Aspiring young learners can now afford quality training without any financial worries. Thanks to our unique payment plan, you practically pay NO training program fee for your learning at StarAgile.

We just collect a small refundable security deposit while the time of enrollment which will be completely refunded upon onboarding the StarX Program. So, technically you are paying nothing for upskilling till you get placed. That's exactly how it is “Pay-after-Placement”

Criteria for the refund:

You are eligible to claim the Refundable security deposit once you sign the Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) for the StarX program

The candidates need to fulfil the eligibility criteria to get into the StarX Program.

1. Attendance
Attendance for all the sessions is very important to learn the subject consistently. Frequent absences would make you unable to understand the context and will not be able to perform once after being hired by the company. So, a minimum of 90% attendance is required to join the StarX program.

2. Assignments
Assignments based on the course's subjects and modules will be given. You have to submit all the assignments within the communicated deadline and have scored a minimum of 75% on the assignments.
If you are found that you have copied the answers from the internet or other peers, you will not be eligible for the StarX Program.

3. Completion of Capstone Projects
You are required to complete at least one Capstone Project mentioned in the course curriculum. Capstone Projects will help you to have hands-on experience with the tools and techniques you have learned at StarAgile during the program. By getting hands-on experience through capstone projects, you develop key competencies needed for a job.
Up to three times can be allowed to submit a project for review. More than three times will not be encouraged.

4. Resume Building session:
Your resume communicates your qualifications and your brand. It acts as a bridge between you and the prospective recruiter. StarAgile will host a session to help you build the right resume. Attendance at this session is mandatory to be eligible for the StarX program.

5. Business Communication Session:
Good communicators are vital to a business's profit margin and reputation. Effective business communication fosters interaction between employees and management and helps you reach your career ambitions. Attendance at this session is mandatory to be eligible for the StarX program.

6. Completion of the Competency Test
You should complete the Competency Test which is based on the course curriculum. The competency test confirms the theoretical and technical understanding of the concepts. You have to score a minimum of 75% to clear the competency test successfully.
By completing the Competency Test, you are job-ready as per industry requirements. A candidate can attempt Competency Test challenge up to 3 times. Additional attempts will not be encouraged.

7. Completion of Mock Interview
You are required to complete the Mock Interview successfully. A passing score of 75% is required to be eligible to join the StarX program. This mock interview is the final step to successfully completing the course and onboarding the StarX program. The interview would be based only on the course curriculum covered during the course. Candidates can appear for the Mock Interview/test up to a maximum of 3 times.

For a better understanding, please find the 4 different phases involved in the program, explained step by step:

Phase - 1:

Phase - 2:

Phase - 3:

Phase - 4:

Forfeiture of Admission Fee
If the prerequisites of the StarX program are not fulfilled within the training duration and allotted timelines along with the minimum passing criteria, then the entire Security Deposit will be forfeited i.e. there will be no refund in such case.

Batch Change Eligibility:
You will have the option to change the batch only within the first 4 classes from the date of course commencement. If you fail to raise the request before 4 classes, you will not be eligible for batch change and the Security Deposit will be forfeited and no requests will be encouraged.


How does PAP work:
You start paying the course fee only when you start earning. You will be paying 25% of your annual CTC. For example, if your CTC is 5,00,000 per year, you will be paying 25% of the CTC, which is 1,25,000 only. The EMI tenure for the course fee is 12 months only
Note: If you voluntarily quit your job or leave due to your poor performance, your EMI will continue. However, in cases of forced termination because of the market/company circumstances, your EMI will be paused, and we will put our best efforts into getting you another job as soon as possible and once you get another job, the EMIs will continue as the same earlier. However, these arrangements will involve a third-party financial partner, and a non-payment window will be provided only after proper verification.

Refund Policy:
If you have not attended any of the classes from the date of registration for the course, and raise a request within 3 days of the Security Deposit payment date, you are eligible for the 100% refund.
Refund is void if your cohort already is in progress.