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If you are looking for a course with high job prospects, the PMP Certification in USA has to be the perfect destination. The PMP Training in USA is among the most prestigious certifications available to project management professionals all across the world. The PMP course in United States offers mastery on project management concepts, empowers project managers and allows them to land high-paying jobs easily in some of the most innovative companies. Enroll now to strengthen your career with the PMP online training.
Ranked #1 PMP Certification Institute By Street Insider.

Key Features

  • rightcir35 Hrs Live Virtual training
  • rightcirCourse Completion Certificate
  • rightcir35 PDUs offered – PMI® Approved
  • rightcirPMI® Authorized Instructors
  • rightcir100% Money Back Guarantee
  • rightcirApplication assistance with PMP Application Template
  • rightcirNo Cost EMI Available
  • CSM VideoQuick Explainer
    3 Minutes
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Reasons to do PMP Certification Training


What To Learn From This PMP Course

The PMP certification proves your proficiency in project management and is highly recognized and appreciated. It's a crucial tool for professionals looking to sharpen their project management and leadership skills and for companies looking for highly qualified project managers at all levels. It has a wide audience and is one of the project management certifications that international corporations value the most. Because PMP-certified managers are paid more than non-certified managers, both employees and companies can benefit from this qualification.

Within the PMP course duration, the PMP certification and PMP Training cover everything from project planning and scheduling to resource and risk management. If you're looking for a career with many possibilities, this place is for you! Additionally, the rigorous certification procedure can provide knowledge and the ability to cope with complicated tasks.

Project management experts with the PMP Training understand how to efficiently manage projects from beginning to end, monitoring, and closing, in today's complicated business environment. They comprehend fundamental concepts from core project management courses including scope definition, cost control, resource management, risk assessment and management, quality control methods, and communication tools.

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Course Reviews

StarAgile And Instructor Provide A Great Overview On Project Management And What Is Important For The PMP Exam

StarAgile and instructor provide a great overview on Project Management and what is important for the PMP exam. Instructor is a well experience PM and provides valuable real world scenarios for each method or tool at a PMs finger tips.


Justin Lopez

Senior Associate Lead

verified-logoVerified Learner

The PMP Class Leas By StarAgile Was Well Structured

The PMP class leas by StarAgile was well structured. The instructor was very knowledgeable and sparked lots of great discussions.


Saba Mokhtari

Deputy Manager

verified-logoVerified Learner

Had A Great 2 Weekend PMP Prep Training Class With StarAgile

Had a great 2 weekend PMP Prep training class with StarAgile. He kept the class on pace and offered real world experience to the class.



Chief administrative Officer

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Really Enjoyed The Training I Received

I really enjoyed the training I received. The instructor was exceptional to say the least, and covered everything we wanted to cover, as well as the required PMI content.Thank you for making this such a great experience!


Joe Wallace

Reliability engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

This Was Good Jump Of To The Depths Of PMP

This was good jump of to the depths of PMP.


Jennifer D

Global IT Team Lead

verified-logoVerified Learner

PMP® Certification and Training FAQ's

For how many years is the PMP certification valid?

The PMP certification is valid for three years.

Which is the best project management certification after PMP certification?

There are many PMP training certifications, such as:
  • CSM

Is the PMP certification course equivalent to a degree?

No, the PMP course is not equivalent to a degree because of its global recognition certification from PMI, and the course provides practical knowledge and skills to the candidates.

Is PMP Course Good for Architects?

Yes, the PMP training is good for architects, as it helps them with team management, cost control, and quality control and enhances project quality.

Is the PMP certification exam worth it?

The PMP course is globally recognised. With a higher salary bracket and a massive demand in the market for PMP professionals, this certification is the best project management certification.

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Is the PMP course still in demand in 2022?

The PMP course is still in demand in 2022, as the salary bracket has increased by around 20%, and the demand for PMP-certified managers has risen by 18% from 2018 to 2022.

Why choose StarAgile for PMP certification training in New York?

StarAgile is a reputed name for PMP training in New York. Experienced trainers provide training per the course with live projects, assignments, and assistance for the application process.

What is PMP® Course?

The PMP course is a Project Management Institute (PMI) certification. It equips an individual with the skill to manage projects efficiently and submit them before the deadline without any overburden on costs.

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What are the career advantages of pursuing PMP certification?

