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Trainer - Suresh Konduru

Suresh Konduru

Certified Scrum Trainer

Suresh has about 22years of experience in IT industry extensively Agile Transformation, SoftwareDesign & Development, Agile Coaching, Scrum Training, Delivery Management,Product Management, Program Management, ProjectManagement for Fortune 500customers.

He has extensiveexperience in Scrum training, transformation and coaching. Trained nearly 150batches in Scrum across 15 countries such as Belgium, China, France,Netherlands, India, Spain, Sweden and USA.

He is consistentlyrated as 4.75 or above (out of 5) by more than 5,000 students trained globally.

He co-created'Exepedia - a leadership coaching model that aids leaders, managers and seniorexecutives to collaborate on a transformation vision and an org-wide execution.For more details on Exepedia Coaching Model, visit:

He is amongst a fewglobally certified in 'Sharon Bowman's 'Training from the Back of the Room(TBR)' - that helps make trainings more effective and stickier to the learners.

He innovated'Training Scrumfrom the Back of the Room' leveraging TBR thatwould help other trainers and coaches to ensure Scrum trainings are moreengaging and fun learning.

He conductsexperiments regularly on how to leverage Scrum outside IT in areas such asEducation, Arts, Marketing etc.

Suresh is aCo-Chair for one of the Scrum Alliance flagship conferences – Regional ScrumGathering at Hyderabad during Jun 20-21 2020.

Suresh is also aregular volunteer and speaker at world-wide conferences such as Agile AllianceSan Diego (2018), BEACON (2017), Global Scrum Gatherings at Minneapolis (2018),Singapore (2017), Bangalore (2016), Regional Scrum Gatherings India (2017,2015), International OD Conference (2016) and Agile Tours at Bangkok (2016) andChennai (2015).

For more details aboutSuresh, you may visit: www.SureshKonduru.comor

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