Terms of use

Terms of use

Please read the following carefully

Please read them carefully before you use the services of this site.

Website usage guidelines

Links and Hyperlinks Terms

Links to additional websites may be found on the StarAgile website. We neither assume editorial control over the information on these websites nor are we liable for it. The links are only there to provide users with information. Therefore, StarAgile won't be held accountable.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Laws pertaining to trademarks and copyrights protect the whole content of the website. StarAgile.com, its affiliates, or any third-party licensors are the owners of the copyrights and trademarks. You are not permitted to replicate, edit, publish, or otherwise reproduce any of the content on the site, including any text, graphics, code, and/or software, as it is copyrighted and the property of StarAgile.

StarAgile does not take any responsibility for the content on other sites (except our partners and affiliates), that you may find when searching or accessing StarAgile products or services. The Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the sites that you visit will administer that material.

StarAgile has all the rights to disable or prohibit access to users who do not respect and involve in the infringement of StarAgile intellectual property.

You are not allowed to use any of the digital images or logos from the website. In case of copyright issues, there has to be written consent from the trademark owner.

Claims of Intellectual Property Violations

Transaction Terms

If you think someone has used your work in a way that violates your copyright without your consent. Please send us the details listed here, and we'll take action.

You are required to pay for any transactions you make on the StarAgile website.

Please pay particular attention to the specifics of your payment, including the total amount due, taxes, shipping fees, and discounts.

There are some products that have extra Terms and Conditions that you must accept before you may buy them.

You can examine the invoice for the order you placed at http://lms.StarAgile.com/user/invoice

If a participant successfully completes the course and qualifies for a certificate,

then the same shall be delivered to the address provided by the delegate within 30 working days.


No additional or different terms contained in any purchase order, document, transmission or other communication shall be binding upon StarAgileunless agreed to by StarAgile in writing.

StarAgile reserves the right to modify, or change without prior notice and in its sole discretion, to limit the order quantity on any item and to refuse service to anyone.

Subscription Services

You will be allowed to subscribe to a particular course or collection of courses ("Subscription Services") and will be charged automatically, depending on payment frequency chosen by you, such as monthly/quarterly/yearly, as may be applicable.

You will be permitted to freeze or schedule the freeze of the Subscription Services at anytime and StarAgile shall not charge you for any such opted Subscription Services according to the payment cycle. Further, the Subscription Services, access will be revoked if the user opts to freeze the subscription. You will have the option to re-subscribe to the particular Subscription Services again and the payment cycle will start accordingly.

Please note that Subscription Services discounts and any Subscription Services are only a limited time special subscription promotions in effect apply only to eligible items displaying the offer message on the Subscription Services item information pages, and then only if you select the Subscription Services. Subscription Services are will last only for a particular period of time, as may be specified on the relevant page. Special limited-time subscription promotions only apply during their effective dates.

StarAgile retains the rights to modify the Subscription Service from time to time, including by adding or deleting features and functions, in an effort to improve your experience. But we will not make changes to the Subscription Service that materially reduces the functionality of the Subscription Service provided to you during the Subscription Term. We might provide some or all elements of the Subscription Service through third-party service providers.

If you register for a free trial of the Subscription Service, we will make the Subscription Service available to you on a trial basis, free of charge until the earlier of (a) the end of the free trial period or (b) the start date of your subscription. If we include additional terms and conditions on the trial registration web page, those will apply as well. During the free trial period, (i) the Subscription Service is provided “as is” and without warranty of any kind, (ii) we may suspend, limit, or terminate the Subscription Service for any reason at any time without notice, and (iii) we will not be liable to you for damages of any kind related to your use of the Subscription Service. Unless you subscribe to the Subscription Service before the end of the free trial, all of your data on the Subscription Service will be permanently deleted at the end of the trial, and we will not recover it. StarAgile shall not refund or in any way discount, or set off any amount once the trial period has ended. In the case where You wish discontinue to paid Services, please log in to your account. Go to Profile>Manage Subscription, click on Subscription and Freeze the subscription to stop any further payments from being made.

Valid credit cards are the only payment method accepted for Subscription Services purchases. The customer shall at all times use a credit card for the use of Subscription Services and upon the completion of the free trial period, you will be charged automatically without the requirement of any further approval or consent, such a period of the trial period shall be mentioned on the at the time of registration to the Subscription Services, StarAgile absolves any liability with regard to information of period of the free trial period.It is clarified that, once the Subscription Services are accepted the participants authorize StarAgile and any of its affiliates to debit the accounts at regular intervals as may be notified to the participants

Further, you will have the option of cancelling the Subscription Services during the free trial period, without incurring any charges for the same. To initiate the free trial, Staragle shall charge you a token amount to ensure the validity of your Credit Card. The token amount will be refunded automatically within 5 days. Further, You may cancel your account with StarAgile by reaching out to the Help and Support Team

Your Subscription Services will remain in effect until it is cancelled. If you cancel your Subscription Services and then reactivate it, the discount applied to any Subscription Services item may not be the same discount in effect at the time of cancellation. If you reactivate a Subscription Service, it will be created with the same products to which you previously subscribed. If the Subscription Services discount percentage for such Subscription Services item changes, the new discount will be applied to your products of that item.

All fees are exclusive of taxes, which we will charge as applicable. You agree to pay any taxes applicable to your use of the Subscription Service. All fees are exclusive of any VAT, Service tax, GST or any other applicable law and tax deductions. If you are required to deduct or withhold any tax, you must pay the amount deducted or withheld as required by law and pay us an additional amount so that we receive payment in full as if there were no deduction or withholding.


You acknowledge and agree that the Company shall not be liable for any incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including lost profits, goodwill, use, data, or other intangible losses (even if the Company has been informed of the possibility of such damages), resulting from (i) the use or the inability to use the service; (ii) the cost of procurement of substitute goods and services resulting from any goods, or services purchases or obtained or messages received or transactions entered into through or from the Website or otherwise; (iii) unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data or confidential information; (iv) statements or conduct of any third party on the Products; (v) or (v) any other matter relating to the Products.


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold the Company, our subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, and employees harmless from any claim or demand made by a third party due to or arising out of your violation of this Terms of Use or the documents it incorporates by reference or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party. This includes legal fees and other professional expenses.

Pricing Disclaimer

The StarAgile website's prices, products, and offers are all subject to modification without prior notice.

Even though we work hard to present the most accurate and current information, there are times when one or more items on our website may have the wrong pricing. This may occur as a result of inadvertent human error, inaccurate digital image, technical error, or an inconsistency in the pricing data we obtained from our suppliers.

StarAgile retains the right to modify the cost of any of our products, specials, or special offers. These adjustments are made as a result of market conditions, course cancellations, supplier changes, pricing increases, typographical errors in marketing, and other mitigating factors. However, you are still entitled to the money you paid at the time of purchase.

Proprietary Use of StarAgile’s Study Material

StarAgile reserves the right to change prices for all our products, offers, or deals. These changes are done due to market conditions, course termination, providers, price changes, errors in advertisements and other extenuating circumstances. However, the price you paid at the time of purchase still holds for you.

Job Guarantee Program(s)

In case you have enrolled for StarAgile’s Job guarantee Program(s), please read the job guarantee program(s) Terms and conditions carefully prior to your enrollment.