Agile Consulting & Coaching

Agile Consulting and Coaching helps Organizations be Successful by aligning Leaders, Teams & all Stakeholders towards Vision

Agile software development has become increasingly important in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Organizations adopt agile consulting services to improve time-to-market, reduce cost and quickly adapt to change in their business and IT needs. With extensive experience in executing multiple projects on agile methodologies, our agile practitioners offer a tailored approach that recommends the right set of tools and methodologies to meet specific customer needs with focus on “Being Agile” then just “Doing Agile”.

You want to develop high quality software on time, on budget, and as you planned it from the beginning? To do all that, you’ll need the right developers, tools, and development methodology. Sound complicated? Contact StarAgile for Agile Consulting Services StarAgile leads end to end Agile and Scaling Agile transformation that includes:

  • Study the current status Agile transformation the roles the process and practices and structure of team and leadership.
  • Conduct Agility surveys to understand the current maturity model
  • Come up with the transformation Strategy that brings great results to your organization in terms of predictability, quality, productivity, release cycles and sustained transformation
  • Implement Agile transformation strategy and bring results in very short time
  • Coach the roles of the organization like Scrum Master, Product Owner, Managers, Architects, Development team, Leadership team to bring in sustained effectiveness in each of their roles
  • Educate leaders on leadership Agility and their roles in Agile transformation
  • Implement scaled Agile transformation that helps large teams that work to gather and build an enterprise product
  • Implement business Agility and work with other supporting organization like HR, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Support, and CRM
  • Help HR Organizations to align with Agile transformation strategy in areas like hiring, learning and development, Performance appraisal and building Agile culture within the organization
  • Help organization in fine tuning the end to end value stream that get best outcomes for enterprises

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