The professional benefits of PMP training are:
  • Increase in salary
  • Better job opportunities
  • Globally recognised certification
  • Work on challenging projects

What skills you will learn after PMP® Course in New york?

The professional is equipped to understand, analyse and solve complex problems. They can handle projects efficiently and submit them before the deadline with no overheads and extra budgets. This is the benefit of pursuing the best project management certification.

What is the average salary for professionals with PMP certification in New York?

Candidates who have pursued the PMP Certification Training earn approximately $112,000-$1,20,000. While the ones who already are at the peak of their career can expect an extra 20% hike in their salaries. 

Who can do the PMI-PMP certification course in New York?

Project managers, architects, QA managers, on & off-site coordinators, delivery managers, practice managers, consultants, business analysts, and PMO representatives can undergo the PMP certification in New York.

What is the eligibility criteria for PMP® certification?

The candidate should have a four-year degree, 36 months experience in leading projects, 35 PDUs or CAPM® Certification. 

— OR —

A high school diploma or an associate’s degree, 60 months of experience in leading projects, 35 PDUs or CAPM® Certification

What is the exam fee for the PMP course exam?

Fees Type 
Member Status
PMI® Membership Fees

CBT Test Fees

Re-examination CBT Fees

Total Fees for PMP Course charged by PMI®


What is the process for PMP Certification Course in New york?

The process includes:
  • Application submission within 90 days of the start of the application. The candidate should check the PMP certification requirements before applying.
  • Check the completion of the application for the PMP training in New York exam within five days of submission.
  • If selected for the audit process, undergo the steps within 90 days of getting the email.
  • Payment for the application process before scheduling the exam.
  • Choose the examination eligibility within one year of application approval.
  • The certification cycle starts from the day the candidate clears the PMP training in New York exam.
  • The candidate should maintain 60 PDUs in three years for certificate renewal.
  • After three years, the candidate should renew the certificate by submitting the 60 PDUs, filling out the application and paying the renewal fee for PMP certification cost in New York.
  • Credential suspension takes place if the candidate does not meet the condition to renew the certificate after three years.
  • After that, credential expiration occurs if the above conditions are not met.

Who provides the PMP® Training in New York?

Trainers approved by PMI and with years of experience are selected to provide PMP training online in New York.

What is the payment procedure?

The payment for the PMP course can be done through net banking, cheques, wallets, NEFT, debit, and credit cards.

Does StarAgile assist in the PMP course exam application process?

Yes, StarAgile provides all the assistance to fulfil the PMP certification requirements for the exam. They provide an excel sheet that would help in filling the application process.

What certification would the candidate get post-PMP New York course?

Upon completing the PMP certification in New York, the candidate would be given a completion certificate and 35 hours training certificate. This is required to sit for the PMP course exam.

How many questions are there in the PMP exam?

There are 200 questions to be answered within four hours in the PMP certification.

Is the PMP certification exam fee included in the PMP certification cost in New York?

No, the PMP certification cost in New York does not cover the exam fee.

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Is the PMP certification in New York aligned with PMI's PMBOK Guide-Sixth Edition and course changes?

Yes, the PMP training in New York is aligned with the PMBOK Guide-Sixth Edition and the changes.

How does StarAgile assure the candidate that the PMP training in New York and course material delivered will help them clear the exam?

The course material for PMP training in New York is prepared along with the certification course module. The trainers teach all the modules, 5 simulation videos, projects, and case studies. In addition, quizzes are also conducted to refresh the memory. 

How many attempts are allowed for PMP exam?

Three attempts are allowed for the exam in a year. After that, you must wait for one year before going for another attempt. The first attempt will cost $555 for non-PMI members and $405 for PMI-members, any further attempts will cost $375 for non-PMI members and $275 for PMI-members.

Does StarAgile provide Live virtual classes for PMP certification in New York?

Yes, StarAgile has the option for live virtual classes for PMP training in New York, along with providing recorded videos to the candidates for the PMP course.

What is Live Virtual training?

Live virtual training is online training via video conferencing where the trainers and the students can interact while the session is going on. 

Is the PMP training in New York live training or pre-recorded videos would be provided to the candidates?

The PMP training is available via live online training, and pre-recorded videos are also provided to the candidates.

What infrastructure does one need to attend the PMP training?

