality analyst, Lean manufacturing specialist, quality manager, etc.

Does StarAgile provide recordings for the missed class(es)?

StarAgile offers lifetime access to recorded videos. Students can watch their missed classes, revise, and practice. People often talk about the fast-paced life of New york due to work hustle. So, often there are chances that people may miss attending live classes. Lean Six Sigma Course in New York is convenient and affordable with StarAgile, which offers recordings for the missed classes that one can cover at their own pace. This is perfect for all kinds of hustlers to upskill in New York City.

Who needs Six Sigma Green Belt training in New York?

  • Professionals who want to upskill themselves and grow.
  • Employees and professionals removing risks, errors, and defects and streamlining business procedures.
  • New York is the business hub of the world, with major Multi-National Companies and Start-ups in every nook of the city. Thus, Lean Six Sigma Certification in New York is advisable for delivery leaders, business analysts, data analysts, project managers, process improvement experts, operation team leaders, and program managers.

What assistance does StarAgile provide in the exam application process for ASQ and IASSC?

StarAgile provides end-to-end support for registration and exam preparation for Lean Six Sigma Certification in New York from IASSC and ASQ.

Who conducts Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training in New York at StarAgile?

A team of trained and professional lean six sigma experts is available to train you at StarAgile.
Their expert team of tutors has more than fifteen years of experience.

What next after Lean Six Sigma training in New York?

After LSSGB training in New York at StarAgile, the student can apply for ASQ or IASSC examination.
ASQ (American Society for Quality)
American Society for Quality certification is official recognition for an efficient showcase of skill and a particular body of knowledge. Around 1 lakh and fifty thousand ASQ certificates are issued globally every year.
The exam comprises 110 MCQs for 100 marks. It is an open-book examination method. The duration of the exam is four hours and thirty minutes.
IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification)
The International Association for Six Sigma Certification is an independent third-party certification organization. It is a professional association promoting and enhancing quality within the Lean Sigma Community.
The IASSC certification exam consists of 100 MCQs with 3 hours of exam duration. It is a closed-book examination method.
Get certified with ASQ or IASSC for a better career trajectory.

What infrastructure is required for the Lean Six Sigma Training NYC?

Six Sigma Certification training sessions require the following infrastructure:
Windows: Windows XP SPS or higher version.
Mac: OSX 10.6 or higher version.
High speed (512 Kbps or higher) and consistent internet connection.
A good quality headphone or earbuds with an in-built microphone.

Will Six Sigma certification in New York help my career?

NYC, USA, houses multiple global business conglomerates, attracting multiple talents to the city. The fierceness of the competition in the industry is real and causes a lot of hurdles. The only way to make your candidature stand apart and better is by upskilling. An LSSGB Certification in New York from StarAgile adds value to your resume and provides much-desired career growth.
A Six Sigma Certification in New York equips employees to troubleshoot quality control issues. They solve problems quickly and ensure efficient production. This skill makes them an effective addition to any organization, boosting their candidature.
Lean Six Sigma Training in New York also teaches skills to reduce operational costs, streamline business processes, and boost turnover. Therefore, Six Sigma Certification in New York helps in bagging excellent jobs and ensures growth within an organization.

Is StarAgile a licensed entity for Six Sigma Certification?

StarAgile is a leading Six Sigma training platform authorized by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC).

After completing Six Sigma Certification training, how many PDUs do students receive?

Following the Six Sigma Certification training in New York, StarAgile offers 32 PDUs.
PDU refers to a Professional Development Unit. It is a process to assess ongoing professional development.

What skills do professionals learn after obtaining the LSSGB Certification in New York?

  • A trained professional in the DMAIC approach ensures not to miss any procedure and essential steps. They conduct successful implementation and minimize errors.
  • Students and professionals learn to lead projects and provide analysis and data collection to assist black belts.
  • They learn to conduct advanced analysis, improve quality, resolve problems, and reduce variation for happy customers and clients.
  • Organize and encourage teamwork, improving the productivity and efficiency of an organization. 
  • LSSGB Certification helps improve communication skills and leadership skills.

What is the refund policy in the case of enrolment cancellation?

StarAgile is a transparent organization. It offers refunds if an applicant cancels their course enrolment. Participants need to consult them to cancel the enrollment before the 1st day of the training session.

What is the training medium for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in New York?

The program is a live virtual classroom training of 40 hours. Students can avail of recordings of classes. They can view missed classes, revise, and practice when availability permits at their convenience. 

Can you tell me how many belts there are in Six Sigma?

