Trainer - Roderick Boone

Roderick Boone

I am a visionary executive leader who develops systems, plans, and procedures to streamline corporate and client operations, improve processes, and enhance the performance value for any engineering endeavor.

In my roles as project/program manager and engineering/operational director for 15+years, I have demonstrated my ability to create the highest level of through put possible within an organization by expeditiously converting materials and labor into goods, services, and deliverables as efficiently as possible to maximize the profit of an organization.

Notable Career Accomplishments –

  1. Directed product development initiatives exceeding $100MM in revenue during the life cycle of the product offerings
  2. Eliminated bottle necks, decreased scrap rates, and reduced downtime to generate 35% savings to achieve operational excellence
  3. Introduced lean six sigma and project management (5S, DMAIC, JIT, TQM, Kaizen, FMEA, DOE, etc.) applications to the gemba as well as company executives to bring awareness to eradicate non-value-added waste streams in manufacturing and product development processes
  4. Traveled abroad domestically and internationally to provide instruction, training, and testing in North America and Asia
  5. Reduced customer complaints by 60% through root cause analysis and progressive collaboration

My action-based career performance of efficaciously managing operational strategies and directing implementation projects while consistently delivering the desired engineering and business results to generate revenue producing activities, will be an asset to any organization.