The PMP certification requirements for attending the PMP training online in New York are:
  • Windows version XP SP3 and above. Mac OS X 1.6 and above
  • Internet with a minimum speed of 512 kbps
  • Decent headphones to communicate during the training.

What is the procedure for 100% money back for PMP certification in New York?

If the course does not fulfil the PMP certification requirements, StarAgile will provide a 7-day money-back guarantee. One can send the refund request within seven days to get back the 100% PMP certification cost in New York.

What are PDUs and SEUs in the PMP certification course?

PMI provides Professional Development Units (PDUs), and Scrum Alliance provides Scrum Educational Units (SEUs). Both are provided to track the achievement and completion of the PMP certification. These are the basic PMP certification requirements to appear for the exam.

How many PDUs will a candidate get after completing the PMP training in New York?

Upon completing the PMP Certification Course, the candidate will get 35 PDUs.

PMP® Certification & Exam FAQ's

What are the PMP course passing marks?

The PMP certification requirements to clear the exam are around 61-62%. PMI uses a complicated marking system unrelated to the predefined passing score.

Is the PMP New York exam changing in 2022?

No, the PMP New York exam is not changing in 2022. The PMP Certification exam is still based on ECO (Examination Content Outline). 

What are the PMP certification requirements for the exam?

The PMP certification requirements for the exam are:

  • The candidate should have a degree or a diploma from a recognised university. 
  • Minimum of 36 months (degree) or 60 months (diploma) of handling projects.
  • About 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® certification.

Can anyone take the PMP New York exam without experience?

No one can take the PMP Certification exam without proper experience. PMP certification is valued because professionals holding it have relevant experience, skills and knowledge. 

What is the PMP certification cost in New York

The PMP Certification cost is:

Fees Type
Member Status
PMI Membership fees

CBT test fees

Non-member fees
Re-Examination CBT fees

Total fees charged by PMI


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From which certification body would I be PMP® certified?

The certification for the PMP certification course is provided by Project Management Institute (PMI), founded in 1969.

What are the requirements for PMP certification renewal?

The candidate must submit 60 PDUs, and pay the renewal fees and the application to receive the renewed certificate.

What is the validity of the PMP certification?

The validity of the certification is three years. The PMP certification requirements for renewal, such as paying the renewal PMP certification cost in New York fees and submitting 60 PDUs, must be done.

How does one download the PMP certification course after completing the examination?

Once you successfully complete the exam, results will be out shortly after, and the Prometric staff will give you a printout. You will also get an email from the PMI® within two weeks stating that you have successfully been certified with PMP Certification, and after  that, you can see your certification information on the PMI® registry and in your account. Post that you will receive your certificate within four to six weeks.

Can I retake the PMP course exam If I fail in first attempt?

In a year you can sit for 3 attempts. Let's say you flunked in all 3 attempts, after that you’ll have to wait for a year before trying for another attempt.

Can someone take the PMP certification course without training?

One needs to have 35 PDUs which is nothing but the 35 hours of accumulated formal training which cannot be obtained by self-study of the PMBOK® Guide. 

The PDUs can only be obtained by formal education (MBA etc.) or by REP or Non-REP training institutes

How much are the exam fees for the PMP course?

PMP exam fee for PMI members is $405, and for non-members, it is $555.

Is PMP® Certification exam online and open book examination?

PMP course is a closed book examination conducted in the exam centers and the proctoring during the exam is said to be very strict. 

Can anyone pause the PMP® exam for some time and resume it later?

No, once the exam is started, it cannot be paused.However you’re allowed to take as many breaks as you wish, but caution! That time will be counted towards your exam duration. 

What is the duration of the PMP certification exam?

PMP certification New York exam is of 4 hours. Participants would have to answer around 180 questions within the given time.

Is PMP® online or paper passed exam?

You get both options. But Paper-based tests are only applicable to candidates living at least 186.5 miles away from a CBT (Computer Based Test) Center. 186.5 miles limit nullifies if a corporate organization has organized the PBT for its employee. 

One drawback of opting for the PBT is that the results for PMP Certification take almost 6-8 weeks while the results are immediately out in the case of CBT.

What is the exam pattern for the PMP certification exam?

There are 200 questions in the exam. The marks would be provided from the 175 questions, and the remaining 25 are not added to the score. 

What is the weightage for PMP certification course questions from each domain?