Six Sigma belts refer to the professional's roles in promoting quality management practices and error-free project completions. As a result, professionals optimize the workplace culture and avoid downtime.
There are five belts for Six Sigma Certification in New York:
White Belt
Basics understanding of Six Sigma. These people do not participate in the projects. White Belts have a rudimentary knowledge of Six Sigma.
Yellow Belt
It takes a few days of training and is a little more advanced than the White Belt.
Green Belt
Lean Six Sigma Course in New York for beginners and experienced individuals.
Black Belt
Six Sigma Black Belt Certification after completing Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in New York
Master Black Belt
Top most management with the ability to train and coach black belts.

What are the reasons for the high demand for Lean Six Sigma Certification in New York?

Lean Six Sigma blends features of Lean and Six Sigma specialisms. It is a management approach to ensure and boost business efficiency and employee productivity.
The Lean Six Sigma Certification is desirable for the following reasons.
  • Professionals with the Lean Six Sigma Certificate in NY help organizations by eliminating and minimizing errors.
  • Sustainable quality management and improved business processes.
  • Better career opportunities and a higher pay scale.
  • Competitive edge to lead companies with minimum defects and errors.
  • Flexibility to apply learnings of the Lean Six Sigma Certificate in different industries.
  • Higher customer satisfaction ratio.
  • Adherence to government and industry standards.

How much does a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professional earn on average?

A professional with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification get attractive salary packages globally. The average package differs according to location, experience, industry, and qualifications.
The average package is $80k/year. The average salary further differs as per Six Sigma positions.

Six Sigma Positions

Average Salary (Per Annum)

Product Manager


Process Engineer


Quality Manager


Manufacturing Engineer


Industrial Engineer


Director of Operations


How to prepare for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam?

Here are steps to prepare for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam;
  • Register at StarAgile with relevant and authentic information.
  • Attend 40 hours of interactive online training.
  • Read through the provided dumps and attempt numerous practice tests.
  • Practice test sets are designed according to ASQ and IASSC guidelines.
  • On successful completion, StarAgile offers a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course completion Certification.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification & Exam FAQ's

What certification does StarAgile provide after completing the Lean Six Sigma training?

StarAgile offers a course completion certificate after the training. With a presence in more than twenty-five countries and tie-ups globally, students and professionals can utilize the Lean Six Sigma Certification worldwide.

Do StarAgile offers practice tests as part of the Lean Six Sigma course?

StarAgile provides case studies and simulations for practical learning. Students are encouraged to complete practice tests to get a hold of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training.

How to decide on the right Six Sigma Belt for the certification course?

Understanding all levels is essential to decide on the best and most comprehensive level for the Six Sigma Certification Course.
Yellow and White Belts
White and Yellow Belts are basic levels. These belts provide an introduction to the Six Sigma methodology.
Students and professionals can skip these because Green Belt also covers these levels.
Green Belt
Green Belt is the most comprehensive level of all belts. It is apt for beginners and experienced professionals alike. The level covers basic Six Sigma methods, ways to implement them, techniques, and more.
Professionals with Green Belts improves quality business process and are perfect team players. The course makes Green Belts a bridge between the Six Sigma theory and its application in the real world.
Companies rely on Green Belts to streamline data inspection, project management, and business processes. Green Belts also support the HR process.
Therefore, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in New York will be a good option to start your journey on Six Sigmas. It is comprehensive and suitable for freshers as well as experienced leaders.
Black and Master Black Belts
Black and Master Black Belts are for highly experienced top management personnel and leaders. They need advanced and smart solutions for complex business problems. In other words, Black Belts are decision-makers, and the course teaches advanced tools.
Black and Master Black Belts are not the same. There are some basic differences related to methods and implementation.
The certification course on Black Belt teaches problem-solving methods. Black Belts of the organization lead a project team and train them.
Master Black Belts build a strategy for the company using the Six Sigma method.

What is the turnaround time for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in New York exam results?

The timeline of results varies for Six Sigma Certification in New York at ASQ and IASSC examinations.
IASSC: IASSC provides the Six Sigma Course results in New York within four weeks post the examination.
ASQ: Candidates can see online examination score immediately after the test completion. However, it takes up to seven working days for the final results.

How to register for the IASSC or ASQ exam online for Six Sigma certification in New York?

Step 1: Register on StarAgile for LSSGB Certification Course in New York.
Step 2: Attend forty-hours live classroom training and receive a Course Completion Certificate after completing the course.
Step 3: Register with IASSC or ASQ for the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exam. StarAgile supports the process with expert guidance.
Step 4: Attempt the exam, check the results, and get certified.
Candidates can apply for the IASSC exam from anywhere and anytime through their online partner. Whereas for ASQ, candidates can register as visitors, test-takers, members, etc.
After registration for Lean Six Sigma Certification in New York, they can log in with a username, email id, and password to access ASQ.