The weightage for PMP certification course questions from each domain is: 

Sr. No.
Domain Name
Percentage of Questions
1Project Initiation
2Project Planning
3Project Execution
4Project Monitoring and controlling
5Project Closure

What is the exam process for PMP® Training?

The exam process for PMP training in New York is:

  • Fulfilment of eligibility criteria
  • Submission of the complete application
  • Application review by PMI ( it takes around 5-10 days )
  • PMP certification fees for the exam to be paid 
  • Schedule the examination

What is the PMP® Course fees?


Fees Type
Member Status
PMI® Membership Fees

CBT Test Fees

Re-examination CBT Fees

Total Fees that PMI® Charges


PMP® Additional FAQ's

Do we have PMP® classes in New York?

Yes, StarAgile provides PMP classes in New York, along with other institutes.

Is PMP certification in demand?

The PMP Certification is in high demand because of its global recognition, and companies always look for PMP-certified professionals. Organizations always prefer to hire a PMP Certified project manager over a non-certified one.

What is the PMP certification course renewal fee?

PMP Certification renewal fees is $60 and $150 for PMI members and non-PMI members, respectively.

Does PMP® expire?

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification does not expire. However, you must renew the PMP® credential every three years. You should earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) for renewal in the three years since you last earned your PMP® credential.

Does PMP certification increase the salary?

Yes, the professionals with the PMP Certification get a better salary than the non-certified professionals. PMP Certification in New York definitely makes a positive impact on your current salary but the amount of increase one may experience after getting PMP Certification depends on multiple factors like years of experience, level of knowledge and their value proposition to the organization.

Is the PMP certification exam hard?

The PMP New York exam is one of the most challenging exams in the world. But it is totally worth it because of its huge demand, and it equips candidates with project-handling skills. 

What are the responsibilities of Project Manager?

The project manager handles the project, assigns the task to the team, and is responsible for submitting the project before the deadline with no overheads and extra budget.

How can the PMP course certification status be verified?

The certification registry in PMI verifies the PMP certification. The first or the last name should be entered to see the name of the respective certificate holders.

How long does it take to become eligible for the PMP® Course exam?

The candidate needs to complete 35 PDUs while PMP training. They must complete 36 months (degree) or 60 months (diploma) of project-handling experience.

How important is the PMBOK® Guide - Sixth Edition book to prepare for the PMP certification Exam?

The PMBOK Guide - Sixth Edition is the bible to ace the PMP certification exam. All the topics for the exam are covered here. In addition, one can refer to the StarAgile training materials to cover the same topics.

How does the PMP audit process work?

The PMP course audit process is:
  • Download the audit package received in the mail from PMI.
  • Get the audit forms from the manager.
  • Attach all photocopies of the required documents asked by PMI
  • Send it to – 14 Campus Blvd, Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299. USA

What is PMP® course audit?

The PMP audit process is a very strict procedure for selecting candidates for PMP Certification to make sure that only talented professionals earn the certification. It helps the PMI to check the credibility of the candidate and It is conducted randomly.

What has changed in the new PMP certification exam format?

The new PMP exam format will focus more on people, processes, and the business environment and how project managers can smoothen their work flows.

For more detail, please refer to PMP® exam updates by PMI.

Which is the best PMP certification training in New York? Why?

The institutes that provide the below-mentioned features can be considered the best PMP training institute:
  • Lifetime access to recorded videos.
  • PMI Approved Experienced and Well-qualified Trainers
  • Quizzes, Activities, & Practice Questions
  • 24*7 support.
  • 100% money-back guarantee
And StarAgile has all of the given above along with 5000+ Google reviews with 4.9/5 star rating, One-to-one mentoring sessions, a Dedicated job portal with 300+ hiring partners

Are there online PMP® Training institutes in New York?

Yes, several institutes are providing PMP training online in New York. One can check the official website of StarAgile for more details about the course, the PMP certification requirements, and the PMP certification cost in New York.

Which the Best Project Management Course in New York?

The course focusing on the practical approach of teaching PMP course is considered the best project management certification in New York.

Which is better – the PMP certification course or the Prince2 course?

The PMP course is from the USA, whereas PRINCE2 is from the UK. Both are the best project management certifications. PMP is knowledge-based, whereas PRINCE2 is process-based.

Can the PMP® exam be taken online?

Yes, the PMP exam can be taken online at the provided exam centre.

Is the PMP® exam going to change after the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition is published?

PMI® will not be updating the PMP® exam after the release of the PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition. Since both the PMP® exam and the PMBOK® Guide - Sixth Edition use updated and accurate terms already used by project managers in the field, there is no need to update the exam after the PMBOK® Guide - Sixth Edition is updated.

What is the validity of the digital keys?

The digital keys are valid for one year from the date of activation.

The digital license keys are valid for one year from the date of redemption. We recommend you redeem your digital keys as soon as you receive them from StarAgile.

What content will I have access to once I redeem the Digital keys?

After redeeming the digital keys, a candidate will have access to all StarAgile PMP certification in New York courses, spotlight videos, PM checklist, self-knowledge check, and post-class survey.

How does one use the digital keys received from StarAgile?

The candidate needs to open the website,, enter the credentials, and add the course.

What are digital license keys, and how do the candidates receive them?

Digital license keys are provided over email to access the exclusive materials, videos, and other course-related stuff. StarAgile will provide you with the digital license keys once you join the PMP Training. 

Trusted by over 50,000 customers around the world

About PMP® Certification Training

Why is the PMP certification course necessary? 

  • A formal PMP certification course boosts the professional career and helps land the professional in a good company with a better salary.
  • The PMP certification provided by PMI is globally recognised. Thus, professionals holding the certificate are in high demand in companies.
  • Many managers think undergoing PMP training would help them improve their professional skills and take them ahead in their careers.
  • The PMP training in New York is a boon for professionals and companies.
  • A survey by PwC states that professionals with PMP training are likely to manage complex projects better than non-certified professionals.
  • The PMP training in New York benefits a candidate looking for a better salary, good position and working in a reputed company.

Advantages of pursuing PMP certification in New York 

  • The PMP training online in New York gives the candidate an edge over other professionals. This course helps to overcome cut-throat competition among candidates.
  • The PMP certification in New York equips the candidates with professional skills to handle complex professional problems, guide the team better, deliver projects on time, and solve complex issues.
  • There are several tools, techniques, and methodologies taught in PMP training in New York to groom the candidate for more prominent professional roles.
  • The PMP training provides a higher salary benefit to the candidates because of their high demand and upgraded professional skills.
  • The PMP training online in New York has global recognition and is valued higher in companies all over.
  • With PMP Certification Training, the candidates get a preference over others.

Details of PMP training in New York

  • The PMP training online in New York is conducted live, and the candidates are provided with recorded videos.
  • The PMP course comes with 35 hours of training videos and 180 days of access to training materials.
  • The PMP training online in New York is conducted by industry expert trainers, approved by PMI to train the candidates with case studies and simulation exercises.
  • The candidates are given 1000 practice questions and answers to help them to get a good grasp of the PMP New York course.
  • The candidates are also trained so that the PMP training helps them in the interviews.
  • The PMP certification cost in New York can be discussed with the experts from StarAgile before enrolling for the course.

PMP certification in New York

  • Most companies are looking for professionals who can solve complex problems, handle projects efficiently and achieve long-term goals.
  • StarAgile's PMP course is a good investment that supports building a professional career for project managers.
  • The PMP training online in New York is based on the PBMOK Guide - the Seventh Edition of PMI. 
  • The PMP training online in New York provides the latest management skills in risk management to achieve profits without any delay in projects.
  • The PMP training in New York provides the candidate with an understanding of strategic business knowledge and offers them to the market at a higher value.

What does the PMP New York training entail?

  • The updated syllabus of the PMP New York is taught by expert trainers with years of experience and approved by PMI. 
  • The best project management certification training is provided to the candidates to excel in their careers.
  • Project managers, program managers, team leaders, on and off-site coordinators, and business analysts are some professionals who should aim for the PMP training online in New York.
  • All the registered candidates of PMP training in New York are provided with 4-day full-time training with 35 PDUs, high-quality learning, course completion certificate, and application assistance.
  • The PMP training online in New York can be accessed after the candidates get their digital keys from StarAgile within 14 days of enrolment. 
  • StarAgile provides a 100% money-back guarantee within seven days of starting the course if the PMP New York course does not meet the expectations.
  • The PMP certification is valid for three years. After that, the candidate has to renew the certificate.
  • The PMP certification requirements are essential. The candidates need a laptop with good internet, a webcam and decent headphones for the PMP training online in New York.
  • The candidate needs to pursue the best project management certification to be hired by the best companies in the world.

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