Does StarAgile provide dumps for the LSSGB certification course?

StarAgile offers dumps for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in NYC. Their Green Belt dumps are fairly effective. They focus on the most significant aspects of the exam and offer the most feasible information in a friendly and effortless manner with easy-to-understand language.

Is the course for LSSGB certification in New York Aligned with any Accrediting Association/s?

Yes, the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course in New York is accredited by global associations ASQ and IASSC. They follow training modules, course materials, and exam patterns per the American Society of Quality (ASQ) guidelines and the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC).

How many attempts are there to pass the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification in New York?

The number of attempts varies according to the associations. There is no limit to attempts for the ASQ certification test in New York. Students can appear as often as they want after paying $238 for the examination fees.
Students can appear for the IASSC exam two times in three months with two weeks gap after the first test in New York. They need to obtain a voucher for the exam.

What are the eligibility criteria for LSSGB Certification in New York?

IASSC's LSSGB Certification in New York has not mentioned any eligibility criteria for appearing for the Lean Six Sigma Certification NYC. However, it is advisable to gain some basic understanding of Lean and Six Sigma methods before starting Lean Six Sigma Course in New York.
American Society for Quality requires candidates with three years of experience as the eligibility criteria for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in New York.
A basic understanding of Lean and Six Sigma helps better retention of information and application for the process implementation.

What is the examination format for the LSSGB Certification in New York?

LSSGB Certification

Number of Questions


Exam Duration

Exam Type




Four Hours and Thirty Minutes

Open Book Exam




Three Hours

Closed Book Exam

Does the fee for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training in New York include an examination fee too?

The fee at StarAgile does not include the examination fee for Six Sigma Certification in New York. It is only for training and preparation for the exam.
StarAgile offers comprehensive lean Six Sigma training, a handhold for the certification exam, and provides a Course Completion Certificate for only $1299.

What is the validity and renewal process for LSSGB Certification in New York?

American Society for Quality (ASQ) provides Lean Six Sigma Certification NYC for a lifetime. Students and professionals can enjoy the benefits without worrying about renewal and cancellation.
International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) provides Six Sigma Certification for three years. After that, individuals should renew the certificate not exceeding 90 days from the expiry date.
Students and professionals must attend an online examination and pay $170 for renewal. The renewal exam comprises fifty questions in MCQ format. The exam duration is one hour and thirty minutes. Applicants need to score 70 per cent to pass the examination.

The Six Sigma Certification in New York has different Belt levels. What are they?

The Six Sigma Certification course is available in white, yellow, green, black, and master Black Belts. However, completing the levels in the given order is not necessary. Students can enroll for any particular level.
StarAgile Six Sigma Certification in Green Belt is the best option in New York. The comprehensive course, taught by expert trainers, provides the perfect skill set for business process challenges. The LSSGB course is a valuable addition to the resume and opens unlimited avenues of career growth.

How much does the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in New York Cost?

        LSSGB Certification Body        


Advanced FAQs

How long does it take for Six Sigma Certification in New York?

Six Sigma certifications can take from twelve days to a few weeks, depending on the program and your experience level.

Is a degree required to obtain a Lean Six Sigma Certification in New York?

No specific degree is required for the Six Sigma Certification in New York. However, students and professionals should train before appearing for the exam. Training helps to understand Six Sigma better. 
Six Sigma is a data-driven and statistics-based business process improvement methodology. It resolves problem areas, eliminates errors, and improves the process. The innovative approach boosts productivity and runs businesses efficiently.

Is it worth getting a Six Sigma Certification in New York?

A person with LSSGB certification after Six Sigma Training NYC brings a culture of change to the organization. Lean and Six Sigma methods reduce waste in the business process, ensure the best UX, and are relevant for various industries.
Companies are applying Six Sigma methods in sales and HR policies. The salary package for professionals with Six Sigma Certification is among the highest globally.
Therefore, it is worth completing training and appearing for Six Sigma Certification for a glorious career ahead.

What are the differences between Black and Green Belts?

The difference between green and black belts is the level of expertise in Six Sigma. Green belts are employees who have undergone training and can do basic problem-solving tasks, while black belts are experts in the methodology who can lead Six Sigma projects.
The time required to achieve each level varies based on your experience and background, but it's not uncommon for someone to take two years to reach the black belt level at the end of his or her first year with a company.

What is the recommended path after Completing LSSGB Certification in New York?

Students can explore a range of industries and categories of job openings in New York City to start their careers as Green Belt Six Sigma holders. Companies hire Green Belts for roles such as data scientists, senior continuous improvement specialists, project managers, and many other advanced job roles. New York City also houses multiple start-ups that look forward to hiring Green Belt Six Sigma holders to increase their overall efficiency. So, one can look for opportunities in start-up industries too.

How do I Begin My Career with Six Sigma Certification?

Educational qualification, experience, and proficiency decide the ideal belt to start a career in Six Sigma. Students and professionals with a good grasp of data and statistics should start with the Green Belt. For others, it is ideal, to begin with, for a white or yellow belt.

After completing the Six Sigma certification, what type of jobs are available to me?

Six Sigma Belts
Job Profiles
Green Belts
Senior Mechanical Engineer, Project Manager, Senior Manager-Quality, Process Improvement Manager, Assistant Manager Quality, Operations Manager, and others
Black Belts
Operations Project Head, Quality Compliance Analyst, Manager-Business Excellence, Senior Manager-Process Excellence, and other

What does it mean to hold a Six Sigma Certification NYC?

A person with Lean Six Sigma Certification is a trained professional to manage complex business processes, minimize errors and improve overall business processes. They can prepare a strategy based on data and implement it with minimum wastage. People with Six Sigma certificates are strategists and future leaders of the organization.

Trusted by over 50,000 customers around the world

Course Description

LSSGB course in New York

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course is a skill development course for students and professionals. It is a unique opportunity to learn Lean and Six Sigma and give a booster dose for careers and business.

Lean Six Sigma is an advanced quality improvement methodology that has become a popular tool for managers and owners to use in their companies. It aims to improve a company’s efficiency and effectiveness by reducing waste or defects.

This certification will give you the skills to manage your team and make them more aware of how they can improve the efficiency of their processes. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification course covers process mapping, root cause analysis, flow charts, standard work, visual management, etc. This course helps you understand how to improve processes by identifying problems and stopping them before they happen. You will also learn how to develop efficient solutions for handling problems during production or service delivery.

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification course is designed for those interested in joining the industry as lean managers or leaders. It allows you to learn more about lean management techniques used successfully by various industries over the years. Depending on your preference, the course may be taken on either a classroom or online basis.
Lean Six Sigma Course in New York provides virtual interactive classes. Students learn the DMAIC method to improve business process efficiency and eliminate defects. It improves business efficiency, boosts production, minimizes operational losses, and provides an impressive bottom line.
The Six Sigma Certification NYC opens career opportunities and internal growth options for individuals. There is a rising demand for Lean and Six Sigma in various industries and departments like manufacturing, finance, sales, and HR.
New York is the largest city in the USA. It has a strong manufacturing and construction base. The city is home to global tech giants, making significant investments in biotech, robotics, AI, ML, and other latest tech-driven industries.
Modern business process requires faster, more reliable, and more sustainable solutions. Lean Six Sigma Certification in New York provides a perfect skill set to tackle modern-day business management challenges.
DMAIC method of Green Belts eliminates wastage, ensures efficiency, and boosts business productivity. Six Sigma Certification from StarAgile provides classes on tools for sustainable growth. Students learn and practice advanced management approaches for minimizing variation, data-based process analysis, and processing time.
The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training has been designed for students and professionals to accomplish at their speed. StarAgile offers the best trainers with more than fifteen years of experience. Real-life projects, case studies, and simulations allow students to apply learning in actual situations to assess data-based solutions.
All the class recordings are available, and students can access them for a lifetime. Leading associations AQL and IASSC accredit the Six Sigma Certification in New York. Students also get a Course Completion Certificate and can avail no-cost EMI option.
Students can also attend a workshop organized by StarAgile to understand the significance of the LSSGB Certification in New York. Professionals can learn and apply this in their work process.
The Six Sigma Certification has global recognition. Students and professionals in NYC can explore career opportunities across the globe. The job roles for certified Lean and Six Sigma professionals are project managers, project analysts, team leaders, supply quality managers, manufacturing specialists, lean manufacturing engineers, and so on.
There has been a rising trend to hire professionals with Lean Six Sigma Certification in New York among leading companies like Capgemini, Xerox, Akzo Nobel, Thomson Reuters, and ASL.
StarAgile provides round-the-clock learner assistance support for course-related queries. Their high-quality Six Sigma Training NYC is affordable. Students do not require any prerequisites to attend the training for Six Sigma Certification in New York.
StarAgile is committed to imparting strategic business training solutions through an immersive learning experience.

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